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Habberley Cottage, Port Carlisle
Haber, Crosby Ravensworth
Haber Tarn, Askham
Haberwain Stone Circle (Iron Hill North Stone Circle, Iron Hill)
Haberwen (Harberwain, Crosby Ravensworth)
Hacker Gill, Dent
Hacker Gill Farm (Hackergill Farm, Dentdale)
Hackergill Farm, Dentdale
Hacket (High Hacket, Little Langdale)
Hacket (Low Hacket, Little Langdale)
Hacket Forge, Little Langdale
Hacket, High (High Hacket, Little Langdale)
Hacket, Low (Low Hacket, Little Langdale)
Hackingbag, Hesket
Hackney and Leigh, Windermere
Hackthorp (Hackthorpe, Lowther)
Hackthorpe, Lowther
Hackthorpe Hall, Hackthorpe
Hackthorpe School (school, Hackthorpe, Hackthorpe)
Hackthorpe Township, Lowther
Hackthorpe village hall (village hall, Hackthorpe, Hackthorpe)
Hacra, Towns Fell
Hacra Farm (Hacra, Towns Fell)
Hadderdale, Ormside
Hadriani Vallum (Hadrian's Wall, Bowness)
Hadrian's Camp (Uxelodunum, Hadrian's Wall)
Hadrian's Camp, Houghton
Hadrian's Wall, Bowness
Hadrian's Wall, Pillar Rock
Hag (Hagg, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Hag Bridge (Hagg Bridge, Hagg Gill)
Hag End, Nether Staveley
Hagg, Solport
Hagg, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Haggbeck, Solport
Hagg Bridge, Hagg Gill
Hagg Foot, Strickland Roger
Hagg Foot Farm (Hagg Foot, Strickland Roger)
Hagg Gill, Lakes
Hagg, Great (Great Hagg, Colton)
Haggistone Holm, Arthuret
Hagg Mine, Grisedale
Haggrigg End (Great Hawkrigg End, Hawkrigg)
Haggrigg End (Little Hawrigg End, Hawkrigg)
Haggs Quarry, Lower Allithwaite
Hagg Well, Mallerstang
Hagg Wood, Arnside
Hagg Wood, Gowbarrow Park
Hag Quarry, Hawkshead
Hag, The, Clifton
Hagtorn Cave (Greensett Caves, Whernside)
Hag Well (Hagg Well, Mallerstang)
Hag Well, Lowther
Haia de Plumpton (Plumpton Park, Plumpton)
Haig Colliery Mining Museum, Whitehaven Coalfield
Haig Colliery Railway, Haig Colliery
Haig Pit (Haig Colliery Mining Museum, Whitehaven Coalfield)
Hail (Haile, Haile)
Hail (Hale, Beetham)
Haile parish (Hale parish)
Haile parish (once Cumberland)
Haile, Haile
Haile Church (church, Haile, Haile)
Haile Church (St Michael and St John's Church, Bigrigg)
Haile Hall, Haile
Haile School (Haile Village Hall, Haile)
Haile Village Hall, Haile
Hailforth, Holme St Cuthbert
Hailhead Well, Threlkeld Hall
Haining Burn, Midgeholme
Haining Farm, Northumberland
Hainings, Walton
Hair and Nail Port (Ulverston: Market Street, 2, Ulverston)
Hairdrigg (Hardrigg, Lambrigg)
Hair How (Harehowe, Craketrees)
Hair Studio, The (Ulverston: King Street, 23, Ulverston)
Haithwaite, Nicholforest
Haithwaite Cottage, Carlisle to Jedburgh road
Haithwaite TP (Haithwaite Cottage, Carlisle to Jedburgh road)
Haithwaite Turnpike (Haithwaite Cottage, Carlisle to Jedburgh road)
Haiton (Hayton, Hayton)
Halbecke (Hallbeck, Killington)
Haldon's of Alston (Alston: Haldon's, Alston)
Hale parish (once Cumberland)
Hale (Haile, Haile)
Hale, Beetham
Hale, Haile
Hale Cat (Halecat House, Halecat)
Hale Cat (Halecat, Witherslack)
Halecat, Witherslack
Halecat Cottage, Halecat
Halecat House, Halecat
Halecat Quarry, Witherslack
Halefield Farm, Kirkby Thore
Hale Grange, Newbiggin
Hale Green, Hale
Hale Green Farmhouse (Hale Green, Hale)
Hale Hall (Haile Hall, Haile)
Hale Moss, Beetham
Hales (Priory Shoppe, Ye, Cartmel)
Hale Township, Hale
Halewate (Haithwaite, Nicholforest)
Halfa Bridge, Haweswater Beck
Half Moon Battery (Carlisle Castle, Carlisle)
Halfmoon Battery (Carlisle Castle, Carlisle)
Half Nelson Climb, Eagle Crag
Halforth, Heversham
Halfpenny, Stainton
Halfpenny Farm, Halfpenny
Halfpenny House, Kirkby Stephen
Halfpenny Pasture (Halfpenny Farm, Halfpenny)
Halftown, Rockcliffe
Halfway Bridge, Pennington
Halfway House (Hucks Bridge Inn, Fawcett Forest)
Halfway House, Penrith
Halfway House, road, Brampton to Longtown
Halfway House, road, Brampton to Longtown
Halfwaywell, Great Salkeld
Halhead Hall, Strickland Ketel
Halker (Holker Hall, Lower Holker)
Hall (Askham Hall, Askham)
Hall (Clifton Hall, Clifton)
hall (Clifton Hall, Clifton)
Hall (Coniston Hall, Coniston)
Hall (Crackenthorpe Hall, Crackenthorpe)
Hall (Hayrigg House, Holme Low)
Hall (Lowther Castle, Lowther Park)
Hall (Newby Hall, Newby)
Hall (Winder Hall, Low Winder)
Hall, Arkleby
Hall, Bridekirk
Hall, Dearham
Hall, Heversham
Hall, Lamplugh
Hall, Moorhouse
Hall, Oulton
Hall, Penny Bridge
Hall, Threapland
Hall Bank (Hallbank, Stainton)
Hall Bank, Boltons
Hall Bank, Dentdale
Hall Bank, Millom Without
Hall Bank, New Hutton
Hall Bank, Patterdale
Hall Bank, Rydal
Hallbank, Sedbergh
Hallbank, Stainton
Hallbank, Town End
Hall Bank Cottage, Dent
Hallbank Cottage (Hall Bank, Rydal)
Hall-banke (Hall Bank, New Hutton)
Hall Bank Farm (Hall Bank, Dentdale)
Hall Bank Farm (Hall Bank, New Hutton)
Hallbankgate, Farlam
Hallbankgate Village School (Hallbankgate Village School, Hallbankgate, Hallbankgate)
Hallbankgate Waggonway, Hallbankgate
Hallbank Turn Pike (Hallbank Turnpike, Haltwhistle to Brampton road)
Hallbank Turnpike, Haltwhistle to Brampton road
Hall Bank Workhouse (Hall Bank, Dentdale)
Hall Barn, Oughterside and Allerby
Hall Barns (Hall Bank, Dentdale)
Hall Beck (Hallbeck, Killington)
Hall Beck (High Hallbeck, Killington)
Hall Beck (High Stangerthwaite barn, Killington, Killington)
Hall Beck (Low Hallbeck, Hallbeck)
Hall Beck (Low Stangerthwaite, Killington)
Hall Beck, Arthuret
Hall Beck, Bassenthwaite
Hall Beck, Killington
Hall Beck, Over Staveley
Hallbeck (Hallbeck House, Whicham)
Hallbeck (High Hallbeck, Killington)
Hallbeck (Low Hallbeck, Hallbeck)
Hallbeck, Killington
Hallbeck Cottage, High (High Hallbeck Cottage, Killington)
Hallbeck, High (High Hallbeck, Killington)
Hallbeck House, Whicham
Hallbeck, Low (Low Hallbeck, Hallbeck)
Hall Bolton, Gosforth
Hallbolton Bridge, River Bleng
Hall Bridge, Black Beck
Hall Bridge, River Duddon
Hall Burn, Arthuret
Hallburncroft, Arthuret
Hallburn, Low (Low Hallburn, Arthuret)
Hall Carleton, Drigg and Carleton
hall, Casterton (Casterton Hall, Casterton)
Hall Cottage, Askham
Hall Cove, Kentmere
Hall Croft, Gosforth
Hall Croft, Sockbridge
Hall Dunnerdale, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hallees, Arthuret
Hallen Fell (Hallin Fell, Martindale)
Hallen Fell, and Place Fell (Hallin Fell, Martindale)
Hall Farm (Hall, Moorhouse)
Hall Farm, Morland
Hall Farm, Old (Old Hall Farm, Colton)
Hall Farm, Old (Old Hall Farm, Osmotherley)
Hallfield, Castle Sowerby
Hallfield, Cumwhitton
Hall Flatt, Scaleby
Hall Foot (Holesfoot, Crosby Ravensworth)
Hallfoot, Hethersgill
Hall Foss, Whicham
Hallfoss Beck, Black Combe
Hall Foss Stone Circle, Whicham
Hall Garth (Hallgarth, Kendal)
Hall Garth, Millthrop
Hall Garth, Musgrave
Hallgarth (Hall Garth, Musgrave)
Hallgarth, Kendal
Hallgarth, Whitwell and Selside
Hall Garth Farm, Above Derwent
Hall Garth, High (High Hall Garth, Coniston)
Hall Garth House, Above Derwent
Hall Garth, Low (Low Hall Garth, Coniston)
Hall Gill, Kentmere
Hall Green (Hallgreen, Harrington)
Hallgreen, Harrington
Hall Guards, Kingwater
Hall Head Nab, Underbarrow Scar
Hall, High (High Hall, Dentdale)
Hall, High (High Hall, North Yorkshire)
Hall, High (High Hall, Westward)
Hall, High Low (High Low Hall, St Bees)
Hall Hill, Mallerstang
Hall Hill, Troutbeck Park
Hall Hill Farm, Dalston
Hall Hills, Bewcastle
Hall Hills, Hethersgill
Hall House (Hall House Farm, New Hutton)
Hall House (Hole House, Millom Without)
Hallhouse, Brampton
Hall House Farm, New Hutton
Halligill, Asby
Hallin (Hallin Fell, Martindale)
Hallin Bank, Martindale
Hallin Fell, Martindale
Hallin Hagg (Hallinhagg Wood, Martindale)
Hallinhagg Wood, Martindale
Hallinhag Wood (Hallinhagg Wood, Martindale)
Hall Intack Bridge, River Rawthey
Hall Intake, Sedbergh
Hall, Little (Little Hall, Hayton)
Hall, Low (Low Hall, Blindbothel)
Hall, Low (Low Hall, Dentdale)
Hall, Low (Low Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Hall, Low (Low Hall, Kirkby Ireleth)
Hall, Low (Low Hall, Little Strickland)
Hall, Low (Low Hall, Soulby)
Hall, Low (Low Hall, St Bees)
hall, Millom
Hall, Nether (Nether Hall, Mansergh)
Hall, Nether (Nether Hall, Witherslack)
Hall, New (New Hall, Millom)
Hall, New (New Hall, Nether Staveley)
Hall, New (New Hall, Stainmore)
Hall, New (New Hall, Warcop)
Hall, New (New Hall, Workington)
Hall, Old (Old Hall Restaurant, Egremont)
Hall, Old (Old Hall, Castletown)
Hall, Old (Old Hall, Nicholforest)
Hall, Old (Old Hall, Old Hall Farm)
Hall, Old (Old Hall, Preston Richard)
Hall, Orton (Orton Hall, Orton)
Hallow Bank, Kentmere
Hallow Mill Cross (Hollow Mill Cross, Cumbria boundary)
Hallows, The, Penrith
Hallow Stone Crag, Borrowdale
Hallpeat Moss, Northumberland
Hallpeetmoss (Hallpeat Moss, Northumberland)
Hallrigg, Hesket
Hall Road Bridge, Main Drain
Halls (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Hall Santon, Irton with Santon
Hall Santon Farmhouse (Hall Santon, Irton with Santon)
Halls Beck, Underskiddaw
Hall Senna, Gosforth
Hallsenna, Gosforth
Hallsenna Moor, Drigg and Carleton
Halls Fell (Hall's Fell, Saddleback)
Hall's Fell, Saddleback
Hall's Fell Ridge, Hall's Fell
Hallsfell Top, Hall's Fell
Hallsford, Solport
Hall's Intack Bridge (Stone Bridge, River Rawthey)
Halls Newsagents, Kirkby Stephen
Halls Pet Store (Kendal: Halls Pet Store, Kendal)
Hallstead (Hallsteads, Matterdale)
Hallstead, Kirkby Ireleth
Hallsteads, Castle Carrock
Hallsteads, Greystoke
Hallsteads, Matterdale
Hall's Tenement, Carlatton
Hall's Warehouse, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Hallswater (Hawes Water, Bampton)
Hall's Well (Hall Well, Townhead)
Hall Terrace (Mumps Hall, Gilsland)
Hall, The (Allerby Hall, Allerby)
Hall, The (Askham Hall, Askham)
Hall, The (Blencogo Hall, Blencogo)
Hall, The (Hall Farm, Morland)
Hall, The (Hall, Crosscanonby, Crosscanonby)
Hall, The (Isel Hall, Isel)
Hall, The (Isel Park, Isel)
Hall, The (Rydal Old Hall, Rydal)
Hall, The (Sebergham Hall, Sebergham)
Hall, The (Skirwith Hall, Skirwith)
Hall, The (Tallentire Hall, Tallentire)
Hall, The (Workington Hall, Curwen Park)
Hall, The, Bromfield
Hall, The, Edderside
Hall, The, Wheyrigg
Hallthwaites, Millom Without
Hallthwaites School (Thwaites School, Hallthwaites)
Hallucination, Falcon Crag
Hall Waberthwaite, Waberthwaite
Hall Well, Irthington
Hall Well, Townhead
Hall Wood, Kentmere
Hall Wood, Satterthwaite
Hallworth Memorial (footbridge, Borrowdale, Greenup Gill)
Halpenny (Halfpenny, Stainton)
Halsteads (Hallsteads, Matterdale)
Haltcliff Bridge, Mungrisdale
Haltcliffe Hall (Haltcliff Hall, Caldbeck)
Haltcliff Hall, Caldbeck
Haltcliff House, Caldbeck
Haltcliff View, Caldbeck
Halton, Lancashire
Halton Church (Halton Church, Halton, Halton)
Halton Lea, Northumberland
Haltonlea West Fell, Midgeholme and (Midgeholme and Haltonlea West Fell, Midgeholme)
Halton Park, Lancashire
Haltwesell (Haltwhistle, Northumberland)
Haltwhistle, Northumberland
Haltwhistle Junction, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Haltwhistle Station, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Haltwhistle Viaduct, Alston branch railway
Haltwisle (Haltwhistle, Northumberland)
Hambledon Hills, Northumberland
Hames Hall, Cockermouth
Hammar Scarr (Hammer Scar, Grasmere)
Hammear Scarr (Hammer Scar, Grasmere)
Hammer Hole, Windermere lake
Hammer Scar, Grasmere
Hammerscar (Hammer Scar, Grasmere)
Hammerside Cottage, Canal Foot
Hamp Holme (Ramp Holme, Windermere lake)
Hampsfell, Broughton East
Hampsfell Hospice (Hospice of Hampsfell, Hampsfell)
Hampsfell House, Arnside
Hampsfell Tower (Hospice of Hampsfell, Hampsfell)
Hampsfield, Broughton East
Hampsfield Farm, High (High Hampsfield Farm, Broughton East)
Hampsfield Fell (Hampsfell, Broughton East)
Hampsfield Hall, Hampsfell
H and H Reed printers, Milnthorpe
Hand Lake, Langdale Fell
Handley Quarry, Dent
Handley's Bridge, River Rawthey
Hang Bridge, River Bela
Hanging Chimneys Direct, The, Eagle Crag
Hanging Chimney, The, Scafell Crag
Hanging Farm Cottage, Burton-in-Kendal
Hanging Haystack, Borrowdale Fells
Hanging Knot (Hanging Knotts, Borrowdale)
Hanging Knott (Hanging Knotts, Borrowdale)
Hanging Knotts, Borrowdale
Hanging Lund, Mallerstang
Hanging Seal, Cumbria boundary
Hanging Shaw (Hangingshaw, Fair Hill)
Hangingshaw, Fair Hill
Hanging show (Hangingshaw, Fair Hill)
Hanging Stone
Hanging Stone, Cumbria boundary
Hanging Stone, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Hanging Stone, Hangingstone Scar
Hangingstone Crag, Bewcastle Fells
Hanging Stones
Hangingstone Scar, Mallerstang Common
Hanging Walls of Marcantoniby (Hanging Walls of Mark Anthony, Kirkland)
Hanging Walls of Mark Anthony, Kirkland
Hanging Well, Arthuret
Hangmans Close (gallows, Carlisle, Gallow Hill)
Hangman Tree, Burgh by Sands
Hangover, Dove Crag
Hangover, Wallowbarrow Crag
Hangstone (Gallows Stone, Gallow Bank)
Hannah Benn Bridge (Monks Bridge, River Calder)
Hannah Moor, St Bees Head
Hannah's Well, Narrow Gate
Hannakin, Roger Ground
Hannings (Haining Farm, Northumberland)
Haraby (Harraby, Carlisle)
Harbarrow, Urswick
Harber Gill Bridge, River Dee
Harber Gill Farm, Dent
Harberwain, Crosby Ravensworth
Harberwen (Harberwain, Crosby Ravensworth)
Harbour Flat (Harbour Flatt, Keisley)
Harbour Flatt, Keisley
Harbourflatt (Harbour Flatt, Keisley)
Harbour Gallery (Beacon, The, Whitehaven)
Harbourgill, Dentdale
Harbour Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness
Harbour Hotel, Haverigg
Harbut Lodge, Alston Moor
Harby Brow (Harbybrow, Allhallows)
Harbybrow, Allhallows
Harby Brow Tower (Harbybrow, Allhallows)
Harcla (Hartley Castle, Hartley)
Harcla Castle (Hartley Castle, Hartley)
Hardcake Hall, Aikton
Hard Crag (Hardcragg Hall, Grange-over-Sands)
Hard Crag, Haverthwaite
Hardcragg Hall, Grange-over-Sands
Hard Cragg House, Lower Allithwaite
Hardedge, Alston Moor
Hardendale, Shap Rural
Hardendale Fell, Hardendale
Hardendale Hall, Hardendale
Hardendale Knott (Hardindale Knott, Manesty)
Hardendale Nab, Hardendale
Hardendale Nab Quarry, Hardendale Nab
Hardendale Township, Shap
Hard Hill, Milburn Forest
Hardhurst, Kingwater
Hardica Tarn, Lowside Quarter
Hardindaill (Hardendale, Shap Rural)
Hardindale Knott, Manesty
Hard Ing, Sleagill
Hard Ing Bridge, Clough River
Hardingdale (Hardendale, Shap Rural)
Hard Knot (Hard Knott, Eskdale)
Hard Knot (Hardknott Pass, Eskdale)
Hardknot (Hard Knott, Eskdale)
Hard Knot Hill (Hard Knott, Eskdale)
Hardknot Hill (Hard Knott, Eskdale)
Hardknothill (Hard Knott, Eskdale)
Hard Knott, Eskdale
Hardknott Brewery, Woolpack Inn
Hardknott Castle (roman fort, Hardknott Pass, Hardknott Pass)
Hardknott Gill, Ulpha
Hardknott Pass, Eskdale
Hardmanor, Bewcastle
Hardondale (Hardendale, Shap Rural)
Hard Pot, North Yorkshire
Hardraw Force, Hardraw Beck
Hardrawkin (Hardrawkin Pot, Ingleborough)
Hardrawkin Pot, Ingleborough
Hard Rigg, Cumbria boundary
Hard Rigg, Eskdale
Hardrigg, Lambrigg
Hardrigg Castle (Hardrigg Hall, Skelton)
Hard Rigg Edge, Melmerby Fell
Hardrigg Gill, Eskdale
Hardrigg Hall, Skelton
Hardrigg Hall Farm (Hardrigg Hall, Skelton)
Hardrosen, Whinfell
Hardrow Force (Hardraw Force, Hardraw Beck)
Hards, Holme Abbey
Hard Tarn, Nethermost Pike
Hare and Hounds, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Hare and Hounds, Bowland Bridge
Hare and Hounds, Levens
Hare and Hounds, Wigton
Harebeck Bridge, Hare Beck
Hare Bridge, Black Beck
Hare Crag, Skiddaw Forest
Harecrag Fold, Roman Fell
Hare Crags, Torver
Harecroft Hall, Gosforth
Hare Gill, Eskdale
Hare Hall, Bowmanstead
Hare Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hare Hill, Burtholme
Hare Hill, Upper Allithwaite
Hare Hill, Walney Island
Harehowe, Craketrees
Harelaw, Northumberland
Hareridge Hall (Hardrigg Hall, Skelton)
Hareridg Hall (Hardrigg Hall, Skelton)
Haresceugh, Kirkoswald
Haresceugh Castle, Haresceugh
Haresceugh Castle weather station (weather station, Haresceugh, Haresceugh)
Haresceugh Fell, Kirkoswald
Haresceugh, Nether (Nether Haresceugh, Kirkoswald)
Hare Shaw, Howgill Fells
Hare Shaw, Swindale Common
Hare Shaw, Tebay Fell
Hare Stone Quarry, Dent
Hare Stones
Hare Stones Umber Mine, Caldbeck Fells
Harewood, Whinfell
Harglade, Brough
Harington (Harrington, Carlisle)
Harinton (Harrington, Workington)
Harker, Rockcliffe
Harker Farm (High Harker Farmhouse, Harker)
Harker Gill Fold, Dent
Harker Grange, Harker
Harker Lodge, Harker
Harker, Low (Low Harker, Rockcliffe)
Harker Marsh Farm, Broughton Moor
Harker Station, Border Union Railway
Harkness Barn, Townhead
Harlawe, Ye (Harelaw, )
Harlaws (Harelaw, Northumberland)
Harlequin, Eagle Crag
Harlequin Chimneys, Pillar Rock
Harlock, Pennington
Harlock Hill, Pennington
Harlock Reservoir, Askam and Ireleth
Harlot Face, Castle Rock
Harmony Hall, Milnthorpe
Harnsyd (Arnside, Arnside)
Harper Hill (Harperhill, Stapleton)
Harperhill, Stapleton
Harper Hills, Shap Rural
Harprigg, Killington
Harprigge (Harprigg, Killington)
Harrabey (Harraby, Carlisle)
Harraby, Carlisle
Harraby Bridge, River Petteril
Harraby Church (St Elisabeth's Church, Harraby)
Harraby Cut (Harraby Cutting, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway)
Harraby Cutting, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Harraby Engine Shed (engine shed, Carlisle (16), Dumfries and Carlisle Railway Glasgow)
Harraby Hill Workhouse, Harraby
Harraby Police Station, Harraby
Harraby Toll Gate (Lodge, The, Harraby)
Harraby Township, Upperby
Harras, Whitehaven
Harras Moor, Harras
Harras, The (Harrow's Scar, Milecastle 49)
Harras, The, Ainstable
Harr Head (Harewood, Whinfell)
Harrington parish (once Cumberland)
Harrington, Carlisle
Harrington, Workington
Harrington and Lowca Light Railway, Workington
Harrington Brickworks, Lowca
Harrington Church (St Mary's Church, Harrington)
Harrington Church Road Halt, Harrington and Lowca Light Railway
Harrington Harbour, Harrington
Harrington, High (High Harrington, Workington)
Harrington Infant School (school, Harrington, Harrington)
Harrington Junction, Harrington and Lowca Light Railway
Harrington Methodist Church, Harrington
Harrington Parks, Harrington
Harrington Rocks, Harrington
Harrington School (school, Harrington, Harrington)
Harrington Station, Whitehaven Junction Railway
Harrington Viaduct, Whitehaven Junction Railway
Harris Bridge, River Derwent
Harrison Granger and Fairer, Penrith
Harrisons Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Harrison's Stickle (Harrison Stickle, Langdale Pikes)
Harrison Stickle, Langdale Pikes
Harris Park, Cockermouth
Harris Side, Lamplugh
Harristickorner, Harrison Stickle
Harriston, Aspatria
Harrop Pike, Shap Fells
Harrop Rocks, Windermere lake
Harrop Tarn, Wythburn
Harrot, Lorton
Harrow Buttress, Grey Crags
Harrow's Beck, Waterhead
Harrow Slack, Claife
Harrowslack (Harrow Slack, Claife)
Harrow's Scar, Milecastle 49
Harrow Wall, Grey Crags
Harrygill Pit, Little Clifton
Harry Guards Wood, Coniston
Harry Hodgson's Well, Blakely
Harrymans (Harryman's, Patterdale)
Harryman's, Patterdale
Harry Place (Harry Place Farm, Great Langdale)
Harry Place Farm, Great Langdale
Harrys Barn, Maulds Meaburn
Harry's Well, Askerton
Hartbarrow, Great (Great Hartbarrow, Cartmel Fell)
Hartbarrow, Little (Little Hartbarrow, Cartmel Fell)
Hart Crag, Matterdale
Hart Crag, Place Fell
Hart Crag, Rydal Head
Hart Crag, Troutbeck
Hart Crag, Little (Little Hart Crag, Patterdale)
Harter Fell, Longsleddale
Harter Fell, Ravenstonedale Common
Harter Fell, Ulpha
Harteshope Hall (Hartsop Hall, Hartsop)
Harteshope hall (Hartsop Hall, Hartsop)
Harteshop Hall (Hartsop Hall, Hartsop)
Hart Head, Rydal
Hart Head Farm (Hart Head, Rydal)
Hart Hill, Bampton
Hart Horn, Kingwater
Harthorn Oaks (Hart Horn Tree, Whinfell Forest)
Hart Horn Tree, Whinfell Forest
Harthorn Tree (Hart Horn Tree, Whinfell Forest)
Harthwaite Cottage, Dufton
Hartington Street Methodist Church, Barrow-in-Furness
Hartlaw, Holme Low
Hartleburne (Hartley Burn, Cumbria boundary)
Hartley parish (once Westmorland)
Hartley, Hartley
Hartley Beck, Hartley
Hartley Borne (Hartley Burn, Cumbria boundary)
Hartley Born River (Hartley Burn, Cumbria boundary)
Hartley Burn, Cumbria boundary
Hartley Castle, Hartley Castle
Hartley Castle, Hartley
Hartley Fell, Hartley
Hartley Fold, Hartley
Hartley Fold House (Hartley Fold, Hartley)
Hartley Ground, Broughton West
Hartley Hill, Buttermere
Hartley Mine (Hartley Mines, Hartley Fell)
Hartley Mines, Hartley Fell
Hartley Quarries, Hartley
Hartley's restaurant (Dalton-in-Furness: Hartley's, Dalton-in-Furness)
Hartley Township, Kirkby Stephen
Hartley Wife, Windermere lake
Hartlow (Hartlaw, Holme Low)
Harton Crag, Stainmore Common
Hartrigg, Kentmere
Hartsgarth, Liddesdale
Hartshop Dod (Hartsop Dodd, Patterdale)
Hartshop Dod (High Hartsop Dodd, Patterdale)
Hartshope (Hartsop, Hartsop)
Hartshope, Low (Hartsop, Hartsop)
Hartshop Hall (Hartsop Hall, Hartsop)
Hartshorn Tree (Hart Horn Tree, Whinfell Forest)
Hart Side, Matterdale
Hartside Crag (Hart Crag, Matterdale)
Hartside Cross, Glassonby
Hartside Fell (Fiend's Fell, Glassonby)
Hartside Fell (Melmerby Fell, Ousby)
Hartside Height, Gilderdale Forest
Hartside House, Alston Moor
Hartside Pass, Glassonby
Hartside Turnpike, Penrith to Alston road
Hartsop (Kirkstonefoot, Kirkstone to Patterdale road)
Hartsop, Hartsop
Hartsop above How, Patterdale
Hartsop and Patterdale Township (Patterdale Chapelry, Barton)
Hartsop Beck (Dovedale Beck, Patterdale)
Hartsop Dod (Hartsop Dodd, Patterdale)
Hartsop Dod (High Hartsop Dodd, Patterdale)
Hartsop Dodd, Patterdale
Hartsop Dodd, High (High Hartsop Dodd, Patterdale)
Hartsop Hall, Hartsop
Hartsop Hall Mine, Hartsop Hall
Hartsop Hall Mines (Hartsop Hall Mine, Hartsop Hall)
Hartsop High Field, Hartsop
Hartsop, Low (Hartsop, Hartsop)
Hartsopp (Hartsop, Hartsop)
Harwood Common, Cow Green Reservoir
Haseness (Dalegarth, Hassness)
Hashy Gill, Ravenstonedale
Hasketh Hall, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Haskew Beck, Shap Rural
Haskew Rigg (Askew Rigg, Mungrisdale)
Haskew Stones (Askew Stones, Sedbergh)
Haskew Tarn, Shap Rural
Haskhaw Gill, Garsdale
Hass Ness, Buttermere
Hassness (Dalegarth, Hassness)
Hassness, Buttermere
Hassnesshow Beck, Hassness
Haste Not, Whitegill Crag
Haste Not Direct, Whitegill Crag
Hatching Well, Gilcrux
Hatchway and Rigging, Boat Howe Crags
Hatherby (roman fort, Netherby, Netherby)
Hathewat (Haithwaite, Nicholforest)
Hathewate (Haithwaite, Nicholforest)
Hathrigg (Hartrigg, Kentmere)
Haton (Hayton, Hayton)
Haton Castle (Hayton Castle, Hayton)
Hatton Castle (Hayton Castle, Hayton)
Haughey Antiques, Kirkby Stephen
Haughton (Houghton, Stanwix Rural)
Haughton Head (Raughton Head, Dalston)
Haukesdale Hall (Hawksdale Hall, Dalston)
Haukeshead (Hawkshead, Hawkshead)
Haukeside (Hawkshead, Hawkshead)
Haukin Hale (Hawking Hall, Middleton)
Haukul Hall (Hawking Hall, Middleton)
Haukut Hall (Hawking Hall, Middleton)
Haume Farm, High (High Haume Farm, Askam and Ireleth)
Haume, High (High Haume, Askam and Ireleth)
Hause (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Hause (Hause Farm, Martindale)
Hause, Nether Wasdale
Hause End (Hawes End, Above Derwent)
Hause Farm, Martindale
Hause Farm, Shap Rural
Hause Foot, Crookdale
Hause Gill, Borrowdale
Hause Hill, Shap Fells
Hause in the Scar, Glassonby
Hause Point, Rannerdale Knotts
Hause Point, Thirlmere
Hause, The, Cawdale
Hause Well, Hausewell Brow
Hausewell Brow, Old Coach Road
Hauthwaite Hall (Hewthwaite Hall, Setmurthy)
Haven Centre, The, Barrow-in-Furness
Haven, The, Ambleside
Haven, The, Town Head
Haverbrack, Beetham
Haverbracke (Haverbrack, Beetham)
Haverbrack Fell (Beetham Fell, Beetham)
Haverbrack Township, Beetham
Havercroft Farm, Lamplugh
Haverflatts, Heversham
Haverigg (Haveriggs, Patton Bridge)
Haverigg, Millom
Haverigg Airfield (Millom Airfield, Haverigg)
Haverigg Church (St Luke's Church, Haverigg)
Haverigg Crossing, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Haverigg Haws, Millom Without
Haverigg Holme, Kirkby Ireleth
Haveriggholme (Haverigg Holme, Kirkby Ireleth)
Haverigg Inshore Rescue Team, Haverigg
Haverigg Newsagents (Haverigg: Haverigg Newsagents, Haverigg)
Haverigg Point, Millom
Haverigg Pool, Millom Without
Haveriggs, Patton Bridge
Haverland House, Kirkbampton
Haverlands Beck, Kirkbampton
Haverlands House (Haverland House, Kirkbampton)
Haversham (Heversham, Heversham)
Haversheaf Hall, Brougham
Haverthwaite parish (once Lancashire)
Haverthwaite, Haverthwaite
Haverthwaite Church (St Anne's Church, Haverthwaite)
Haverthwaite East Tunnel, Lakeside branch railway
Haverthwaite House, Haverthwaite
Haverthwaite School (school, Haverthwaite, Haverthwaite)
Haverthwaite Station, Lakeside branch railway
Haverthwaite West Tunnel, Lakeside branch railway
Haw (Banner Rigg, Windermere)
Haw (Howtown, Martindale)
Hawcoat (Hawkshead, Hawkshead)
Hawcoat, Barrow-in-Furness
Hawcoat Highlands (Hawcoat, Barrow-in-Furness)
Hawcoat Junction, Furness Railway
Hawcoat Lane, Barrow-in-Furness
Hawell memorial, Underskiddaw
Hawes (Hawes Farm, Helsington)
Hawes, Broughton West
Hawes, Lamplugh
Hawes, North Yorkshire
Hawes Bank, Natland
Hawes branch railway, Hawes
Hawes Bridge, River Kent
Hawes Cottage, Underley Park
Hawes End, Above Derwent
Hawes Farm (Hawes, Broughton West)
Hawes Farm, Helsington
Hawes House (Hawse House, Grayrigg)
Hawes How (Hawes How Island, Thirlmere)
Hawes How Island, Thirlmere
Hawes Junction (Garsdale Station, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Hawes Junction, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Hawes Junction and Garsdale (Garsdale Station, Settle and Carlisle Railway)
Hawes Junction Methodist Chapel, Garsdale Head
Hawes Station, Hawes branch railway
Hawes, The, Whicham
Hawes to the Sedbergh Road, Cumbria
Hawes Water, Bampton
Haweswater (Hawes Water, Bampton)
Haweswater Aqueduct, Manchester
Haweswater Beck, Shap Rural
Haweswater Copper Mine (Haweswater Mine, Bampton Common)
Haweswater Hotel, Bampton
Haweswater Mine, Bampton Common
Haweswater Railway (Haweswater tramroad, Shap Rural, Hawes Water)
Haweswater Reservoir (Hawes Water, Bampton)
Hawes Water Troughs, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Hawkbarrow Farm, Gosforth
Hawk Bridge, Appletree Worth Beck
Hawk Crag, Place Fell
Hawkeld Well, Swinside
Hawkesdale Bridge (Hawksdale Bridge, River Caldew)
Hawkesdale Low House, Dalston
Hawkeshead (Hawkshead, Hawkshead)
Hawkeshead Hall (Hawkshead Old Hall, Hawkshead)
Hawkeside (Hawkshead, Hawkshead)
Hawkfield, Urswick
Hawk Hill, Seaton
Hawking Ford, River Lune
Hawking Hall, Middleton
Hawkin Hall, Middleton
Hawkins (Hawking Hall, Middleton)
Hawk Rigg, Coniston
Hawkrigg, Colby
Hawkrigg, Firbank
Hawkrigg, Mansergh
Hawkrigg, New Hutton
Hawkrigg End (Hawkrigg, Firbank)
Hawkrigg End, Great (Great Hawkrigg End, Hawkrigg)
Hawkrigg End, Little (Little Hawrigg End, Hawkrigg)
Hawkrigg Farm, Sawrey
Hawkrigg House, Waverton
Hawk Route, Dow Crag
Hawk Row (Hacra, Towns Fell)
Hawksdale, Dalston
Hawksdale Bridge, River Caldew
Hawksdale Hall, Dalston
Hawksdale Pasture, Dalston
Hawksdale Township, Dalston
Hawkshead parish (once Lancashire)
Hawkshead, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Brewery (Staveley Brewery, Staveley)
Hawkshead Church (St Michael and All Angels Church, Hawkshead)
Hawkshead Cooperative Store, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Corn Mill (Hawkshead Saw Mill, Hawkshead)
Hawkshead Courthouse, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Esthwaite County Primary School, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Field (Hawkshead Fields House, Hawkshead)
Hawkshead Fields House, Hawkshead
Hawkshead: Flag Street, 1
Hawkshead Free Grammar School (Hawkshead Grammar School, Hawkshead)
Hawkshead Grammar School, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Hall (Hawkshead Courthouse, Hawkshead)
Hawkshead Hall (Hawkshead Old Hall, Hawkshead)
Hawkshead Hall, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Hall Park, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Hill (Hawkshead Hall Park, Hawkshead)
Hawkshead Hill, Hawkshead
Hawkshead meeting (meeting house, Colthouse, Colthouse)
Hawkshead Meeting House (meeting house, Colthouse, Colthouse)
Hawkshead Methodist Church, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Moor, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Old Hall, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Saw Mill, Hawkshead
Hawkshead: Square
Hawkshead Town Hall, Hawkshead
Hawkshead Trout Fishery, Esthwaite Water
Hawkslade (Hawksdale, Dalston)
Hawkswell, Lowick
Hawk, The, Broughton West
Hawrigg End, Little (Little Hawrigg End, Hawkrigg)
Hawrshead (Hawkshead, Hawkshead)
Haws Bank, Coniston
Haws Bank Bridge (Hows Bank Bridge, Bowmanstead)
Haws Bank Cottage (Haws Bank House, Haws Bank)
Haws Bank House, Haws Bank
Haws Bed, Walney Island
Haws Bridge (Hawes Bridge, River Kent)
Haw Seeds, Firbank
Hawse Holm (Haws Holme, Windermere lake)
Hawse House, Grayrigg
Hawse Howse (Hawse House, Grayrigg)
Hawse, The (Hause Farm, Martindale)
Haws Gill Wheel, North Yorkshire
Haws Hole (Hawes Farm, Helsington)
Haws Holme, Windermere lake
Haws House, Millom Without
Haws Point, Walney Island
Haws Scar, Barrow-in-Furness
Haws, The (Bassenthwaite, Bassenthwaite)
Haws Water (Hawes Water, Bampton)
Haws Water (Hayeswater, Patterdale)
Hawswater (Hawes Water, Bampton)
Hawswater (Hayeswater, Patterdale)
Haws Wood, Cartmel Fell
Hawthorn, Penrith
Hawthorn Cottage, Great Corby
Hawthorne Cottage, Grange-over-Sands
Hawthorne Cottage, Heversham
Hawthorn Pot (Big Meanie, Gragareth)
Hawtonlee (Halton Lea, Northumberland)
Hawtown Bay (Howtown Wyke, Ullswater)
Haw Towne (Howtown, Martindale)
Hay (Hay Fell, Scalthwaiterigg)
Hay (Hayclose, New Hutton)
Hay and Hutton-i'-th'-Hay Township, Kendal
Hay Bank (Hay Banks, Orton S)
Hay Bank, Whinfell
Hay Banks, Orton S
Haybanks, Hoff
Hayber, Warcop
Hayber Beck, Warcop
Hayber Gill, Hayber
Haybergill, Hayber
Haybergill Cottage (Haybergill, Hayber)
Hayborough, Dearham
Hay Bridge, High (High Hay Bridge, Colton)
Hay Bridge, Low (Low Hay Bridge, Colton)
Hay Castle (Hayes Castle, Lowca)
Hay Close, Hesket
Hayclose, New Hutton
Hay Close Farm, New Hutton
Hay Cock (Haycock, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Haycock, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Haycocks, The (Hay Stacks, Buttermere)
Hay Constable-wick (New Hutton)
Hay Constable-wick (Scalthwaiterigg)
Haycote Cottage, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Haycote, Low (Low Haycote, Gawthrop)
Haye Castle (Hayes Castle, Lowca)
Hayes Castle, Lowca
Hayes Water (Hayeswater, Patterdale)
Hayeswater, Patterdale
Hayeswater Gill, Patterdale
Hay Fell (Hayfellside, New Hutton)
Hay Fell, New Hutton
Hay Fell, Scalthwaiterigg
Hayfell Bridge, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Hay Fellside (Hayfellside, New Hutton)
Hayfellside, New Hutton
Haygarth, Docker
Haygarth, Low (Low Haygarth, Cautley)
Hay Gill, Caldbeck
Hay Gill Beck Level (Hay Gill Mines, Caldbeck Fells)
Hay Gill Mine (Hay Gill Mines, Caldbeck Fells)
Hay Gill Mines, Caldbeck Fells
Hay Knott, Caldbeck Fells
Hayle and Whassett (Hale, Beetham)
Hayle and Whassett (Whasset, Beetham)
Hay Pit, St Bees
Hay Rick (Hay Stacks, Buttermere)
Hayrigge (Hartrigg, Kentmere)
Hayrigg Farm, Holme Low
Hayrigg House, Holme Low
Hayring, Alston Moor
Hays Stacks (Broad Haystack, Borrowdale Fells)
Haystack, Broad (Broad Haystack, Borrowdale Fells)
Haystack, Hanging (Hanging Haystack, Borrowdale Fells)
Hay Stacks, Buttermere
Haystacks (Hay Stacks, Buttermere)
Hays Water (Hayeswater, Patterdale)
Haythuaite (Haithwaite, Nicholforest)
Haythwaite (Haithwaite, Nicholforest)
Haythwaite (Haythwaite House, Raughton Head)
Haythwaite House, Raughton Head
Haythwaite Lane, Dalston
Hayton parish (once Cumberland)
Hayton parish (once Cumberland)
Hayton, Hayton and Mealo
Hayton, Hayton
Hayton and Mealo parish (once Cumberland)
Hayton and Mealo Township, Aspatria
Hayton and Melay Township (Hayton and Mealo Township, Aspatria)
Hayton Brow, Westnewton
Hayton Castle, Castle Hill
Hayton Castle, Hayton
Hayton Church (St James's Church, Hayton)
Hayton Church (St Mary's Church, Hayton)
Hayton CofE Primary School, Hayton
Haytongate, Burtholme
Hayton Moss, Hayton
Hayton School (Hayton CofE Primary School, Hayton)
Hayton School, Hayton
Haytons Family Butcher (Staveley, Over Staveley: Haytons, Staveley)
Hayton Stores (Hayton: Hayton Stores, Hayton)
Hayton Tile Works, Hayton
Hayton Township, Hayton
Hayton Vicarage, Hayton
Hayward Todd, Carlisle
Hay Wood, High (High Hay Wood, Windermere)
Hazel Bank, Rosthwaite
Hazel Bank, Stainmore
Hazel Bank Cottage, Brough
Hazel Bottom Gill, Dent
Hazel Cottage, Warwicksland
Hazeldene, Cartmel
Hazeldene, Morland
Hazel Dub, Langwathby
Hazel Gill, Howgill Fells
Hazel Gill, Kingwater
Hazelgill, Cumwhitton
Hazelgill, Mallerstang
Hazelgill, Sebergham
Hazelgill Crag, Askerton
Hazelgill Knott, Howgill Fells
Hazel Grove, Newton Reigny
Hazel Hall, Satterthwaite
Hazel Hall, Torver
Hazel Haw (Lunds Farm, Dent)
Hazel Head, Ulpha
Hazel Head, Woodside
Hazel Holme, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Hazelhurst, Mungrisdale
Hazelhurst, Watermillock
Hazel Moor, Crosby Ravensworth Fell
Hazel Mount, Hayton and Mealo
Hazel Mount, Millom Without
Hazel Rigg, Glassonby
Hazelrigg, Staveley-in-Cartmel
Hazelrigg Beck, Glassonby
Hazelseat, Satterthwaite
Hazel Sike, Barbon
Hazelslack, Beetham
Hazelslack Moss, Hazelslack
Hazelslack Tower, Hazelslack
Hazelslack Tower Farm, Hazelslack
Hazelsprings Farm, Westward
Hazelwood Terrace, Grange-over-Sands
Hazle Gill Combe, Towns Fell
Hazle Hall (Hazel Hall, Satterthwaite)
Hazleslack Tower (Hazelslack Tower, Hazelslack)
H Cooke and Sons (Cooke's Buildings, Barrow-in-Furness)
Headgate, Bewcastle
Head House, Upper Allithwaite
Head House, Great (Great Head House, Hermitage Hill)
Headin Haw, Barrow-in-Furness
Headless Cross (cross, Headless Cross, Headless Cross)
Headless Cross, Cartmel
Head of Blea Wheel, River Lune
Head of Haile, Haile
Head of Winster, Winster
Heads, Westward
Head Scar, Barrow-in-Furness
Heads, High (High Heads, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Heads House, Keswick
Heads Nook, Wetheral
Heads Nook Hall, Heads Nook
Heads Nook Station, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Heads Wood, Irthington
Head, The, Kentmere
Head, The, Middleton Head
Heald Brow Pasture, Satterthwaite
Heald Brows (Heald, The, Claife)
Heald, The, Claife
Heald, The, Satterthwaite
Heald Wood, Claife
Healing, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Healing House (Healing, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Heals Opticians (Cockermouth: Heals, Cockermouth)
Heaning, Windermere
Heaning Cottage, Heaning
Heaning Farm, Heaning
Heanings Farm, Musgrave
Hearth, Yew Crag Knotts
Heartley Castle (Hartley Castle, Hartley)
Heathcot Castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Heather Bank, Oughterside and Allerby
Heather Entrance, Red Crag
Heather Groove, Whitegill Crag
Heather House, Bewcastle
Heather Lea, Arlecdon and Frizington
Heather Slab, Tarn Crag
Heatheryknowe, Arthuret
Heathfield, Bromfield
Heathfield Turnpike, Cockermouth to Carlisle road
Heathhfield (Heathfield Turnpike, Cockermouth to Carlisle road)
Heathlands, Rockcliffe
Heathwaite, Arnside
Heathwaite, Coniston
Heathwaite, Windermere
Heathwaite Farm, Kirkby Ireleth
Heathwaite Moss, Kirkby Ireleth
Heaton, Lancashire
Heaton Castle (Hutton-in-the-Forest, Inglewood Forest)
Heaton Cooper Studio (Grasmere: Heaton Cooper, Grasmere)
Heat Wave, Hutaple Crag
Heaves (Heaves Hotel, Levens)
Heaves Farm, Levens
Heaves Hotel, Levens
Hebblethwaite Cottage, Sedbergh
Hebblethwaite Hall, Sedbergh
Hebblethwaite Hall Gill, Sedbergh
Hebblethwaites, Sedbergh
Heckbarley, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Heck Crag, Martindale
Heckdale (Hegdale, Shap Rural)
Heckgill Mire, Kirkby Stephen
Hector House, Newbarns
Hedbarrow Point (Hodbarrow Point, Millom)
Hedera Grooves, Falcon Crag
hedge, Barton
hedge, Cautley
hedge, Clifton
hedge, Colton
hedge, Coniston
hedge, Dent
hedge, Hawrigg
hedge, Helmside
hedge, Hincaster
hedge, Hoff
hedge, King's Meaburn
hedge, Little Langdale
hedge, Longsleddale
hedge, Loweswater
hedge, Matterdale
hedge, Mockerkin
hedge, Musgrave
hedge, New Hutton
hedge, Skelwith
Heelis Place, Hawkshead
Heel, The, Wallowbarrow Crag
Hegatcastle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Hegdale, Shap Rural
Heggerscale (Heggerscales, Kaber)
Heggerscales, Kaber
Hegglefoot, Mungrisdale
Hegglehead, Mungrisdale
Heggle Lane, Mungrisdale
Hegholme Hall (Egholme Farm, Mansergh)
Hehed castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Heighheved castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Height, Upper Allithwaite
Height House, Broughton West
Height meeting (meeting house, Height, Height)
Height Meeting House (meeting house, Height, Height)
Height of Patton, Patton
Height of Winder, Sedbergh
Heights, Mansergh
Heights, Ormside
Heights, Skelsmergh
Heights Castle, Heights
Heights Castle, Ormside
Heights Cottages, Heights
Heights Quarry (Heights Quarry, Heights, Heights)
Heights Quarry, Heights
Heights Tarn, Heights
Heights, The, Cartmel Fell
Heights, The, Hugill
Height, The, Caldbeck
Height, The, Waterhead
Height, The, Westward
Heild (Heald, The, Claife)
Helbeck parish (once Westmorland)
Helbeck (Written Rock of Gelt, Brampton)
Helbeck, Helbeck
Helbeck Farm, Helbeck
Helbeck Fell, Helbeck
Helbeckfell (Helbeck Fell, Helbeck)
Helbeck Grange, Helbeck
Helbeck Hall, Helbeck
Helbeck Intake, Helbeck
Helbeck Wood, Helbeck
Helbek (Helbeck, Helbeck)
Helcaldenburne (Caddroun Burn, )
Helena Thompson Museum, Workington
Hell Beck, Hayton
Hellbeck Bridge, Hell Beck
Hellbecke parish (Helbeck parish)
Hellbeck Hall (Helbeck Hall, Helbeck)
Hellbrow Well, Wallowbarrow Crag
Hellcadrean Burn (Caddroun Burn, )
Hell Gate Pillar, The Napes
Hell Gill, Lakes
Hellgill, Mallerstang
Hell Gill Beck, Cumbria boundary
Hell Gill Bridge, Hell Gill Beck
Hellgill Bridge (Hell Gill Bridge, Hell Gill Beck)
Hellgill Bridge, Hellgill Beck
Hellgill Force, Hell Gill Beck
Hellgill Foss (Hellgill Force, Hell Gill Beck)
Hellgill Plantation, Preston Patrick
Hellgill Wold, Mallerstang
Helln Pot (Alum Pot, Ribblesdale)
Hellot Scales Barn, Casterton
Hellpool Bridge, Whicham Beck
Hellpot Bridge, Colton Beck
Hell's Cauldron Waterfall, River Dee
Hell's Gill to Kirkby Stephen (Kirkby Stephen to Hell's Gill, Cumbria)
Hell's Groove, East Buttress
Hell's Wall, Bowder Crag
Hellton (Helton, Askham)
Helltondale (Heltondale, Askham)
Hellvellin Mount (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Hellvellyn (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Hellvillon Hill (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helm (Helm Crag, Lakes)
Helm (Helm, The, Stainton)
Helm, Ormside
Helm Beck, Ormside
Helm Beck Bridge, Helm Beck
Helm Beck Cott, Warcop
Helm Crag, Lakes
Helm Cragg (Helm Crag, Lakes)
Helme Crag (Helm Crag, Lakes)
Helme Farm, Cumrew
Helme Lodge, Natland
Helm End, Helm, The
Helm End, Stainton
Helm Farm, Windermere
Helm House, Hilton
Helm Lea, Hawkshead
Helmside, Dent
Helmside, Lakes
Helmside Farm, Stainton
Helms Knott, Dent
Helm, The, Stainton
Helm Tunnel, Settle and Carlisle Railway
Helm Wind, Cross Fell
Helpot Farm, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Helse Fell Hall (Helsfell Hall, Strickland Ketel)
Helse Fell Hall (Helsfell, Strickland Ketel)
Helsfell, Strickland Ketel
Helsfell Farm (Helsfell, Strickland Ketel)
Helsfell Hall, Strickland Ketel
Helsington parish (once Westmorland)
Helsington (Helsington Laithes, Kendal)
Helsington, Helsington
Helsington Barrows, Helsington
Helsington Chapelry, Kendal
Helsington Church (St John's Church, Helsington)
Helsington Laithes, Kendal
Helsington Laithes Farm (Helsington Laithes, Kendal)
Helsington Laithes Marble Works (Helsington Mill, River Kent)
Helsington Laithes Mill (Helsington Mill, River Kent)
Helsington Mill, River Kent
Helsington Pool, Helsington
Helsington Pool Bridge, Helsington Pool
Helsington School (Lumley Fee Residential Centre, Helsington)
Helsington Township (Helsington Chapelry, Kendal)
Helsington TP (Helsington Turn Pike, Lancaster to Kendal road)
Helsington Turn Pike, Lancaster to Kendal road
Helslack Mosses (Hazelslack Moss, Hazelslack)
Helslack Tower (Hazelslack Tower, Hazelslack)
Helspford Sand (Hilpsford, Walney Island)
Helstonlath (Helsington Laithes, Kendal)
Helston Lathe (Helsington Laithes, Kendal)
Helstonlathe (Helsington Laithes, Kendal)
Helston Lea (Helsington Laithes, Kendal)
Helston Leathes (Helsington Laithes, Kendal)
Helton (Hilton, Murton)
Helton, Askham
Helton Bacon (Helton, Askham)
Helton Beacon (Hilton Fell, Murton)
Heltondale, Askham
Heltondale Beck, Askham
Helton Fell, Askham
Helton Fleckat (Helton, Askham)
Heltonhead, Askham
Helton Head Farm, Askham
Helton Methodist Chapel (chapel, Helton, Helton)
Helton School (school, Helton, Helton)
Helton Tarn, River Winster
Helton Township, Askham
Heltundale (Heltondale, Askham)
Helvelin (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helvellin (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helvellyn (station, Helvellyn, Helvellyn)
Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Helvellyn Consols Copper Mine (Helvellyn Mine, Helvellyn)
Helvellyn Consols Mine (Helvellyn Mine, Helvellyn)
Helvellyn Gill, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Helvellyn High Man (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helvellyn Low Man (Lower Man, Helvellyn)
Helvellyn, Low Man (Lower Man, Helvellyn)
Helvellyn Mine, Helvellyn
Helvellyn Pile (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helvellyn Screes, Helvellyn
Helveyllin (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helvillin Hill (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helvillon (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Helvillon Hill (Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
Hematite Ironworks, Leconsfield
Hemblesgate, Brampton
Hemels, Ormside
Hemplands Bridge, Rae Burn
Hemplinns Ford (Hemplands Bridge, Rae Burn)
Hen Comb, Loweswater
Hencomb (Hen Comb, Loweswater)
Hen Crag, Wetherlam
Hen Croft, Low (Low Hen Croft, Broughton West)
Hen Hill, Spadeadam Forest
Hen Hill, Spadeadam Forest
Hen Hill, Little (Little Hen Hill, Spadeadam Forest)
Hen Holm (Hen Holme, Windermere lake)
Hen Holme, Windermere lake
Hen Holm Island (Hen Holme, Windermere lake)
Henhow, Martindale Common
Hening (Hyning, Grayrigg)
Hen Moss Farm, Beaumont
Henrake Hush (Dunfell Mine, Great Dun Fell)
Henridding, Burton-in-Kendal
Hen Rock, Windermere lake
Henry Atkinson vintner, Whitehaven
Henry Lonsdale Home (Rose Hill, Wetheral)
Henry Roberts Bookshop (Kendal: Henry Robert's, Kendal)
Henry Robert's Bookshop, Ambleside
Henry's Hill, Hethersgill
Henry VI Monument, Muncaster
Henry W Stringer chemist, Bowness-on-Windermere
Hensingham, Whitehaven
Hensingham Church (St John's Church, Hensingham)
Hensingham Methodist Church, Hensingham
Hensingham School (school, Hensingham, Hensingham)
Hensingham Township, St Bees
Hensom Gill Beck (Skill Beck, Bassenthwaite)
Hen Wall, Hen Crag
Heorot, Scrubby Crag
Hepe (Shap, Shap)
Heppe (Shap, Shap)
Heppe Abbey (Shap Abbey, Shap Rural)
Heppe Monastery (Shap Abbey, Shap Rural)
Herbalist, The, Ulverston
Herbert Atkinson House, Carlisle
Herberwen (Harberwain, Crosby Ravensworth)
Herd Hill, Bowness
Herd Hill, Bowness
Herdhill Scar, Bowness
Herdhouse (Herdus, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Herding Neb, Seascale
Herdus, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Herdwick Buttress, Gimmer Crag
Herdwick Croft (Herdwick Croft Farm, Ouse Bridge)
Herdwick Croft Farm, Ouse Bridge
Herdwick Inn, Penruddock
Hermitage, Alston Moor
Hermitage Castle, Hermitage Water
Hermitage Cottage,
Hermitage Hill, Ulverston
Hermitage, The, Hackthorpe
Hermitage, The, Shap
Hermitage Water,
Hernia, Gouther Crag
Heron Corn Mill (Heron Corn Mill and Museum of Papermaking, River Bela)
Heron Corn Mill and Museum of Papermaking, River Bela
Heron Crag, Eskdale
Heron Crag, Langstrath
Heron Crag Buttress, Heron Crag
Heron Crag Gully, Heron Crag
Heron Island, Rydal Water
Heron Pike, Lakes
Heron Pike, Patterdale
Heron Rigg, Toothill
Heron Sike (Heronsyke, Burton-in-Kendal)
Heron Syke, Burton-in-Kendal
Heron Syke, Westmorland boundary
Heronsyke, Burton-in-Kendal
Heron Syke to Eamont Bridge, Cumbria
Heron Syke to Preston (Preston to Heron Syke, Lancashire)
Heron Theatre, Beetham
Herring Pike (Heron Pike, Lakes)
Herring Pike (Heron Pike, Patterdale)
Herskerth (Hartsgarth, Liddesdale)
Hersoms Lane (Milnthorpe Road, Kendal)
Herte, Barrow-in-Furness
Hervey memorial, Whitbarrow Scar
Hesket parish (once Cumberland)
Hesket (Hesket Newmarket, Caldbeck)
Hesket (High Hesket, Hesket)
Hesket (Low Hesket, Hesket)
Hesket Bridge, River Caldew
Hesket Church (St Mary's Church, High Hesket)
Hesket Gate, Penrith to Carlisle road
Hesketh (High Hesket, Hesket)
Hesket Hall, Hesket Newmarket
Hesket Hall Farm (Hesket Hall, Hesket Newmarket)
Hesketh Hall, Broughton Mills
Hesket, High (High Hesket, Hesket)
Heskethill, Beaumont
Hesket House, Hesket
Hesket House, Port Carlisle
Hesket-in-the-Forest parish (once Cumberland)
Hesket in the Forest Church (St Mary's Church, High Hesket)
Hesket, Low (Low Hesket, Hesket)
Hesket Nether Township (Nether Hesket Township, Hesket-in-the-Forest)
Hesket New Market (Hesket Newmarket, Caldbeck)
Hesket Newmarket, Caldbeck
Hesket Newmarket Brewery, Old Crown Barn
Hesket Newmarket Free Church, Hesket Newmarket
Hesket Newmarket Inn (Dickens House, Hesket Newmarket)
Hesket Newmarket to Kendal, Cumbria
Heskett (Hesket Newmarket, Caldbeck)
Heskett (High Hesket, Hesket)
Heskett (Low Hesket, Hesket)
Hesket Upper Township (Upper Hesket Township, Hesket-in-the-Forest)
Hesket, War (Low Hesket, Hesket)
Heskew (Haresceugh, Kirkoswald)
Hesk Fell, Ulpha Fell
Hesk Fell Mine (Holehouse Gill Mine, Hesk Fell)
Heslacke (Hazelslack, Beetham)
Hesley, Great Strickland
Hespeck Raise, Castle Carrock Fell
Hesperus, Dow Crag
Hespin Wood, Rockcliffe
Hespy Well (Espy Well, Askerton)
Hesseness How (Dalegarth, Hassness)
Hessilgil Crag (Hazelgill Crag, Askerton)
Hestbanck (Hest Bank, Lancashire)
Hest Bank, Lancashire
Hest Bank and Barrow District Railway, Hest Bank
Hest Bank Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Hestdash (Highstead Ash, Kingwater)
Hestedash (Highstead Ash, Kingwater)
Hestedashe (Highstead Ash, Kingwater)
Hestham Hall Farm, Millom Without
Hest Holm (Derwent Isle, Derwent Water)
Hetherbank, Hethersgill
Hether BUrn, Hetherside
Hether Burn, Irthington
Hethersgill parish (once Cumberland)
Hethersgill, Hethersgill
Hethersgill Church (St Mary's Church, Hethersgill)
Hethersgill Township, Kirklinton
Hethersgill Wesleyan Church, Hethersgill
Hetherside, Kirklinton Middle
Hetherside Meeting House (meeting house, Megs Hill, Megs Hill)
Hetherside Mill, Hether Mill
Heugh, Burtholme
Heugh Brae, Kingwater
Heughscar Hill, Barton
Heurigg (Hewrigg Farm, Irton with Santon)
Hevelin (Crag Fell, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
Hevelin (Revelin Crag, Crag Fell)
Heversham parish (once Westmorland)
Heversham parish (once Westmorland)
Heversham (St Peter's Church, Heversham)
Heversham, Heversham
Heversham and Milnthorpe Township, Heversham
Heversham Church (St Peter's Church, Heversham)
Heversham CofE Primary School, Leasgill
Heversham Girls School (Old School, The, Heversham)
Heversham Grammar School (Old Grammar School, The, Heversham)
Heversham Hall (Hall, Heversham)
Heversham Hall, Heversham
Heversham House, Heversham
Heversham Millennium Pillar, Heaversham Head
Heversham Station, Arnside to Hincaster branch railway
Hewen, Castle (Castle Hewen, Hesket)
Hewer Hill, Castle Sowerby
Hewgill parish (Hugill parish)
Hewits, Cumbria boundary
Hewitt Cottage, Burgh by Sands
Hewkshead (Hawkshead, Hawkshead)
Hewrigg Farm, Irton with Santon
Hewstown, Stapleton
Hewstown Farm (Hewstown, Stapleton)
Hewthwaite, Dent
Hewthwaite Farm (Hewthwaite, Dent)
Hewthwaite Hall, Setmurthy
Hexham, Northumberland
Heye monastery (Shap Abbey, Shap Rural)
Heyheved tower (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Heysham, Lancashire
Heysham Point (Heysham, Lancashire)
Heysham Point, Lancashire
Heyvehead (High Head Castle, Skelton)
H Hogarth jeweller, Kendal
Hiatus, Gimmer Crag
Hibernicus Oceanus (Irish Sea, )
Hicksies Sandwich Bar (soupdragon, Ulverston)
Hidden Gully, Buckbarrow
Hiddenhole Mine, Alston Moor
Hiefeild (Hillstown, Debatable Land)
Hiefieldstown (Hillstown, Debatable Land)
Hield Brow (Heald Brow Pasture, Satterthwaite)
Higbyate (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Higgin (Egholme, Egholme Hall)
Higging Head, Beetham
Higgin Hall (Egholme Farm, Mansergh)
High (High Farm, The, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
High (High Swinklebank, Swinklebank)
High (Mansergh High, Mansergh)
High Abbey, Embleton
High Above Park (East Above Park, Selside)
High Above Park, Selside
High Ackerton, Bromfield
High Ackerton Cross, High Ackerton
High Aikton Farm, Bromfield
High Alstonby (Alstonby Hall, Alstonby)
Higham Hall, Setmurthy
Higham School, Setmurthy
High and Low Frizington Township, Arlecdon
High Arnside, Arnside
High Arnside Farm (High Arnside, Arnside)
High Ashgill, Alston Moor
High Audland (Audlands Park, Preston Patrick)
High Bakestones, Scandale
High Bank, Blindbothel
High Bank, Mallerstang Common
High Bank End (Far Bank End, Bank End)
High Bank Ground, Bank Ground
High Bank Ground Farm (High Bank Ground, Bank Ground)
High Bankhill, Kirkoswald
High Bank House, Banneriggs Brow
High Bank House, Kirkby Ireleth
High Banks Farm, Milton
High Bank Side, Lower Allithwaite
High Bank Side Farm (High Bank Side, Lower Allithwaite)
High Barkhouse, Ruddings
High Barn, Asby
High Barn, Grayrigg
High Barn, Langwathby
High Barn, Swinklebank
Highbarn (High Barn, Swinklebank)
Highbarn Cottage, Brougham
Highbarn Cottage, Langwathby
High Barn House, Bothel
High Barns, Hincaster
High Barns Farm (High Barns, Hincaster)
Highbarn Wood, Longsleddale
High Barth, Barth
High Barth Barn, High Barth
High Barton parish (Barton parish)
High Barugh, Barugh
High Beck, Ennerdale and Kinniside
High Beck Foot (Beckfoot Farm, Barbon)
High Beck Foot (High Beckfoot, Barbon)
High Beckfoot, Barbon
High Beckfoot Bridge, Barbon Beck
High Beckside, Hartsop
High Beckside, Mungrisdale
High Beckside Farm, Sedbergh
High Bendrigg, Killington
High Ben Green, Martindale
High Bentham, Lancashire
Highberries, Scaleby
Highberries Beck, Irthington
Highberries Bridge, Highberries Beck
High Bethecar, Colton
High Bewaldeth, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
High Bewaldeth Cottage, High Bewaldeth
High Bield, Wether Hill
High Biggersbank, Whitwell and Selside
High Biggin (High Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale)
High Biggins, Kirkby Lonsdale
High Biggins Old Hall, High Biggins
High Birchclose, Matterdale
High Birk, Satterthwaite
High Birk Howe, Little Langdale
High Birks, Crosthwaite and Lyth
High Birks Farm, Sedbergh
Highbir Moor (High Murber, Newby)
High Blaithwaite, Waverton
High Blaithwaite Station, Maryport and Carlisle Railway
High Blakebank, Blakebank
High-Blees (Blease Hall, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
High Boon Park (High Above Park, Selside)
High Boonwood, Gosforth
High Borrans, Windermere
High Borrans Cottage, Windermere
High Borrans Outdoor Education Centre (High Borrans, Windermere)
High Borrow Bridge (Hucks Bridge, Borrow Beck)
High Borrow Bridge, Borrow Beck
High Borrowdale, Borrowdale
High Borrow Old Bridge (High Borrow Bridge, Borrow Beck)
High Bottom, Barrow-in-Furness
High Bound Township (Sebergham High Bound Township, Sebergham)
High Bow Farm, Orton N
High Bracken Hall (High Braithwaite, Skelton)
High Bracken Hall, Gatebeck
High Braithwaite, Skelton
High Branthwaite (High Branthwaite Farm, Sedbergh)
High Branthwaite Farm, Sedbergh
High Brewery, Carlisle
High Brewery, Workington
High Bridge (bridge, Maulds Meaburn, Lyvennet Beck)
High Bridge (High Bridge bridge, Roe Beck)
High Bridge, Dacre Beck
High Bridge, Levy Beck
High Bridge, River Roe
High Bridge, Skelton
High Bridge bridge, Roe Beck
High Bridge House, Kentmere
High Bridgend (Bridge End Farm, Bridge End)
High Brigflatts, Brigflatts
High Brigg Flatts (High Brigflatts, Brigflatts)
High Brimer Head (Brimmer Head Farm, Easedale)
High Broadrain, Lakes
High Broadrayn Cottage (High Broadrain, Lakes)
High Broadrayne (High Broadrain, Lakes)
High Brow, Celleron
High Brow, Matterdale Common
High Brow, Millom Without
High Brow Edge, Brow Edge
High Brownrigg, Caldbeck
High Brundrigg, Strickland Ketel
High Buildings, Castle Sowerby
High Buildings, Shap
High Burnthwaite, St Cuthbert Without
High Burnthwaite Farm (High Burnthwaite, St Cuthbert Without)
High Burtergill, Warcop
High Caldbeck Township (Caldbeck High Township, Caldbeck)
High Cap, Culgaith
High Cark, Staveley-in-Cartmel
High Cark Hall, High Cark
High Carlingill, Tebay
High Cartmell Fold, Crosthwaite
High Cartmell Fold Farm, Crosthwaite
High Casterton, Casterton
High Cawdale (Carhullan, Bampton)
High Cawdale (Cawdale, Bampton)
High Chapel (Chapel House, Orton S)
High Chapel, Dentdale
High Chapel, Ravenstonedale
High Chapel House, Town Head
High Chapel United Reformed Church (High Chapel, Ravenstonedale)
High Clark Hall, Staveley-in-Cartmel
High Cleabarrow, Cleabarrow
High Close, Bassenthwaite
High Close, Hayton
High Close, Plumbland
High Close, Red Bank
Highclose House (High Ground, Borrowdale)
High Cocklake, Mallerstang
High Cocklakes (High Cocklake, Mallerstang)
High Coledale, Above Derwent
High College, Kirkoswald
High Colwith (Colwith, Lakes)
High Colwith, Lakes
High Corney, Waberthwaite
High Cote, Slack Head
High Crag (Black Crag, Little Scoat Fell)
High Crag (High Cragg, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
High Crag, Alston Moor
High Crag, Buckbarrow Crag
High Crag, Buttermere
High Crag, Dollywagon Pike
High Crag, Hawkshead
High Crag, Lodore
High Crag, Orton S
High Crag, Stonethwaite Fell
High Crag Buttress, High Crag
High Cragg, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
High Crags (High Crag, Buttermere)
High Crags, Derwent Fells
High Crags, Derwent Fells
High Crag Wood, Witherslack
High Craig (High Spy, Above Derwent)
High Cringle Fell, Stainmore
High Croft, Dean
High Croft, Wetheral
High Crosby (Crosby on Eden, Stanwix Rural)
High Crosby, Crosby-on-Eden
High Crosby Farm, High Crosby
High Crosby Township, Crosby-on-Eden
High Cross (Highcross, Loweswater)
High Cross (market cross, Brough, Brough)
High Cross, Appleby-in-Westmorland
High Cross, Coniston
Highcross (Kirk Stone, Kirkstone Pass)
Highcross, Loweswater
High Cross Castle, Thickholme
High Crosshill, Waverton
High Crossing (level crossing, Burneside, Kendal and Windermere Railway)
High Cross Lodge, High Cross Castle
High Cross Street, Brampton
High Cummersdale, Cummersdale
High Cunsey, Cunsey
High Cup Gill, Murton
Highcup Gill (High Cupgill Beck)
Highcup Gill (High Cup Gill, Murton)
High Cupgill Beck
High Cupgill Head, High Cup Gill
High Cup Kiln, High Cup Gill
High Cup Nick, High Cup Gill
High Cup Plain, High Cup Gill
High Cup Scar, High Cup Gill
High Cup Winery, Keisley
High Dalebanks, Crosby Ravensworth
High Dale Park, Satterthwaite
High Dam, Colton
High Dean and Chapter, Castle Sowerby
High Deepslack, Whinfell
High District, Alston
High Docker Nook (Docker Nook, Longsleddale)
High Dodd, Martindale
High Dolphin Seat, Winton Fell
High Dolphinsty, Kirkby Stephen
High Door (High Lodore, Lodore)
High Douk Cave (Marble Steps Pot, North Yorkshire)
High Drybarrows, Bampton
High Dubbs, Dubbs
High Dubwath, Hethersgill
High Dyke, Blindbothel
High Dyke, Catterlen
High Dykes (High Dykes Farm, Clifton Dykes)
High Dykes Farm, Clifton Dykes
High Dyon Side, Distington
Highed castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
High Ellerbeck Bridge, Eller Beck
Highend Quarry, Boltons
Highened castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Higher Langdale (Little Langdale, Langdales)
Higher Lath Farm, Osmotherley
Higher Riggs (High Ridge, Cumbria)
Higher the Better, The, Bowder Crag
High Eskholme, Muncaster
High Ewebank, Stainmore
High Fairbank, Nether Staveley
High Fall, Rydal Beck
High Farm (High House Farm, Lindal in Furness)
High Farm (Manor Farm, Great Blencow)
High Farm, Blindcrake
High Farm, Egton with Newland
High Farm, Grange-over-Sands
High Farm, Langwathby
High Farm, Penruddock
High Farm, The, Crosthwaite and Lyth
High Fawes, Sedbergh
High Fell, Coniston
High Fell, Nether Wasdale
Highfell, Farlam
High Fell End, Witherslack
High Fell End, Witherslack
High Fellgarth, Fellgarth
High Fell Gate, Lower Allithwaite
High Fell House, Lupton
High Fells, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
High Fell Side (Syke, The, Kendal)
High Field (Highfield, Windermere)
High Field, Morland
High Field, Sockbridge and Tirril
High Field, Windermere
Highfield, Ainstable
Highfield, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Highfield, Burgh by Sands
Highfield, Hoff
Highfield, Nether Denton
Highfield, Windermere
Highfield Hotel (Highfield, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Highfield House (Highfield, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Highfield House, Dean
Highfield House, Hawkshead
Highfield Moor, Irthington
Highfields, Brough
High Flakebridge, Orton S
High Flat, Gilcrux
High Fleetholme (Fleet Holme, Grayrigg)
High Flust, Grisedale
High Fog Close, Kirkoswald
High Fold, Troutbeck
High Fold Farm, High Fold
High Force, Aira Beck
High Force, Hacker Gill
High Force, Pudding Beck
High Force, River Nent
High Ford, Duddon Sands sands road
Highford Beck, Eskdale
High Fould (Highfield, Hoff)
High Foulshaw, Witherslack
High Foul Syke, Dent
High Frith, Frith
High Gait Crags, Eskdale
High Gap Yeat (Highgap Yeat, Loweswater)
Highgap Yeat, Loweswater
High Garth (High Hall Garth, Coniston)
High Garths (Garths, New Hutton)
High Gate (Highgate, Kendal)
High Gate (Highgate, Martindale)
High Gate, Hethersgill
Highgate, Hutton
Highgate, Kendal
Highgate, Martindale
Highgate, Morland
High Gatebeck Gunpowder Mills, Gatebeck
Highgate Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Highgate Castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Highgate castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
High Gate Close, Matterdale
Highgateclose (High Gate Close, Matterdale)
Highgate Farm (Highgate, Hutton)
Highgate Hotel, Kendal
Highgate Pharmacy (Kendal: Highgate, 41, Kendal)
Highgate Settlings Bridge (Highgate Bridge, Lancaster Canal)
High Gateside Farm, Lower Allithwaite
Highgate Station, Keswick and Penrith Railway Cockermouth
High Gelt Bridge, River Gelt
High Gilbrea, Lorton
High Girdle, Eagle Crag
High Gote Mill, Goat
High Grains, Askerton
Highgrains Waste, Askerton
High Graithwaite (Graythwaite Hall, Satterthwaite)
High Grassgarth, Windermere
High Grassrigg, Grassrigg
High Grathwaite (Graythwaite Hall, Satterthwaite)
High Greaves, Pennington
High Green, Middleton
High Green, Reagill
High Green, Troutbeck
High Green Farm (High Green, Middleton)
High Green Farm, High Green
High Greengate, Near Sawrey
High Green Gill, Bowderdale Head
High Green Hill, Stapleton
High Greenhill (High Green Hill, Stapleton)
High Greenholm (High Greenholme, Greenholme)
High Greenholme, Greenholme
High Green House, Temple Sowerby
High Greenrigg, Ravenstonedale
High Greenrigg House, Caldbeck
High Gregg Hall, Grigghall
High Griseburn, Griseburn
High Ground, Borrowdale
High Ground, Coniston
High Ground, Eskdale
Highground, Brougham
High Ground Farm, High Ground
High Grove, Lakes
High Hacket, Little Langdale
High Hall (Croglin Low Hall, Kirkoswald)
High Hall (Graythwaite Hall, Satterthwaite)
High Hall, Dentdale
High Hall, Little Strickland
High Hall, North Yorkshire
High Hall, Westward
High Hallbeck, Killington
High Hallbeck Cottage, Killington
High Hall Farm (High Hall, Dentdale)
High Hall Garth, Coniston
High Hampsfield Farm, Broughton East
High Harker Farmhouse, Harker
High Harrington, Workington
High Harrington Junction, Cleator and Workington Junction Railway
High Harrington Station, Cleator and Workington Junction Railway
High Hartsop Dodd, Patterdale
High Haulme (High Haume, Askam and Ireleth)
High Haume, Askam and Ireleth
High Haume Farm, Askam and Ireleth
High Haws End (Hawes End, Above Derwent)
High Hay Bridge, Colton
High Hay Wood, Windermere
High Head Castle, Skelton
Highhead Castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
High Head Castle Farm, Skelton
High Head Chapel, Skelton
High Head Farm (High Head Castle Farm, Skelton)
Highhead, Pela de (High Head Castle, Skelton)
High Heads, Crosthwaite and Lyth
High Head Sculpture Valley, High Head Farm
High Head Stone Circle, High Head Sculpture Valley
High Head Township (Ivegill Township, Dalston)
Highhed Castel (High Head Castle, Skelton)
High Hesket, Hesket
High Hesket CofE School (High Hesket CofE School, High Hesket, High Hesket)
High Hill, Keswick
High Hill, Keswick
High Hill, Scaleby
High Hill Meeting House (meeting house, Keswick, Keswick)
High Hill Tollgate (toll gate, Keswick, Keswick to Cockermouth road)
High Hollin Bank, Hollin Bank
High Hollins (Hollins, Preston Patrick)
High Hollins, Buttermere
High Hollins House (High Hollins, Buttermere)
High Hollows, Threlkeld
High Holme, Middleton
High House (High House Farm, Natland)
High House (High House Farm, Winster)
High House (Tarn Hows Hotel, Tarn Hows)
High House, Askerton
High House, Bampton
High House, Barrows Green
High House, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
High House, Bothel and Threapland
High House, Bowness
High House, Buttermere
High House, Caldbeck
High House, Crook
High House, Dean
High House, Dent
High House, Distington
High House, Fawcett Forest
High House, Firbank
High House, Helsington
High House, Holme East Waver
High House, Hugill
High House, Irton with Santon
High House, Longsleddale
High House, Northumberland
High House, Outhgill
High House, Over Staveley
High House, St Bees
High House, Stainton
High House, Strickland Roger
High House, Waterhead
High House, Whitehaven
High House, Wood Hall
High House, Woodhouse
Highhouse (High House, Longsleddale)
High House Bank, Shap Rural
High House Farm (High House, Firbank)
High House Farm, Gosforth
High House Farm, Haile
High House Farm, Hesket
High House Farm, Lindal in Furness
High House Farm, Natland
High House Farm, Winster
High House Fell, Shap Rural
High Houses, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth
High House Tarn, Lincomb Tarns
High House Wood, Longsleddale
High How (High Howe, Bampton)
High Howe, Bampton
High Hows Quarry, Castle Crag
High Hullockhowe, Bampton
High Hundhow, Strickland Roger
High Hundhowe (High Hundhow, Strickland Roger)
High Hundybridge, Alston Moor
High Hurst, Ulpha
High Ickenthwaite, Colton
High Ireby, Ireby
High Ireby Township, Ireby
High Jenkincrag, Kendal
High Jock Scar (Thorn Cottage, Fawcett Forest)
High Keekle Bridge, River Keekle
High Keer Bridge, River Keer
High Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
High Kiln Bank Farm (High Kiln Bank, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
High Knells, Stanwix Rural
High Knipe, Knipe
High Knott, Borrowdale
High Kop, Bampton Common
Highland Drove Inn, Great Salkeld
Highland Laddie Inn, Glasson
Highlands, Alston Moor
High Lane Farm, Ravenstonedale
High Laning Farm, Dent
High Lankaber, Crosby Ravensworth
High Lathe, Grisedale
High Lathe Gill Fold, Dent
High Lathe Gill Quarry, Dent
High Laws, Holme Abbey
Highlaws, Holme Abbey
High Layriggs, Millom Without
High Leys, Arlecdon and Frizington
High Leys, Crook
High Lickbarrow, Windermere
High Lickle Bridge, River Lickle
High Lindeth, Windermere
High Ling Crag, Loweswater
High Liza Bridge, Liza Beck
High Loanthwaite, Claife
High Lodge, Casterton
High Lodore, Lodore
High Lodore Farm, Borrowdale
High Lodore Hotel (High Lodore, Lodore)
High Longmire, Colton
High Longrigg Wells, Hartley
High Longthwaite, Longthwaite
High Longthwaite, Matterdale
High Longthwaite, Woodside
High Lorton, Lorton
High Lorton School (Lorton Primary School, High Lorton)
High Lovelady Shield, Alston Moor
High Low Door (High Lodore, Lodore)
High Low Dore (High Lodore, Lodore)
High Low Field (Field End, Whinfell)
High Low Field (Old Field End, Whinfell)
High Low Field (Oldfield, Docker)
High Low Hall, St Bees
High Lowscales, Millom Without
High Low Wood, Witherslack
High Luckens, Stapleton
High Ludderburn, Cartmel Fell
High Lund Beck Bridge, Dragley Beck
High Man, Satterthwaite
High Man from Jordan Gap, Scafell Crag
High Man via Steep Ghyll and Slingsby's Chimney, Scafell Crag
High Meeting House (chapel, Workington (5), Workington)
High Mere Beck, Kirkby Ireleth
High Merebeck, Cleator Moor
High Mere Greave, Lakes
High Mill (High Mill House, River Winster)
High Mill, Grayrigg
High Mill, Lorton
High Mill, River Sprint
High Mill, River Winster
High Mill, Thurstonfield
High Miller Ground (High Millerground, Windermere)
High Millerground, Windermere
High Mill House (High Mill, Grayrigg)
High Mill House, River Winster
High Mill Trial, Chapel Beck
High Moat (Highmoat, Kirkandrews)
Highmoat, Kirkandrews
High Moor, Kirkby Thore
Highmoor, Highmoor
Highmoor, Woodside
High Moor Dyke, Castle Sowerby
High Moorgate, Kirkby Lonsdale
Highmoorhead, Arthuret
High Moor Mansion (Highmoor, Highmoor)
Highmoor Tarn, Bootle
Highmore House, Carlisle
Highmore's House (Highmore House, Carlisle)
High Moss, Above Derwent
High Mossthorn, Stapleton
High Murber, Newby
High Murrah, Murrah
High Nent Force Shaft, Nent Force Level
High Nentsberry, Alston Moor
High Nest, Nest
High Nest Mine, Alston Moor
High Netherscale, Embleton
High Newton, Upper Allithwaite
High Newton Meeting House (meeting house, Height, Height)
High Nibthwaite, Nibthwaite
High Nook (High Nook Farm, Loweswater)
Highnook Beck, Loweswater
High Nook Farm, Loweswater
Highnook Tarn, Loweswater
High Northsceugh, Cumwhitton
High Nun House, Deepdale
High Oaks, Sedbergh
High Onset, Bewcastle
High Oxen Fell (High Oxen Fell Farm, Skelwith)
High Oxen Fell Farm, Skelwith
High Park (High Park Farm, Skelwith)
High Park (Highpark, Loweswater)
High Park, Arlecdon and Frizington
High Park, Askerton
High Park, Grayrigg
High Park, Kendal
Highpark, Loweswater
High Parkamoor, Parkamoor
High Park Cottages, Skelwith
High Park Farm, Skelwith
High Parkfoot, Stapleton
High Park House, Stainmore
High Pasture, Caiston Glen
High Peel Near, Coniston Water
High Pike, Caldbeck Fells
High Pike, Dent
High Pike, Great Asby Scar
High Pike, Lakes
High Pike Hill, Cumbria boundary
High Pikehow, Nether Wasdale
High Pike Quarry, High Pike
High Plains, Alston Moor
High Plains, Kirkandrews
High Plumgarths, Plumgarths
High Pool Bridge, Underbarrow Pool
High Pow, Boltons
High Pow, St Cuthbert Without
High Prior Scales, St Bridget Beckermet
High Quarry, Old Man of Coniston
High Quarry, The (Kirkby Slate Quarries, Furness Railway)
High Quarter, Ainstable
High Raise, Alston Moor
High Raise, Borrowdale
High Raise, Martindale
High Raise Band, Knock Fell
High Rannerdale, Buttermere
High Ridge, Cumbria
High Rigg, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Highrigg, Sebergham
Highrigg, Skelton
High Rigg Well, Mallerstang
High Rosthwaite, Broughton West
High Rotherhope, Alston Moor
High Rough Hill, Bampton
High Roughhill (High Rough Hill, Bampton)
High Row (Stackhouse Brow, Wet Sleddale)
High Row, Caldbeck
High Row, Matterdale
High Row, Threlkeld
High Row Farm (High Row, Threlkeld)
High Row Farm, Lupton
High Row Fell (Blease Fell, Threlkeld)
High Rudding (High Ruddings, Ruddings, The)
High Ruddings, Ruddings, The
High Rutter (Hadderdale, Ormside)
High Rutter (Rutter, Hoff)
High Saddle, Borrowdale
High Sadgill, Sadgill
High Satterhow (Hawkrigg Farm, Sawrey)
High Scald Fell, Dufton Fell
High Scale (West Scale, Scale)
High Scale, Garsdale valley
High Scale Farm (High Scale, Garsdale valley)
High Scales, Bromfield
High Scales, Orton S
High Scarth Crag, Eskdale
High Scathwaite, Egton with Newland
High Scawdell, Borrowdale
High School (school, Eskdale, Dalegarth)
High School (school, Gosforth, Gosforth)
High School House, Kendal
High Scorecrag Farm, Grasmere
High Seat, Borrowdale
High Seat, Cumbria boundary
High Seaton, Seaton
High Sellafield, Sellafield
High Side, Bassenthwaite
High Side, Embleton
High Side, Lorton
Highside (High Side, Bassenthwaite)
Highside, Sedbergh
High Side Farm (High Side, Bassenthwaite)
High Skelghyll, Skelghyll
High Skelgill (High Skelghyll, Skelghyll)
High Skelgill, Alston Moor
High Slack, Milburn
High Snab, Above Derwent
High Snab Bank, Derwent Fells
High Snockrigg, Buttermere
High Sprintgill, Fell End
High Spy, Above Derwent
High Stand, Wetheral
High Stand Gill Viaduct, Settle and Carlisle Railway
High Stand Plantation, Wetheral
High Stand Quarry, Wetheral
High Stangerthwaite (High Stangerthwaite barn, Killington, Killington)
High Stangerthwaite, Killington
High Stangerthwaite barn (High Stangerthwaite barn, Killington, Killington)
Highstead Ash, Kingwater
High Steel (High Stile, Buttermere)
High Steel Knot (High Steel Knott, Borrowdale)
High Steel Knott, Borrowdale
High Stennerley, Blawith and Subberthwaite
High Stennerskeugh, Stennerskeugh
High Stennerskeugh Farm (High Stennerskeugh, Stennerskeugh)
High Stennerskeugh Mine, Stennersheugh
High Stile, Buttermere
High Stock Bridge, River Derwent
Highstock Bridge, Witherslack
High Stockgill Bridge, Stock Ghyll
High Stock Park (High Stott Park, High Stott Park)
High Stonythwaite, Ulpha
High Stott Park, High Stott Park
High Street, Brough
High Street, High Street
High Street, Patterdale
High Street, Wigton
Highstreet (High Street, Patterdale)
High Street Terrace Cottages, Windermere
High Style (High Stile, Buttermere)
High Sty, The (Sca Fell, Eskdale)
High Sweden Bridge, Scandale Beck
High Swindale Head (Swindale Head, Swindale)
High Swindle Bank (High Swinklebank, Swinklebank)
High Swingle Bank (High Swinklebank, Swinklebank)
High Swinglebank (High Swinklebank, Swinklebank)
High Swingley Bank (High Swinklebank, Swinklebank)
High Swinkle Bank (High Swinklebank, Swinklebank)
High Swinklebank, Swinklebank
Hight (Heights, Mansergh)
High Taggleshaw, Potter Fell
High Tarn (Tarns, The, Tarn Hows)
High Tarn Green, Upper Allithwaite
High Tenter Fell, Kendal
High, The (High Farm, The, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
High, The, Moresby
High Thistleton, Gosforth
High Thorn, Watchgate
High Tilberthwaite, Tilberthwaite
High Tilberthwaite Farm (High Tilberthwaite, Tilberthwaite)
High Tock How (Tock How Farm, Claife)
Highton (Hycemoor, Bootle)
High Tongue, Ulpha
High Tove, Borrowdale
High Town Yeat, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
High Trees, Hesket Newmarket
High Trees East Farm, Lamplugh
High Trees West Farm, Lamplugh
Hights (Heights, Ormside)
High Ullermire, Shawfoot
High Underbrow, Strickland Roger
High Wallowbarrow, Ulpha
High Walton, St Bees
High Walton Township, Walton
High Wardses, Cautley
High Wardses Bridge, River Rawthey
High Water End, Blawith and Subberthwaite
High Water Head, Boon Crag
High Waterhead Cottage, Coniston
High Waterside, Ennerdale and Kinniside
High Waterside, Middleton
High Wath, River Calder
High Wath Bridge (Monks Bridge, River Calder)
High Way, The, Mallerstang
High Wells, Helm, The
High West Scar, Bowness
High Wether Howe, Shap Rural
High Whelter (Whelter, Bampton)
High Whineray Ground, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
High Whinhowe, Orton S
High Whinnow, Thursby
High Whitbeck Bridge, Whit Beck
High Whitber, Crosby Ravensworth
High White Stones, High Raise
High Whygill, Whygill Head
High Wiend, Appleby-in-Westmorland
High Winder, Barton
High Wood (Highbarn Wood, Longsleddale)
High Wood, Colton
High Wood, Nether Wasdale
High Wood, Wetheral
High Wood Edge, Beetham
High Woodend, Tebay
High Woodnook, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
Highwood Ponds, Wetheral
Highwood Quarry, Hawkshead
High Wooloaks, Hesket
High Wray, Claife
High Wray Bay, Windermere lake
High Wray Farm, High Wray
High Wray House, High Wray
High Wrays (High Wray, Claife)
High Wray Village Hall, High Wray
High Wreay, St Cuthbert Without
Highyate Castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Highyate castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
High Yewdale, Yewdale
High Yewdale Farm (High Yewdale, Yewdale)
High Yews, Hubbersty Head
Hiimoss (Moss Side, Debatable Land)
Hikeup (High Cup Gill, Murton)
Hikhouse (High House, Longsleddale)
Hilbeck Township, Brough
Hilbre, Nicholforest
Hill (Hawkshead Hill, Hawkshead)
Hill (Hill Cottage, Longsleddale)
Hill (Hill Farm, Ings)
Hill (Hill Farm, Strickland Roger)
Hill (Hill Fold, Strickland Roger)
Hill (Hill House, Alston Moor)
Hill (Hill Top, Ravenstonedale)
Hill (Hill, The, Rockcliffe)
Hill (Hill, The, Sedbergh)
Hill (Old House at the Hill, The, Sedbergh)
Hill, Burgh by Sands
Hill, Holmrook
Hill, Kaber
Hill, Kirkby Ireleth
Hill, Lea Yeat
Hill, Lower Allithwaite
Hill, Matterdale
Hill, Whitwell and Selside
Hillardscale (Hellot Scales Barn, Casterton)
Hillary's Store (Hillarys Stores, Brigham)
Hillarys Stores, Brigham
Hill Bank (Hall Bank, Millom Without)
Hillbeck (Helbeck, Helbeck)
Hillbeck Hall (Helbeck Hall, Helbeck)
Hill Bell (Ill Bell, Kentmere)
Hillbell (Ill Bell, Kentmere)
Hill Brow Sulphur Mine, Hill Brow
Hill Chapel (Old Chapel, The, Hill, The)
Hill Cote, Kendal
Hill Cottage, Longsleddale
Hill Crest, Dean
Hillcrest, Aldingham
Hillcrest, Dean
Hillcrest, Gamblesby
Hillcrest Hotel (Alston House, Alston)
Hill End, Whicham
Hill End, Whicham
Hill Ends, Hesket
Hillend Trees, Hillend
Hill Farm (Cottage, The, Askham)
Hill Farm (Hill, Lower Allithwaite)
Hill Farm, Biggar
Hill Farm, Blindbothel
Hill Farm, Bootle
Hill Farm, Crosscanonby
Hill Farm, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Hill Farm, Ings
Hill Farm, Loweswater
Hill Farm, Strickland Roger
Hill Farm, The, Holme Abbey
Hill Fell, Coniston
Hillfield, Walton
Hill Fold, Strickland Roger
hillfort, Carrock Fell
Hill, Great (Great Hill, Colton)
Hillhead (Roadhead, Bewcastle)
Hillhead, Bewcastle
Hillhead, Bewcastle
Hillhead, Walton
Hill, High (High Hill, Keswick)
Hill, High (High Hill, Keswick)
Hill, High (High Hill, Scaleby)
Hill House (Hill Cottage, Longsleddale)
Hill House (Hill Farm, Strickland Roger)
Hill House, Alston Moor
Hill House, Bayles
Hill House, Burton-in-Kendal
Hill House, Hayton
Hill House, Hethersgill
Hill House, Holme Abbey
Hill House, Holme St Cuthbert
Hill House, Kirkoswald
Hill House, Midgeholme
Hill House, Penrith
Hill House, Ravenstonedale
Hill House, Walton
Hill House, West Curthwaite
Hillhouse Nook, St Cuthbert Without
Hill Houses, Hesket
Hill, Nether (Nether Hill, Bewcastle)
Hill of Hoad (Hoad Hill, Ulverston)
Hill Park Farm, Colton
Hillrigg, Hesket
Hill Rise, Dalton-in-Furness
Hill Rise, Lowther
Hill Scar, Winder
Hillside (Aitken House, Broughton in Furness)
Hillside, Askham
Hillside, Westward
Hillside Cottage, Flookburgh
Hillside Cottage, Milnthorpe
Hillside Farm, Burgh by Sands
Hillside House, Newby
hill, Skelsmergh
Hill Sole (Underhill House, Longsleddale)
Hillstown, Debatable Land
Hill, The (Hill Cottage, Longsleddale)
Hill, The (Hill Farm, Loweswater)
Hill, The (Hill, Burgh by Sands)
Hill, The, Broughton West
Hill, The, Hayton
Hill, The, Hesket
Hill, The, Millom Without
Hill, The, Newbiggin
Hill, The, Rockcliffe
Hill, The, Sedbergh
Hill, The, Waterhead
Hillton (Helton, Askham)
Hill Top (Ash Pot, Fell End)
Hill Top (Hill, The, Sedbergh)
Hill Top (Hilltop, Askham)
Hill Top (Lodge Hill, Hethersgill)
Hill Top, Colton
Hill Top, Dalston
Hill Top, Deepdale
Hill Top, Eaglesfield
Hill Top, Firbank
Hill Top, Haverthwaite
Hill Top, Hesket
Hill Top, High Newton
Hill Top, Hubbersty Head
Hill Top, Musgrave
Hill Top, Near Sawrey
Hill Top, New Hutton
Hill Top, Ravenstonedale
Hill Top, St John's in the Vale
Hill Top, Thrimby
Hill Top, Ulverston
Hilltop, Askham
Hilltop, Beaumont
Hilltop, Boltons
Hilltop, Hesket
Hilltop, Nenthead
Hilltop, Nicholforest
Hilltop, Solport
Hilltop, Westward
Hill Top Cottage (White Cottage, Askham)
Hill Top Farm (Hill Top, Near Sawrey)
Hill Top Farm (Hill Top, St John's in the Vale)
Hill-toppe (Hill Top, New Hutton)
Hilltop Quarries, St John's in the Vale
Hill View, Wigton
Hill Village Hall, The, Hill, The
Hilpsford, Walney Island
Hilpsford Scar, Walney Island
Hilsington (Helsington, Helsington)
Hilsington Laiths (Helsington Laithes, Kendal)
Hilslack Tower (Hazelslack Tower, Hazelslack)
Hilspford Sand (Hilpsford, Walney Island)
Hilton, Murton
Hilton Bacon (Hilton, Murton)
Hilton Beacon, Hilton
Hilton Beck, Murton
Hilton Bridge, Hilton Beck
Hilton Fell, Murton
Hilton Hall, Hilton
Hilton Lead Mines, Dow Scar
Hilton Mill, Hilton Beck
Hilton Township, Appleby St Michael
Hilton water supply, Hilton
Hincaster parish (once Westmorland)
Hincaster, Hincaster
Hincaster Green (Hincaster, Hincaster)
Hincaster Hall, Hincaster
Hincaster House, Hincaster
Hincaster Junction, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Hincaster Township, Heversham
Hincaster Tunnel, Lancaster Canal
Hind Cove, Pillar
Hind Cove Buttress, Hind Cove
Hind Cove Gully, Hind Cove
Hind Crag, Borrowdale
Hind Crag, Gowbarrow Park
Hind Crag Buttress, Hind Crag
Hind Keld East, Hind Keld
Hind Keld West, Hind Keld
Hindleg Crack, Gouther Crag
Hindpool, Furness Railway
Hindpool Foundry, Hindpool
Hindrigg, Aspatria
Hindscarth, Above Derwent
Hindsgarth (Hindscarth, Above Derwent)
Hind Side, Glaramara
Hindside (Allen Crags, Borrowdale)
Hining Quarry, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Hinning Hall (Hinning Hill, Dent)
Hinning Hill, Dent
Hinning House (Heanings Farm, Musgrave)
Hinning House, Bootle
Hinning House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hinning House, Muncaster
Hinning House Close, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hinning House Fell, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hinsaster Hall (Hincaster Hall, Hincaster)
Hips How (Hipshow Farm, Whinfell)
Hipshow Farm, Whinfell
Hipsow (Hipshow Farm, Whinfell)
Hiraeth, Dove Crag
Hird House, Troutbeck Park
Hird Wood, Lakes
Hird Wood Stone Circle, Hird Wood
Hitcher, Whitegill Crag
Hitchin's Onset, Scaleby
Hive (Heaves Farm, Levens)
Hive (Heaves Hotel, Levens)
Hive, The, Garsdale
H Kearton and Sons Store (Alston Station, Alston branch railway)
HMS Nuthatch (Anthorn Airfield, Anthorn)
Hoad Hill, Ulverston
Hoad Monument (Sir John Barrow Monument, Hoad Hill)
Hoaker (Holker, Lower Holker)
Hoaker Hall (Holker Hall, Lower Holker)
Hoathwaite Farm, Torver
Hoathwaite Landing, Coniston Water
Hobbie Noble's Well, Bewcastle
Hobbit, The (school, Newby West, Newby West)
Hobbit, The, Pavey Ark
Hobcarton (Hobcarton End, Hobcarton)
Hobcarton, Lorton
Hobcarton Crag, Hobcarton
Hobcarton Crags (Hobcarton Crag, Hobcarton)
Hobcarton End, Hobcarton
Hobcarton Gill, Lorton
Hobdale Beck, Hobdale Gill
Hobdale Bridge, Hobdale Beck
Hobdale Fold, Hobdale Gill
Hobgrumble Falls, Hobgrumble Gill
Hobgrumble Gill, Shap
Hobkin Ground, Broughton Mills
Hobson's Choice, Pavey Ark
Hobstones, Gawthrop
Hodbarrow Beacon, Hodbarrow
Hodbarrow Limekilns, Hodbarrow
Hodbarrow Mine, Hodbarrow
Hodbarrow Mine Office, Millom
Hodbarrow Miner, The, Millom
Hodbarrow Point, Millom
Hodbarrow Quarries, Hodbarrow
Hodge Bridge, Barbon Beck
Hodge Close, Skelwith
Hodge Close Quarries (Hodge Close Quarry, Hodge Close)
Hodge Close Quarry, Hodge Close
Hodge Hill, Cartmel Fell
Hodge Hill Hall (Hodge Hill, Cartmel Fell)
Hodge's Folly (Glebe Farm, Blindcrake)
Hodgewife Well, Thwaites Fell
Hodgson Hill, Barton
Hodgson Memorial (water trough, Borrowdale, Borrowdale)
Hodgson Pit, Lowca
Hodgsons Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Hodgson's Bridge (Hodgsons Bridge, Lancaster Canal)
Hodgsons Cottage, Dent
Hodgson's Green, Silecroft
Hodson's Tarn, Colthouse Heights
Hodyoad, Lamplugh
Hoff parish (once Westmorland)
Hoff, Hoff
Hoff Beck, Hoff
Hoff Bridge, Hoff Beck
Hoffe (Hoff, Hoff)
Hoffes parish (Hoff parish)
Hoff Lodge, Hoff
Hoff Lunn, Hoff
Hoff, Nether (Nether Hoff, Colby)
Hoff Row, Hoff
Hoff Township, Appleby St Lawrence
Hogget Gill, Patterdale
Hoggs Hills, Barbon Low Fell
Hoghouse Hill, Dacre
Hog's Back, The, Buckbarrow Crag
Hog's Back, The, Gowder Crag
Hogs Earth, Lodore
Hog's Earth, Gowder Crag
Hog Yat, Cliburn
Hoiton Cragg (Holmepark Fell, Holme)
Hol Beck, Lakes
Holbeck (Holbeck Ghyll, Lakes)
Holbeck, Barrow-in-Furness
Holbeck, Lakes
Holbeck Bridge, Hol Beck
Holbeck Ghyll, Lakes
Holbeck House (Holbeck Ghyll, Lakes)
Holbeck, Old (Old Holbeck, Aldingham)
Holborn, Caldbeck
Holborn Hill, Millom
Holborn Hill Station (Millom Station, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway)
Holcombe House, Irthington
Hole (Gilpin Farm, Crook)
Hole (Tills Hole, Longsleddale)
Hole (Underhill House, Longsleddale)
Hole, Ravenstonedale
Hole and Corner Gully, Black Crag
Hole Beck (Parkhouse Gill, Matterdale)
Hole Beck, Broughton West
Holebeck, Arlecdon and Frizington
Holebiggerah, Pennington
Holedale, Lamplugh
Hole Farm, Ousby
Holegate (Hollowgate, Fawcett Forest)
Holegill, Whicham
Holegill Back, Whicham
Hole Herd (Holehird, Windermere)
Hole Hird (Holehird, Windermere)
Holehird (Holehird House, Holehird)
Holehird, Windermere
Holehird Gardens, Holehird
Holehird House, Holehird
Hole House (Underhill House, Longsleddale)
Hole House, Alston Moor
Hole House, Claife
Hole House, Dent
Hole House, Garsdale valley
Hole House, Millom Without
Hole House, Mungrisdale
Hole House, Northumberland
Hole House, Ravenstonedale
Hole House, Sedbergh
Hole House, Skelton
Hole House, Ulpha
Holehouse (Hollows, )
Holehouse Bridge, Holehouse Gill
Hole House Farm, Barton
Holehouse Gill, Ulpha
Holehouse Gill Mine, Hesk Fell
Holehouse Tarn, Ulpha
Hole-in-the-Wall, Patterdale
Hole in t' Wall, Bowness-on-Windermere
Hole int Wall (Hole in t' Wall, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Hole Mile (Hole Mire, High Lorton)
Hole Mire, High Lorton
Hole of Ellel, Holker
Hole of Line (Hole of Lyne, Bewcastle)
Hole of Lyne, Bewcastle
Hole of Stainton (Low Barrows Green, Stainton)
Holesfoot, Crosby Ravensworth
Holesfoot House (Holesfoot, Crosby Ravensworth)
Holeshields, Hethersgill
Hole Sike, Culgaith
Holeslack (Holeslack Farm, Helsington)
Holeslack Farm, Helsington
Holker (Holker Hall, Lower Holker)
Holker, Lower Holker
Holker Cottages, Lower Holker
Holker Gate (Sand Gate, sands road, Cartmel Sands)
Holker Hall, Lower Holker
Holker Lime, The, Holker Park
Holker, Lower parish (Lower Holker parish)
Holker Mount (Holker Hall, Lower Holker)
Holker Park (Holker Hall, Lower Holker)
Holker School, Holker
Hollace Bridge (Hollage Bridge, Torver Beck)
Hollage Bridge, Torver Beck
Hollands, Nicholforest
Hollands Bridge (Ingheads Bridge, Clough River)
Hollas, Ye (Hollows, )
Hollen Root (Hollin Root, Longsleddale)
Hollens Farm (Hollens, The, Grasmere)
Hollens, The, Grasmere
Hollies, Brampton
Hollies, The, Askham
Hollies, The, Burgh by Sands
Hollies, The, Irthington
Hollies, The, Kingmoor
Hollies, The, Lowther
Hollies, The, Port Carlisle
Hollin Bank (Waternook, Martindale)
Hollin Bank, Coniston
Hollin Bank, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Hollin Bank Cottage, Hollin Bank
Hollin Bank Farm, Hollin Bank
Hollin Bank, High (High Hollin Bank, Hollin Bank)
Hollin Brow, Wythburn
Hollin Bush (Hollinbush, Hawksdale)
Hollinbush (Holly Bush House, Irton with Santon)
Hollinbush (Oaks, Hawksdale)
Hollinbush, Hawksdale
Hollincleugh Well, Kershope Forest
Hollin Cottage (Hollin Bank, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Hollin Crag, Lakes
Hollin Fell (Hallin Fell, Martindale)
Hollin Foot (Hollin Root, Longsleddale)
Holling Fell (Hallin Fell, Martindale)
Hollinghead Bank, Blea Tarn Mine
Holling House (Hollin House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Hollingroot, Westward
Hollin Groove, Whitegill Crag
Hollings (Hollins, Preston Patrick)
Hollings, Above Derwent
Hollin Hall, Crook
Hollin Hall, Egton with Newland
Hollin Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale
Hollin Hill (Holly Hill, Skelton)
Hollin Hill, Sedbergh
Hollin Hill Farm (Hollin Hill, Sedbergh)
Hollin House, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hollin House, Viver
Hollin House Tongue, Hollin House
Hollin Root, Longsleddale
Hollin Root, St John's in the Vale
Hollinroot (Hollin Root, Longsleddale)
Hollin Root Old House (Hollin Root, St John's in the Vale)
Hollinroot Wood, Longsleddale
Hollins (Hollens, The, Grasmere)
Hollins, Burneside
Hollins, Cartmel Fell
Hollins, Dean
Hollins, Docker
Hollins, Eskdale
Hollins, Irton with Santon
Hollins, Lamplugh
Hollins, Lamplugh
Hollins, Middleton
Hollins, Preston Patrick
Hollins, Sedbergh
Hollins, Thornthwaite
Hollins and Lowther Hotel, Grasmere
Hollins Bridge, River Irt
Hollins Farm (Hollins, Burneside)
Hollins Farm, Matterdale
Hollins Farm, Low (Low Hollins Farm, Sedbergh)
Hollins, HIgh (High Hollins, Buttermere)
Hollins, High (Hollins, Preston Patrick)
Hollins, Low (Hollins, Preston Patrick)
Hollins, Low (Low Hollins, Buttermere)
Hollins Root (Hollin Root, Longsleddale)
Hollins, The (Hollens, The, Grasmere)
Hollins, The, Newby West
Hollin Stone, Brampton
Hollinstone Farm, Brampton
Hollin Stump, Linglow Plain
Hollins View, Brough Sowerby
Hollins View Farm (Hollins View, Brough Sowerby)
Hollins Wood, Dean
Hollin Well, Lowick Green
Hollis (Hollows Farm, Borrowdale)
Hollowbank (Hallow Bank, Kentmere)
Hollow Beck (Holbeck, Lakes)
Hollow Clough Gill, Crosthwaite
Hollow Creek, Beaumont
Hollow Gate (Hollowgate, Fawcett Forest)
Hollowgate, Fawcett Forest
Hollow Hill (Halligill, Asby)
Hollow Mill Cross, Cumbria boundary
Hollowmire, Eskdale Green
Hollowmire, Osmotherley
Hollow Moor, Gosforth
Hollow Oak, Haverthwaite
Hollows, Matterdale
Hollows, Upper Denton
Hollow Scar, Walney Island
Hollows Farm, Borrowdale
Hollows, High (High Hollows, Threlkeld)
Hollow Stone, Borrowdale
Hollow Stone, Mardale
Hollow Stone Crag (Hollow Stone, Borrowdale)
Hollow Stones, Sca Fell
Hollow Stones, Shepherds Crag
Hollowstones, Muncaster
Hollow Thorn (Ullathorns, Middleton)
Holly Bank, Penruddock
Hollybank House, Renwick
Hollybank View (Hollybank House, Renwick)
Holly Bush, Deepdale
Hollybush, Oughterby
Holly Bush House, Irton with Santon
Hollybush Quarry, Ravenstonedale
Holly Cottage, Hesket
Holly Grove, Hutton Roof
Holly Hill, Skelton
Holly Hill, Windermere lake
Holly House, Askham
Holly House, Blindcrake
Holly House, Dalton
Holly House, Great Strickland
Holly House, Ousby
Holly Lodge, Arkleby
Holly Lodge, Thursby
Hollys (Greenbank, Papcastle)
Hollyside, Cumwhinton
Hollys, The (Greenbank, Papcastle)
Holly Tree Corner, Black Crag
Holly Tree Crack, Helm Crag
Holly Tree Direct, Raven Crag
Holly Tree Grooves, Yew Crag
Holly Tree Traverse, Raven Crag
Holm (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Holm (Catharine Holme, Ormside)
Holm (Holme Island, Kent Estuary)
Holm (Holme, Holme)
Holm, Barrow
Holm Abbey (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Holmbrook Hall Bridge (Holmrook Hall Bridge, River Irt)
Holm Crag (Holme Crag, Windermere lake)
Holm Cultram (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Holm Cultram Abbey (Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town)
Holm Cultram St Pauls (St Paul's Church, Causewayhead)
Holm Cultrum (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Holm Cultrum (Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town)
Holme parish (once Westmorland)
Holme (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Holme (Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town)
Holme, Holme
Holme, Lower Allithwaite
Holme, Middleton
Holme, Millom Without
Holme, Upper Allithwaite
Holme Abbey parish (once Cumberland)
Holme Abbey (Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town)
Holme Abbey Township (Abbey Holme Township, Holme Cultram)
Holme and Burton Station (Burton and Holme Station, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Holme Bank, Urswick
Holme Bank Cottages, Urswick
Holme Beck
Holme Beck, Loweswater
Holme Bridge, Lyvennet Beck
Holme Bridge, River Irt
Holme Church (Holy Trinity Church, Holme)
Holme Coltram (Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town)
Holme Cottage, Low Lorton
Holme Cottage, Ulpha
Holme Coultram (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town
Holme Coultram Abbey CofE Primary School, Abbey Town
Holme Crag, Windermere lake
Holme Crag, Witherslack
Holme Cultraim (Abbey Town, Holme Abbey)
Holme Cultrain Abbey (Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town)
Holme Cultram parish (once Cumberland)
Holme Cultram Abby (Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town)
Holme Cultram House, Abbey Town
Holme Cultrayne Abbay (Holme Coultram Abbey, Abbey Town)
Holm Eden (Holme Eden Abbey, Wetheral)
Holme Dub, Bromfield
Holme East Waver parish (once Cumberland)
Holme Eden parish (once Cumberland)
Holme Eden Abbey, Wetheral
Holme Eden Church (St Paul's Church, Little Corby)
Holme Ends, Stanwix Rural
Holme Farm, Carlisle
Holme Farm, Grange-over-Sands
Holme Fell, Coniston
Holme Fell, Sedbergh
Holme Fold, Langdale Fell
Holmefoot (bastle, Bewcastle (2), Bewcastle)
Holmefoot, Kirklinton Middle
Holme Force, Holme Beck
Holme Ford, River Rawthey
Holmegate, Wetheral
Holmegate, Whicham
Holme Ground (Holme Ground Cottage, Skelwith)
Holme Ground, Tilberthwaite
Holme Ground Cottage, Skelwith
Holme Hall (Holmrook Hall, Irton with Santon)
Holme Head, Penrith
Holmehead, Bewcastle
Holmehead, Burtholme
Holme Head Coffee Tavern, Carlisle
Holme Head Coffee Tavern and Reading Room (Holme Head Coffee Tavern, Carlisle)
Holme Head House, Carlisle
Holme Head Works, Carlisle
Holme, High (High Holme, Middleton)
Holme Hill, Dalston
Holme House (Belle Isle, Windermere lake)
Holme House, Cumwhinton
Holme House, Great Strickland
Holme House, Mansergh
Holme House, Orton S
Holme House, Skelsmergh
Holme House, Walton
Holme in Burton parish (Holme parish)
Holme Island (Belle Isle, Windermere lake)
Holme Island, Kent Estuary
Holme Island Lodge (Holme Island, Kent Estuary)
Holme Islands, Crummock Water
Holme Knott, Middleton
Holme Low parish (once Cumberland)
Holme Low parish (once Cumberland)
Holme, Low (Low Holme, Cumwhitton)
Holme, Low (Low Holme, Middleton)
Holme, Low (Low Holme, Miterdale)
Holme Low Township, Holme Low
Holmelow Windmill (Windmill, The, Holme Low)
Holmelow Windmill, Holme Low
Holme Lyon, Burneside
Holme Meeting House, The (meeting house, Beckfoot, Beckfoot)
Holme Methodist Church, Holme
Holme, Middle (Holme, Middleton)
Holme Mill (Holme Mills, Holme)
Holme Mill Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Holme Mills, Holme
Holme North Road Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Holme Open Farm (Holme, Middleton)
Holme Parish Hall, Holme
Holme Park, Holme
Holme Park Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Holme Park Farm, Lambrigg
Holmepark Fell, Holme
Holme Park School (Hill Top, New Hutton)
Holme Park School (Monument Hill, New Hutton)
Holme Post Office, Holme
Holme roate (Hollin Root, Longsleddale)
Holmes (High Holme, Middleton)
Holmes (Holme Park Farm, Lambrigg)
Holmes (Holme, Middleton)
Holmescales, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Holmescales, Old Hutton and parish (Old Hutton and Holmescales parish)
Holmescale Township, Old Hutton and (Old Hutton Chapelry, Kendal)
Holmes Green Turnpike, Lindal in Furness to Ireleth road
Holmeshead Farm, Skelwith
Holmes Mill, Beaumont
Holmes Moss, Baugh Fell
Holmes Moss Hill, Baugh Fell
Holmes Park (Holme Park, Holme)
Holme St Cuthbert parish (once Cumberland)
Holme St Cuthbert parish (once Cumberland)
Holme St Cuthbert, Holme St Cuthbert
Holme St Cuthbert Church (St Cuthbert's Church, Holme St Cuthbert)
Holme St Cuthbert Township (St Cuthbert's Township, Holme St Cuthbert)
Holme St Paul parish (Holme Low parish)
Holme Street, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Holme, The (Belle Isle, Windermere lake)
Holme Township, Burton-in-Kendal
Holme Turnpike Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Holme Warehouse Bridge (Warehouse Bridge, Lancaster Canal)
Holme Well, Satterthwaite
Holme Well House (Holme Well, Satterthwaite)
Holme wharf, Lancaster Canal
Holme Wood, Loweswater
Holm Fell (Holme Fell, Coniston)
Holm Hill, Dalston
Holm House (Holme House, Mansergh)
Holm House, Dalston
Holm Lion (Holme Lyon, Burneside)
Holm Mill (Holme Mills, Holme)
Holmmill Farm, Dalston
Holm Park (Holme Park, Holme)
Holm Rook (Holmrook, Drigg and Carleton)
Holmrook (Holmrook Hall, Irton with Santon)
Holmrook, Drigg and Carleton
Holmrook Hall, Irton with Santon
Holmrook Hall Bridge, River Irt
Holm Scales (Holmescales, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Holmsfoot, Nenthead
Holmwrangle, Cumwhitton
Holm Yale (Holmegate, Whicham)
Holocaust, Dow Crag
Holomill Crosse (Hollow Mill Cross, Cumbria boundary)
Holstead House, Maryport
Holton Crag (Farleton Knott, Farleton Fell)
Holtondale (Heltondale, Askham)
Holwick, Durham
Holyfield Sun Vein Lead Mine, Nattrass
Holy Ghost, East Buttress
Holy Ghost Church, Middleton
Holy Innocents Church, Broughton Mills
Holy Trinity parish (once Cumberland)
Holy Trinity and St Constantine's Church, Wetheral
Holy Trinity Chapel, Millom Without
Holy Trinity Church (Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle)
Holy Trinity Church (St Mary and Holy Trinity Church, Ulverston)
Holy Trinity Church, Bardsea
Holy Trinity Church, Brathay
Holy Trinity Church, Carlisle
Holy Trinity Church, Carwath
Holy Trinity Church, Casterton
Holy Trinity Church, Chapel Stile
Holy Trinity Church, Colton
Holy Trinity Church, Grange
Holy Trinity Church, Haweswater Reservoir
Holy Trinity Church, Holme
Holy Trinity Church, Howgill
Holy Trinity Church, Kendal
Holy Trinity Church, Northside
Holy Trinity Church, Seathwaite
Holy Trinity Church, Ulverston
Holy Trinity Church, Winster
Holy Trinity Church, Workington
Holy Trinity Ecclesiastical District, Millom
Holy Trinity Institute Chapel (Holy Trinity Chapel, Millom Without)
Holywath, Coniston
Holy Well (Gilsland Spa, Gilsland)
Holy Well (Robin Hood's Well, Helsington)
Holy Well (St Cuthbert's Well, St Cuthbert's Church)
Holy Well (St Cuthbert's Well, Wetheral)
Holy Well (Stanger Spa, Stanger)
Holy Well, Askam and Ireleth
Holy Well, Catlowdy
Holy Well, Dundraw
Holy Well, Gosforth
Holy Well, Holywell Wood
Holy Well, Humphrey Head
Holy Well, Palmer Hill
Holy Well, Parton
Holy Well, Whinfell
Holy Well, Wigton
Holy Well, Witherslack
Holywell (Holy Well, Whinfell)
Holywell, Shaws
Holywell, Solport
Holywell Gill, Holywell Wood
holy well, Grange Hall
Holy Well Spa (Holy Well, Humphrey Head)
Holywell Wood, Holy Well
Homeacres (Cumbria College of Art and Design, Carlisle)
Homeacres Cottage (Cumbria College of Art and Design, Carlisle)
Home Cottage (Holme Cottage, Low Lorton)
Home Farm (Newbiggin Hall Farm, Newbiggin)
Home Farm, Barrow-in-Furness
Home Farm, Dalton Hall
Home Farm, Deanscales
Home Farm, Greystoke
Home Farm, Hartley
Home Farm, Hutton John
Home Farm, Langwathby
Home Farm, Skelton
Home Farm, Skirwith
Home Farm, St Cuthbert Without
Home Farm, Underley Park
Home Farm Cottage, Mungrisdale
Home Farm Cottage, Underley Park
Home Farm House, Unthank End
Home Farm Stable, Underley Park
Home Garth, Newbiggin
Homesdale Green Bridge, Wythburn
Homeshaw Cave, North Yorkshire
Homeshaw Caves (Homeshaw Cave, North Yorkshire)
Homes of Football, Ambleside
Homestead Moat, Kershopefoot
Homewood House, Whitehaven
Honey House, Catterlen
Honey Moor, Grayrigg
Honeypot, Langwathby
Honeypot, The (Hawkshead: Square, Hawkshead)
Honeypot, The, Hawkshead
Honistar Crag (Honister Crag, Buttermere)
Honister (Honister Crag, Buttermere)
Honister Crag, Buttermere
Honister Crag Quarry (Honister Slate Quarry, Honister Crag)
Honister Hause (Honister Pass, Buttermere)
Honister Pass, Buttermere
Honister Quarry tramway
Honister Slate Mine (Honister Slate Quarry, Honister Crag)
Honister Slate Quarry, Honister Crag
Honister Try Level, Honister Pass
Honister Wall, Buckstone Hows
Hood (Calf, The, Howgill Fells)
Hood Ridding (Hood Ridding Farm, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Hood Ridding Farm, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Hood Tarn, Old Hutton and Holmescales
Hooker Crag, Muncaster Fell
Hook Knott, Black Combe
Hooksey, Borrowdale valley
Hoomill Cross (Hollow Mill Cross, Cumbria boundary)
Hoopers Cottage (Low Green Gate, Near Sawrey)
Hope, Kingwater
Hope and Anchor, Port Carlisle
Hope and Anchor, Ulverston
Hope and Anchor Inn, Rosley
Hope Beck, Hope Gill
Hopebeck, Buttermere
Hopebeck Bridge, Hope Beck
Hope Gill, Buttermere
Hopegill Head, Buttermere
Hope's House, Solport
Hopesike Woods, Arthuret
Hopkinsin's Gully, Scafell Crag
Hopkinson's Crack, Dow Crag
Hopland House (Hoplands, Stainton)
Hoplands, Stainton
Hopper Quarry, Honister Slate Quarry
Hoppers, Ulverston
Hopsteps Bridge, Hopsteps Beck
Hordley House, Burton-in-Kendal
Horizon Climb, Boat Howe Crags
Horn, Egremont
Horn Bank Well, Nateby
Hornby (Hornby Hall, Brougham)
Hornby, Lancashire
Hornby Castle, Lancashire
Hornbye (Hornby Hall, Brougham)
Hornbye Castell (Hornby Castle, Lancashire)
Hornbye Castle (Hornby Castle, Lancashire)
Hornby Hall, Brougham
Hornby Hall Satellite Landing Ground, Hornby Hall
Hornby's House, Geltsdale
Horn Crag, Eskdale
Horn Crag, Gibson Knott
Horneby (Hornby, Lancashire)
Hornegill (Horngill, Warcop)
Horngill, Warcop
Hornickhill, Arthuret
Horn of Egremont (Horn, Egremont)
Hornsbarrow, Lupton
Hornsby, Cumwhitton
Hornsbygate, Cumwhitton
Hornsbygate, Far (Far Hornsbygate, Cumwhitton)
Hornsby School (school, Hornsby, Hornsby)
Horns Water (Hawes Water, Bampton)
Horrace, area
Horrock wood (Horrockwood, Matterdale)
Horrockwood, Matterdale
Horse and Farrier (Carrock House, Caldbeck)
Horse and Farrier, Carlisle
Horse and Farrier, Dacre
Horse and Farrier Inn (Horse and Farrier, Dacre)
Horse and Farrier Inn, Oakshaw Ford
Horse and Farrier Inn, Threlkeld
Horse and Jockey, Parsonby
Horse and Man Rock, Pike's Crag
Horse and Waggon, The (Nentsberry Hall, Nentsberry)
Horse Back, Black Combe
Horse Close, Buttermere
Horse Crag, Great (Great Horse Crag, Wrynose Fell)
Horse Crag Level (Penny Rigg Mill, Tilberthwaite)
Horse Crag, Little (Little Horse Crag, Lakes)
Horse Edge, Gilderdale Forest
Horse Gap
Horsegills, Hethersgill
Horse Hause (Horse House, Fawcett Forest)
Horse Head, Cumbria boundary
Horsehead Grain, Horse Head
Horse Head Inn (Nag's Head Inn, Wythburn)
Horse Head, The (Horse Head, Cumbria boundary)
Horseholme, Kingwater
Horse House, Fawcett Forest
Horse House, Orton S
Horsehouse (Horse House, Fawcett Forest)
Horseing Stone, Orton S
Horseman Bridge, Pasture Beck
Horsemoor Hills, Ireby
Horse of Busha, Bush Howe
Horse Park Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Horses Head (Nag's Head Inn, Wythburn)
Horse Tarn, Windermere
Horton (Horton in Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire)
Horton Beck, Horton in Ribblesdale
Horton Brook (Horton Beck, Horton in Ribblesdale)
Horton in Ribblesdale, North Yorkshire
Hoses, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hoses Tarn (Stickle Tarn, Stickle Pike)
Hospice, Ingleborough (beacon, Ingleborough, Ingleborough)
Hospice of Hampsfell, Hampsfell
hospital, Abbey Town
hospital, Bewcastle
hospital, Brampton
hospital, Brough
hospital, Caldbeck
hospital, Carlisle
hospital, Carlisle (2)
hospital, Carlisle (3)
Hospital Estate (Pembroke House, Brougham)
Hospital Farm (Pembroke House, Brougham)
hospital, Furness Abbey
hospital, Inglewood
hospital, Ireby
Hospital of Christ (almshouses, Wigton, Wigton)
Hospital of St Anne, Appleby-in-Westmorland
hospital, Papcastle
Hospital Plantation, Above Derwent
Hospital Quarry (Kirkby Slate Quarries, Furness Railway)
hospital, Sandford
hospital, Scalthwaiterigg
hospital, St John's in the Vale
hospital, Ulverston
Hotel Imperial, Barrow-in-Furness
Hotel Majestic, Barrow-in-Furness
Hot Mango Cafe (Ulverston: King Street, 27 and 29, Ulverston)
Hot Pot, Raven Crag
Hot Ridding, Kirkby Lonsdale
Hott, Irthington
Hough (Hoff, Hoff)
Houghill Fells (Howgill Fells, Orton S)
Houghin Hall (Hawking Hall, Middleton)
Hough Row (Hoff Row, Hoff)
Houghton parish (once Cumberland)
Houghton, Stanwix Rural
Houghton Bridge, School Sike
Houghton Church (St John's Church, Houghton)
Houghton Hall, Houghton
Houghton House, Stanwix Rural
Houghton School, Houghton
Houghton Township, Stanwix
Hougil Castle (Howgill Castle, Milburn)
Hougill (Howgill, Sedbergh)
Hougill Fells (Howgill Fells, Orton S)
Hougin Hall (Hawking Hall, Middleton)
Houkler Hall, Blawith and Subberthwaite
Houlker Hall (Houkler Hall, Blawith and Subberthwaite)
Hound Hill, Alston Moor
Hound Inn (Talbot Bar, Skelwith Bridge)
Hound Inn, Arlecdon
Houndshope Cove, Dovedale
house, Abbey Town
house, Alston
house, Alston (2)
house, Alston (3)
house, Alston (4)
house, Alston (5)
house, Alston (6)
house, Alston (7)
house, Alston (8)
house, Alston (9)
house, Alston (11)
house, Ambleside
house, Ambleside (2)
house, Appleby-in-Westmorland
house, Askerton
house, Askham
house, Askham (2)
house, Askham (3)
house, Askham (4)
house, Askham (5)
house, Bampton
house, Bampton Grange
house, Barbon
house, Blennerhasset and Torpenhow
house, Blindcrake
house, Bootle
house, Bootle (2)
house, Bothel
house, Bowness-on-Solway
house, Brampton
house, Brampton (2)
house, Brampton (3)
house, Brigflatts
house, Brigham
house, Brough
house, Brough (3)
house, Brough (4)
house, Brough (5)
house, Brough (6)
house, Brough (7)
house, Brough (8)
house, Brough (9)
house, Brough (11)
house, Broughton in Furness
house, Broughton in Furness (2)
house, Brunstock
house, Burgh by Sands
house, Burgh by Sands (2)
house, Burneside
house, Caldbeck (4)
house, Caldbeck (5)
house, Calthwaite
house, Calthwaite (2)
house, Cark
house, Cark (2)
house, Carlisle
house, Cartmel
house, Cartmel (2)
house, Cartmel (3)
house, Cartmell Fell
house, Castle Carrock
house, Castle Sowerby
house, Chapel Stile
house, Cockermouth
house, Cockermouth (2)
house, Colby
house, Colthouse
house, Colton
house, Coniston
house, Crosthwaite
house, Dacre
house, Dalston
house, Dalston (3)
house, Dean
house, Dean (2)
house, Dufton
house, Eamont Bridge
house, Eamont Bridge (3)
house, Eamont Bridge (4)
house, Eamont Bridge (5)
house, Egton with Newland
house, Egton with Newland (2)
house, Egton with Newland (3)
house, Elterwater
House, Far (Far House, Garsdale valley)
House Farm, High (High House Farm, Hesket)
House Farm, Low (Low House Farm, Above Derwent)
House Farm, Low (Low House Farm, Windermere)
House Farm, New (New House Farm, Lorton)
house, Firbank
house, Flookburgh
house, Flookburgh (2)
house, Flookburgh (3)
house, Flookburgh (4)
House Foot (Hause Foot, Crookdale)
house, Gamblesby
house, Glassonby
house, Grange
house, Grange-over-Sands
house, Great Clifton
house, Great Musgrave
house, Great Ormside
house, Great Salkeld
house, Greenholme
house, Greystoke
house, Greystoke (2)
house, Haltcliff Bridge
house, Hartley
house, Hawkshead
house, Hawkshead (2)
house, Hayton
house, Helbeck
house, Helton
house, Hesket Newmarket
house, Hethersgill
House, High (High House Farm, Winster)
House, High (High House, Askerton)
House, High (High House, Bampton)
House, High (High House, Barrows Green)
House, High (High House, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth)
House, High (High House, Bothel and Threapland)
House, High (High House, Bowness)
House, High (High House, Buttermere)
House, High (High House, Caldbeck)
House, High (High House, Crook)
House, High (High House, Dean)
House, High (High House, Dent)
House, High (High House, Distington)
House, High (High House, Fawcett Forest)
House, High (High House, Firbank)
House, High (High House, Helsington)
House, High (High House, Holme East Waver)
House, High (High House, Hugill)
House, High (High House, Irton with Santon)
House, High (High House, Longsleddale)
House, High (High House, Northumberland)
House, High (High House, Outhgill)
House, High (High House, Over Staveley)
House, High (High House, St Bees)
House, High (High House, Stainton)
House, High (High House, Strickland Roger)
House, High (High House, Waterhead)
House, High (High House, Whitehaven)
House, High (High House, Wood Hall)
House, High (High House, Woodhouse)
House, High (Tarn Hows Hotel, Tarn Hows)
house, High Lorton
house, High Pike
house, Holker
House Holm (Haws Holme, Windermere lake)
House Holm (Norfolk Island, Ullswater)
Householm (Norfolk Island, Ullswater)
house, Holme
house, Holme St Cuthbert
house, Hutton End
house, Hutton Roof
house, Ireby
house, Ireby (2)
house, Ireby (3)
house, Ireby (4)
house, Ireleth
house, Irton with Santon
house, Keld
house, Keld (2)
house, Kingbridge Ford
house, Kirkby Lonsdale
house, Kirkby Stephen
house, Kirkby Stephen (2)
house, Kirkby Stephen (3)
house, Kirkby Stephen (4)
house, Kirkby Thore
house, Kirkoswald
house, Kirkoswald (2)
house, Kirkoswald (3)
house, Kirkoswald (4)
house, Knock
house, Lakes
house, Levens
house, Little Musgrave
house, Longdale
house, Long Marton
house, Longtown
house, Lord's Island
House, Low (Lane House, Kirkby Lonsdale)
House, Low (Low House Farm, Windermere)
House, Low (Low House, Bassenthwaite)
House, Low (Low House, Bewcastle)
House, Low (Low House, Blindcrake)
House, Low (Low House, Bridekirk)
House, Low (Low House, Buttermere)
House, Low (Low House, Cartmel Fell)
House, Low (Low House, Cleator Moor)
House, Low (Low House, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
House, Low (Low House, Garsdale valley)
House, Low (Low House, Hartsop)
House, Low (Low House, Helsington)
House, Low (Low House, Hugill)
House, Low (Low House, Lindal in Furness)
House, Low (Low House, Longsleddale)
House, Low (Low House, Millom Without)
House, Low (Low House, Mungrisdale)
House, Low (Low House, New Hutton)
House, Low (Low House, Setmurthy)
House, Low (Low House, Southwaite)
House, Low (Low House, Threlkeld)
House, Low (Low House, Troutbeck)
House, Low (Low House, Westward)
House, Low (Low House, Wetheral)
House, Low (Low House, Wharton)
House, Low (Low House, Windermere lake)
house, Low Knipe
house, Mallerstang
house, Mallerstang (2)
house, Mallerstang (3)
Houseman Tenement (Tenement Farm, Strickland Roger)
Houseman Tenement Farm (Tenement Farm, Strickland Roger)
house, Martindale
house, Middletown
house, Middletown (2)
house, Milnthorpe
house, Milton
house, Mockerkin
house, Mosedale
house, Motherby
house, Muncaster
house, Muncaster (2)
house, Mungrisdale
house, Mungrisdale (2)
house, Murton
house, Nenthead
House, Nether (Nether House Farm, Longsleddale)
house, Nether Staveley
house, Nether Staveley (2)
House, New (New House, Bewcastle)
House, New (New House, Holme Abbey)
House, New (New House, Maryport)
House, New (New House, Orton S)
House, New (New House, Ravenstonedale)
House, New (New House, Sebergham)
House, New (New House, Sedbergh)
House, New (New House, Solport)
House, New (New House, Whinfell)
house, Newbiggin
house, Newbiggin (2)
house, Newbiggin (3)
house, Newby Bridge
house, Newtown of Rockcliffe
Housenrigg, Aspatria
house, Oddendale
House of Education (Scale How, Ambleside)
House of Recovery, Kirkby Lonsdale
house, Orton
house, Orton (2)
house, Ousby
house, Ouse Bridge
house, Oxen Park
house, Patterdale
house, Penrith
house, Penrith (2)
house, Penrith (3)
house, Penrith (4)
house, Piel Island
house, Pooley Bridge
house, Preston Patrick
house, Ravenglass (3)
house, Ravenglass (4)
house, Redmain
house, Row
house, Sandford
house, Sebergham
house, Sebergham (2)
house, Sebergham (3)
Houses, Far (Far Houses, Kirkby Ireleth)
house, Shap
house, Shap (2)
Houses, High (High Houses, Bewaldeth and Snittlegarth)
house, Silecroft
house, Skelton
house, Skirwith
Houses, Low (Low Houses, Garrigill)
Houses, Low (Low Houses, Nether Denton)
Houses, Low (Low Houses, Wigton)
Houses, Middle (Middle Houses, Garrigill)
house, Sockbridge
house, Sockbridge (2)
house, Soulby
house, Soulby (2)
Houses, Pasture (Pasture Houses, Alston Moor)
house, Staffield
house, Stainton
house, Stanwix Rural
house, Staveley-in-Cartmel
house, St Bees
house, St Bees (2)
house, St Bees (4)
house, St Bees (5)
house, St Cuthbert Without
house, St Cuthbert Without (2)
House Steads Fold, Wold Fell Bents
house, Stephenson Ground
Houses, The (Low Houses, Garrigill)
Houses, The (Middle Houses, Garrigill)
house, Tallentire
house, Tallentire (2)
house, Tallentire (3)
house, Temple Sowerby
house, Threlkeld
house, Threlkeld (2)
house, Threlkeld (3)
house, Torver
house, Troutbeck (2)
house, Troutbeck Bridge
house, Troutbeck Bridge (2)
house, Uldale
house, Uldale (2)
House under Hill (Underhill House, Longsleddale)
House under the Hill (Underhill House, Longsleddale)
house, Waitby
house, Waitby (2)
house, Wallthwaite
house, Walney Island
house, Warcop (2)
house, Warcop (3)
house, Warcop (4)
house, Wetheral
house, Wetheral (2)
house, Wetheral (3)
house, Windermere
house, Windermere (2)
house, Windermere (3)
house, Winton
house, Winton (2)
house, Winton (3)
house, Yanwath
Houtsay (Houtsey, Temple Sowerby)
Houtsey, Temple Sowerby
Hovel Knott, Dunnerdale Fells
How (Howe Farm, Hawkshead)
How (Howe Farm, Winster)
How (Howe, The, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
How (Howe, The, Troutbeck)
How, Above Derwent
How, Ennerdale and Kinniside
How, Grasmere
How, Hayton
How, Wet Sleddale
Howarcles, Crosby Ravensworth
Howard Arms, Brampton
Howard Arms, Carlisle
Howard Arms Hotel (Howard Arms, Brampton)
Howard Cottage, Warwick Bridge
Howard Memorial Shelter, Brampton
Howard Monument, Mote, The
Howard's Arms (Howard Arms, Brampton)
Howard's Bridge, Lancaster Canal
Howath Bridge, River Wampool
Howbank, Muncaster
How Bank Farm (Howbank, Muncaster)
Howbarrow, Lower Allithwaite
Howbarrow Farm (Howbarrow, Lower Allithwaite)
How Beck, Eskdale
How Beck, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Howbeck (Howbeck Farm House, Howbeck)
Howbeck Bridge, How Beck
Howbeck Cottage (Howbeck Farm House, Howbeck)
Howbeck Cottages (meeting house, Gillfoot, Gillfoot)
Howbeck Farm (Howbeck Farm House, Howbeck)
Howbeck Farm House, Howbeck
Howbeck House, Howbeck
Howbeck School House, Howbeck
Howberry, Kirklinton Middle
How Bound, Castle Sowerby
Howburn, Alston Moor
How Cottage, The, Patterdale
How Crags, Great (Great How Crags, Coniston)
How Crags, Little (Little How Crags, Coniston)
Howdale, Askerton
Howden Bridge, Dalebanks Beck
Howdy Hall, Sebergham
Howe (How, Grasmere)
Howe (Howe, The, Crook)
Howe (Howe, The, Troutbeck)
Howe Beck, Crosby Ravensworth
Howebeck Bridge, Howe Beck
Howe Bridge (Tebay Gill Bridge, Tebay Gill)
Howe Cauldron, Swindale Beck
Howe Cottage, Grange
Howe Cottages, Rosthwaite
Howe Farm (Howe, The, Troutbeck)
Howe Farm, Hawkshead
Howe Farm, Winster
Howegill Head, Middleton Fell
Howe Grain, Martindale
Howe Grain, Martindale
Howegrain Beck, Martindale
Howegrain Lodge, Martindale
Howe, Great (Great Howe, Longsleddale)
Howe Head, Grasmere
Howe, High (High Howe, Bampton)
Howe, Low (Low Howe, Bampton)
Howend, Arthuret
Howend, Thursby
Howend Bridge (Howend High Bridge, Hall Burn)
Howend Bridge, Hall Beck
How End Farm, Howend
Howend High Bridge, Hall Burn
Howe Nook, Orton S
Howerigg, Barbon
Howes, Shap Rural
Howes, Skelton
Howes Beck, Bampton
Howes Bield, Asby
Howe Slacks, Asby
Howesteadbrow, Boredale
Howes, The, Bampton
Howestone, Whinfell
Howes Well, Asby
Howe, The, Crook
Howe, The, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Howe, The, Tebay
Howe, The, Troutbeck
Howe Top (How Top, How)
Howe Top Farm (How Top, Lakes)
How Farm (How, Above Derwent)
How Farm, Seascale
Howfield, Hesket
Howford Bridge, Hethersgill
Howford Bridge, Howford Bridge
How Fow (Howtown, Martindale)
Howgate (stepping stones, Howgate, St John's Beck)
Howgate, St John's in the Vale
Howgate Foot, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Howgate Foot, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Howgate Foot, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Howgate Foot, Knipe
Howgate House, Cliburn
Howgate Sike (Howgillsike, Alston Moor)
Howgil Castle (Howgill Castle, Milburn)
How Gill, Castle Sowerby
How Gill, Dent
How Gill, Geltsdale
How Gill, Kirkby Stephen
Howgill, Burtholme
Howgill, Castle Sowerby
Howgill, Geltsdale
Howgill, Newby
Howgill, Sedbergh
Howgill, Warcop
Howgill Beck, Midgeholme
How Gill Bridge (Howgill Bridge, How Gill)
Howgill Bridge, How Gill
Howgill Bridge, How Gill
Howgill Bridge, Little How Gill
Howgill Castle, Milburn
Howgill Chapel (Holy Trinity Church, Howgill)
Howgill Church (Holy Trinity Church, Howgill)
Howgill Fells, Orton S
Howgill Fold, Warcop
Howgill Foot, Kaber
Howgill House, Dent
Howgill Lane, Sedbergh
Howgill, Low (Low Howgill, Milburn)
How Gill Moss, Great Wold
Howgill Rigg, Alston Moor
Howgills Bakery, Sedbergh
Howgill School, Howgill
Howgill Sike, Winton
Howgillsike, Alston Moor
Howgills, The (Howgill Fells, Orton S)
Howgill Tongue, Jenkin Hill
Howgill Well, Howgill
Howgill Wood, Blindcrake
Howgin Castle (Howgill Castle, Milburn)
How-graine (Howe Grain, Martindale)
How, Great (Great How, Eskdale)
How, Great (Great How, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn)
How Green Farm, Hartsop
Howgrill (Howgill, Sedbergh)
How Hall (Graythwaite Old Hall, Satterthwaite)
How Hall (How Hall Farm, Ennerdale and Kinniside)
How Hall Farm, Ennerdale and Kinniside
How Head, Ambleside
How Head, Coniston
Howhead (Howe Head, Grasmere)
How, High (High Howe, Bampton)
How Hill (Ash Tree Cottage, Lakes)
How Hill, Castle Sowerby
How Hill, How
How Hill, How
How Hill, Thursby
Howhill Quarry, Howhill
How Hills, Haile
Howk, Caldbeck
Howk Mill, Whelpo Beck
Howk, The, Whelpo Beck
How, Low (Low Howe, Bampton)
How Man (Howman, St Bees)
Howman, St Bees
How Michael (Chapel Hill, Workington)
How Michal Chapel (St Michael's Chapel, Chapel Hill)
How Mill, Hayton
How Mill Station, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
How Moor, Kirkoswald
Howray, Keswick
Howray, Low (Low Howray, Keswick)
Howrigg, Culgaith
Howrigg, Westnewton
Howrigg, Westward
Howrigg Farm (Howrigg, Westward)
Hows, Eskdale
Hows Bank (Haws Bank, Coniston)
Hows Bank Bridge, Bowmanstead
Howscales, Kirkoswald
Howse House (Hawse House, Grayrigg)
Howses, The (Low Houses, Garrigill)
Howses, The (Middle Houses, Garrigill)
Howside, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Howslack (Howe Slacks, Asby)
Howsley Cottage, Clappersgate
How Stone (Howestone, Whinfell)
How, The (Howe, The, Troutbeck)
How, The, Loughrigg
How, The, Rosthwaite
Howthwaite Stone, Caldbeck
How Top, How
How Top, Lakes
How Town (Howtown, Martindale)
Howtown, Martindale
How Town Bay (Howtown Wyke, Ullswater)
How Town Hotel (Howtown Hotel, Howtown)
Howtown Hotel, Howtown
Howtown Pier, Howtown Wyke
How Town Wike (Howtown Wyke, Ullswater)
Howtown Wike (Howtown Wyke, Ullswater)
Howtown Wyke, Ullswater
H Pigney and Sons, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Hrothgar, Scrubby Crag
HSBC, Kendal
HSBC, Ulverston
HSBC Bank, Brampton
HSBC Bank, Carlisle
HSBC Bank, Egremont
HSBC Bank, Kirkby Lonsdale
HSBC Bank, Penrith
HSBC Bank, Sedbergh
HSBC Bank, Wigton
H Stephenson Grocer (Alston: Stephenson's, Alston)
Hubbersty Head, Crosthwaite and Lyth
Hubert head (Hubbersty Head, Crosthwaite and Lyth)
Hubris, Deer Bield Crag
Hub, The, Alston
Huck (toll house, Fawcett Forest, Kendal to Shap road)
Hucks Bridge, Borrow Beck
Huck's Bridge (Hucks Bridge, Borrow Beck)
Hucks Bridge Inn, Fawcett Forest
Hudbeck, Dalston
Huddlesceugh Hall, Kirkoswald
Huddlesceugh, Low (Low Huddlesceugh, Kirkoswald)
Huddleskew (Huddlesceugh Hall, Kirkoswald)
Huddlestone Shop (Huddleston's Shop, Stonethwaite)
Huddleston's Shop, Stonethwaite
Huddshole Ford, Liddel Water
Hudgill, Alston Moor
Hudgillburn Mine, Alston Moor
Hudgillrigg, Alston Moor
Hudridding (Hood Ridding Farm, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Huds Bridge, Crosdale Beck
Hudscales, Caldbeck
Hudscales Cottage, Hudscales
Hud's Force, River Dee
Hud's Force, Little (Little Hud's Force, River Dee)
Huds House, Dent
Hud's House (Huds House, Dent)
Hudshouse Tower,
Hudson Place, Loweswater
Hudson Place Farm (Hudson Place, Loweswater)
Hugh Laithes Pike, Naddle Forest
Hugh Marvil Head (Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary)
Hugh Morvill's Hill (Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary)
Hughs Cave (Hugh's Cave, Riggindale Crag)
Hugh's Cave, Riggindale Crag
Hughscrag Bridge, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Hughscrag Viaduct, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary
Hugh Seat Morville (Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary)
Hughs Head (Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary)
Hugh's Laithes Pike, Naddle Forest
Hughs Seat (Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary)
Hugill parish (once Westmorland)
Hugill (Howgill, Warcop)
Hugill Fell, Hugill
Hugill Hall, Hugill
Hugill Township, Kendal
Hulie, Mount (Mount Hulie, Askerton)
Hull Bank, Musgrave
Hullerbank, Hayton
Hulleter, Colton
Hull Head (Halhead Hall, Strickland Ketel)
Hullock (Ullock Pike, Skiddaw)
Hullock How (High Hullockhowe, Bampton)
Hullock how (High Hullockhowe, Bampton)
Hullock How (Low Hullockhowe, Bampton)
Hullock how (Low Hullockhowe, Bampton)
Hullockhow (High Hullockhowe, Bampton)
Hullockhowe, High (High Hullockhowe, Bampton)
Hullockhowe, Low (Low Hullockhowe, Bampton)
Hull Pot, Hull Pot Beck
Hulls, Crosby Ravensworth
Hulpit Hole (Hull Pot, Hull Pot Beck)
Huls Moor (Ullsmoor, Shap)
Humble Dod, Northumberland
Hummer Bridge, Lord's Gill
Humphrey Head, Lower Allithwaite
Humphrey Head Point, Humphrey Head
Humphry Point (Humphrey Head Point, Humphrey Head)
Hunae Ostium (Eden Estuary, Bowness)
Hunae Ostium (Solway Firth, Cumbria)
Hunday, Winscales
Hunday Cottage, Hunday
Hunday Gate, Hunday
Hundehow, High (High Hundhow, Strickland Roger)
Hunder Moor Hurrock, Frostrow Fells
Hund How (High Hundhow, Strickland Roger)
Hund How (Low Hundhowe, Strickland Roger)
Hundhowe, High (High Hundhow, Strickland Roger)
Hundhowe, Low (Low Hundhowe, Strickland Roger)
Hundith Hill, Embleton
Hundith Hill Hotel, Embleton
Hundow Hall, Lowick
Hundred Foot Slab, Shepherds Crag
Hundreds, The, Troutbeck
Hundybridge, High (High Hundybridge, Alston Moor)
Hungerhill, Bampton
Hunger Hills, Lupton
Hungrigg (Hungriggs, Appleby-in-Westmorland)
Hungriggs, Appleby-in-Westmorland
Hungry Hill (Hungerhill, Bampton)
Hunley, Scaleby
Hunna Flu. (Eden, River, Bowness)
Hunna River (Eden, River, Bowness)
Hunno (Onnum, Hadrian's Wall)
Hunnum (Onnum, Hadrian's Wall)
Hunsonby parish (once Cumberland)
Hunsonby, Hunsonby
Hunsonby Chapel (Chapel, The, Hunsonby)
Hunsonby School (school, Hunsonby, Hunsonby)
Hunsonby Stone Circle (Long Meg and Her Daughters, Hunsonby)
Hunsonby Swimming Pool, Hunsonby
Hunsonby-with-Winskill Township, Addingham
Hunter Hall, Great Salkeld
Hunter Hall School (Hunter Hall, Great Salkeld)
Hunter House, Penrith
Hunter's Break, Wellhope Moor
Hunter's Cott, Dundraw
Hunters Cottage, Helton
Hunters Cottage, Hunsonby
Hunter's Holme, Arthuret
Hunter's Quarry (Kirkby Slate Quarries, Furness Railway)
Hunters, The, Cockermouth
Hunters Way (Keswick: Eskin Street, 4 and 6, Keswick)
Hunters Well, Seaton
Hunter's Well (Hunters Well, Seaton)
Hunting Stile, Lakes
Huntingstile Crag, Dow Bank
Huntpit Hole (Hunt Pot, Horton Moor)
Hunt Pot, Horton Moor
Huntsman Inn, Nicholforest
Hurlbarrow, Gosforth
Hurrock of Stones
Hurrock of Stones, Warcop
Hurrock Wood (Horrockwood, Matterdale)
Hurst, High (High Hurst, Ulpha)
Hursthole Point, Bassenthwaite Lake
Hurst, Low (Low Hurst, St Cuthbert Without)
Hurst, The, Kingwater
Hurtle Pot, Whernside
Hurtlepot (Hurtle Pot, Whernside)
Hurtle Pot Boggart (Hurtle Pot, Whernside)
Hurtleton, Irthington
Huseat Morvell Hill (Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary)
Huseat Morvell hill (Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary)
hush, Dufton
Hush Gutter, Alston Moor
Huskew Pike (Flusco Pike, Flusco)
Husseat-Morvill (Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary)
Hussey Well Beck, Coniston
Hustow, Scotby Holmes
Hutaple Crag, Deepdale
Hutch Head, Hutton
Huthwaite (Hewthwaite Hall, Setmurthy)
Huthwaite Hall (Hewthwaite Hall, Setmurthy)
Huthwate (Hewthwaite Hall, Setmurthy)
Huton (Hutton-in-the-Forest, Inglewood Forest)
Huton John (Hutton John, Hutton)
Hutter Bank (Otter Bank, Skelsmergh)
Hutton parish (once Cumberland)
Hutton (Hayton, Hayton)
Hutton (Hutton End, Skelton)
Hutton (Hutton-in-the-Forest, Inglewood Forest)
Hutton, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Hutton, Hutton
Hutton Beck, Skelton
Hutton Bridge, Dacre Beck
Hutton Castle (Hutton-in-the-Forest, Inglewood Forest)
Hutton End, Skelton
Hutton Grange, Skelton
Hutton Hall (Hutton-in-the-Forest, Inglewood Forest)
Hutton Hall, Penrith
Hutton House, Burton-in-Kendal
Hutton in the Forest (Hutton-in-the-Forest, Inglewood Forest)
Hutton-in-the-Forest parish (once Cumberland)
Hutton-in-the-Forest, Inglewood Forest
Hutton-in-the-Forest Church (St James's Church, Hutton-in-the-Forest)
Hutton in the Forest Hall (Hutton-in-the-Forest, Inglewood Forest)
Hutton-in-the-Forest Satellite Landing Ground, Hutton-in-the-Forest
Hutton in the Hay parish (New Hutton parish)
Hutton in the Hay (Hay Fell, Scalthwaiterigg)
Hutton in the Hay (Hayclose, New Hutton)
Hutton-i'-th'-Hay Township, Hay and (Hay and Hutton-i'-th'-Hay Township, Kendal)
Hutton John, Hutton
Hutton John Hall (Hutton John, Hutton)
Hutton John Township, Greystoke
Hutton Lodge, Soulby
Hutton Moor, Hutton
Hutton Moor End, Hutton Moor
Hutton Morvel Hill (Hugh Seat, Cumbria boundary)
Hutton, New parish (New Hutton parish)
Hutton, New (New Hutton, New Hutton)
Hutton, Old (Old Hutton, Old Hutton and Holmescales)
Hutton, Old, and Holmescales parish (Old Hutton and Holmescales parish)
Hutton Park, New Hutton
Hutton parke (Hutton Park, New Hutton)
Hutton Rauf Township (Hutton Roof Township, Greystoke)
Hutton Roof parish (once Westmorland)
Hutton Roof, Hutton Roof
Hutton Roof, Mungrisdale
Hutton Roof Chapel (Wesleyan Chapel, Hutton Roof)
Hutton Roof Chapelry, Kirkby Lonsdale
Hutton Roof Church (St John's Church, Hutton Roof)
Hutton Roof Crag (Hutton Roof Crags, Hutton Roof)
Hutton Roof Craggs (Hutton Roof Crags, Hutton Roof)
Hutton Roof Crags, Hutton Roof
Hutton Roofe parish (Hutton Roof parish)
Hutton Roofe parish (Hutton Roof parish)
Hutton Roof Hall, Hutton Roof
Hutton Roof Park, Hutton Roof
Hutton Roof School (school, Hutton Roof (2), Hutton Roof)
Hutton Roof School (school, Hutton Roof, Hutton Roof)
Hutton Roof Township (Hutton Roof Chapelry, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Hutton Roof Township, Greystoke
Hutton Roof Village Hall (village hall, Hutton Roof, Hutton Roof)
Hutton Row, Skelton
Hutton Sceugh, Caldbeck
Hutton's Museum, Keswick
Hutton Soil, Unthank
Hutton Soil Township, Greystoke
Hutton Soyle (Hutton Soil, Unthank)
Hutton St John (Hutton John, Hutton)
Hutton Township, Hutton-in-the-Forest
Huyton Hill, Windermere lake
Huyton Hill Lodge, Huyton Hill
Hwith House, Stennerskeugh
Hyacinth Route, Dow Crag
Hycemoor, Bootle
Hycemoor School, Hycemoor
Hycemoor Side, Bootle
Hycemoor Side Farm, Bootle
Hydepark, Langwathby
hydrant cover, Lazonby
hydrant plate, Appleby-in-Westmorland
hydrant plate, Appleby-in-Westmorland (2)
hydrant plate, Applethwaite
hydrant plate, Aspatria
hydrant plate, Aspatria (2)
hydrant plate, Aspatria (3)
hydrant plate, Bigrigg
hydrant plate, Braithwaite
hydrant plate, Brampton
hydrant plate, Brigham
hydrant plate, Carlisle
hydrant plate, Carlisle (2)
hydrant plate, Carlisle (3)
hydrant plate, Carlisle (4)
hydrant plate, Carlisle (5)
hydrant plate, Carlisle (6)
hydrant plate, Croglin
hydrant plate, Dean
hydrant plate, Dearham
hydrant plate, Dearham (2)
hydrant plate, Dearham (3)
hydrant plate, Dent
hydrant plate, Eamont Bridge
hydrant plate, Edenhall
hydrant plate, Edenhall (2)
hydrant plate, Egremont
hydrant plate, Great Salkeld
hydrant plate, Great Salkeld (2)
hydrant plate, Great Salkeld (3)
hydrant plate, Grinsdale
hydrant plate, Harrington
hydrant plate, High Lorton
hydrant plate, Hunsonby
hydrant plate, Ireby
hydrant plate, Kendal
hydrant plate, Kendal (2)
hydrant plate, Kendal (3)
hydrant plate, Kendal (4)
hydrant plate, Kendal (5)
hydrant plate, Kendal (6)
hydrant plate, Kendal (7)
hydrant plate, Keswick
hydrant plate, Keswick (2)
hydrant plate, Keswick (3)
hydrant plate, Keswick (4)
hydrant plate, Keswick (5)
hydrant plate, Keswick Station
hydrant plate, Kirkandrews upon Eden
hydrant plate, Kirkby Stephen
hydrant plate, Kirklinton
hydrant plate, Langwathby
hydrant plate, Lazonby
hydrant plate, Maryport
hydrant plate, Maryport (2)
hydrant plate, Millom Without
hydrant plate, Newbiggin
hydrant plate, Penrith
hydrant plate, Penrith (2)
hydrant plate, Penrith (3)
hydrant plate, Redmain
hydrant plate, Sedbergh
hydrant plate, Tallentire
hydrant plate, Ulverston
hydrant plate, Ulverston (2)
hydrant plate, Ulverston (3)
hydrant plate, Wetheral
hydrant plate, Wetheral (2)
hydrant plate, Wetheral (3)
hydrant plate, Wigton
hydrant plate, Workington
hydrant plate, Workington (2)
hydroelectric scheme, Beetham
hydroelectric scheme, Docker Nook
hydroelectric scheme, Kilnstones
Hydropathic Establishment, St Oswald's
Hydro, The (Windermere Hydro Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Hye house (High House, Fawcett Forest)
Hyghett castle (High Head Castle, Skelton)
Hylton Castle, Orton N
Hynam, Hayton
Hynam Bridge, River Gelt
Hynam Shield, Castle Carrock
Hyning, Grayrigg
Hyning, Levens
Hyning, Whinfell
Hyphen, Gimmer Crag
Hyssop Holme Well, Carlisle
Hyton, Bootle
Hyton, Bootle
Hyton Farm, Hyton
Hyton, Old (Old Hyton, Bootle)