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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY42


places in the square:-

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bridge, Dacre / Dacre Bridge, bridge  (NY47772672)

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Dacre Bridge, Dacre , bridge, listed  (NY47732675)

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Dalemain, Dacre / Countryside and Bird Museum / Fell Pony Museum / Westmorland and Cumberland Yeomanry Museum, park, listed  (NY479269)

Dalemain's Greek Fir, Dacre / Dalemain's Greek Fir, tree  (NY478269)

Daws Pond, Barton , pond  (NY47982616)

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milestone, Dacre , milestone  (NY47962691)

White Bridge, Dacre , bridge  (NY47892668)

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