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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY41


places in the square:-

Gate Foot, Patterdale , building/s  (NY40021611)

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Place Fell, Patterdale / St Blasius Fell, hill  (NY40561696)

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quarry, Patterdale , quarry  (NY400162)

Rooking Gill , river  (NY4016)

Round How, Patterdale , hill  (NY407166)

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station, Place Fell , station  (NY40561696)

station, Place Fell Quarry / station, Place Fell Quarry / station, Otley 9, viewpoint  (NY400162)

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trig point, NY4056016952 , trig point  (NY4056016952)

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Wordsworth Cottage, Patterdale , building/s, listed  (NY40021600)

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