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Ubarrehall (Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale)
Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale
Ubarrow Hall Sausages (Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale: Ubarrow Hall Sausages, Ubarrow Hall)
Ubarrow Wood, Longsleddale
Uberry Hall (Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale)
Uberryhall (Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale)
Ubery (Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale)
Ubery Hall (Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale)
Uberyhall (Ubarrow Hall, Longsleddale)
Ud Ford, River Eamont
Udford, Langwathby
Udford House, Brougham
Uffay (Ulpha Park, Ulpha)
Uffay Park (Ulpha Park, Ulpha)
Ulbank (Hull Bank, Musgrave)
Ulcat Row, Matterdale
Uldale parish (once Cumberland)
Uldale (Uldale House, Uldale)
Uldale, Ireby
Uldale, Orton S
Uldale, Sedbergh
Uldale Beck, Orton S
Uldale Bridge, River Ellen
Uldale Bridge, River Rawthey
Uldale Chapel (St James's Church, Uldale)
Uldale Church (St James's Church, Uldale)
Uldale Church (St John's Church, Uldale)
Uldale Farm, Haile
Uldale Fells, Ireby
Uldale Force, River Rawthey
Uldale Grammar School, Uldale
Uldale Hall, Uldale
Uldale Head, Langdale Fell
Uldale House, Uldale
Uldale Mill, Ireby
Uldale School (school, Uldale, Uldale)
Uldale Township, Uldale
Uldale Waterfall (Uldale Force, River Rawthey)
Ules water (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulferston (Ulverston, Ulverston)
Ulf's Tower (Lyulph's Tower, Gowbarrow Park)
Ulgill, Moresby
Ulgill Beck, Little (Little Ulgill Beck, Howgill Fells)
Ulgill Fold, Sedbergh
Ulgill, Great (Great Ulgill, Howgill Fells)
Ulgill Rigg, Howgill Fells
Ulgraves, Strickland Roger
Ullathorns, Middleton
Ullermire, Hethersgill
Ullermire, High (High Ullermire, Shawfoot)
Ulles (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles fl. (Eamont, River, Barton)
Ulles fl. (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles Flu. (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles flu. (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles Lake (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles Mere (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles River (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles Water (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulleswater (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulles Water Foot (Waterfoot, Dacre)
Ullock (Ullock Pike, Skiddaw)
Ullock, Above Derwent
Ullock, Dean
Ullock Junction, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Ullock Mains, Ullock
Ullock Moss, Ullock
Ullock Pike, Skiddaw
Ullock's Royal Hotel (Royal Hotel, Bowness-on-Windermere)
Ullock Station, Cleator and Egremont Railway Whitehaven
Ullock Township, Dean
Ullock Village Hall, Ullock
Ullok (Ullock, Dean)
Ulls (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ullscarf, Borrowdale
Ullscarf Gill, St John's Castlerigg and Wythburn
Ullscarth (Ullscarf, Borrowdale)
Ullskarth (Ullscarf, Borrowdale)
Ullsmoor, Shap
Ull Stone, Kentmere
Ullstone Gill, Kentmere
Ulls Water (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ullswater, Matterdale
Ullswater Hotel (Inn on the Lake, The, Glenridding)
Ullthwaite, Hugill
Ullthwaite Bridge, River Kent
Ullthwaite Mill, Ullthwaite
Ullthwaite Rigg, Shap Rural
Ulpha parish (once Cumberland)
Ulpha (Dunnerdale, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite)
Ulpha, Meathop and Ulpha
Ulpha, Ulpha
Ulpha Bridge, Ulpha
Ulpha Chapelry, Millom
Ulpha Church (St John's Church, Ulpha)
Ulpha Copper Mine, Stonegarth Wood
Ulpha Fell, Meathop and Ulpha
Ulpha Fell, Ulpha
Ulpha Hall, Old (Old Hall, Old Hall Farm)
Ulpha Kirk (Ulpha, Ulpha)
Ulpha, Meathop and parish (Meathop and Ulpha parish)
Ulpha Moors (Ulpha Fell, Ulpha)
Ulpha Old Hall (Old Hall, Old Hall Farm)
Ulpha Park, Ulpha
Ulpha Post Office, Dunnerdale
Ulpha School, Dunnerdale-with-Seathwaite
Ulpha Township, Meathop and (Meathop and Ulpha Township, Beetham)
Ulpha Wesleyan Chapel (chapel, Ulpha, Ulpha)
Ulphus Water (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulstey castle (Wolsty Castle, Wolsty)
Uls Water (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulswater (Ullswater, Matterdale)
Ulthwaite (Ullthwaite, Hugill)
Ultimate Eliminate, the, Castle Rock
Ulvay (Ulpha, Meathop and Ulpha)
Ulvernton (Ulverston, Ulverston)
Ulverston parish (once Lancashire)
Ulverston, Ulverston
Ulverston and Furness, and Lancaster and Carlisle Railway, Ulverston
Ulverston: Back Lane, 9 to 14
Ulverston Bay (Leven Estuary, River Leven)
Ulverston: Buxton Place, 1
Ulverston Canal, Ulverston
Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 20
Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 24
Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 28 and 30
Ulverston Cemetery, Ulverston
Ulverston Channel, Aldingham
Ulverston Church (St Jude's Church, Ulverston)
Ulverston Church (St Mary and Holy Trinity Church, Ulverston)
Ulverston: Daltongate, 2
Ulverston: Daltongate, 8 and 10
Ulverston: Daltongate, 15 to 21
Ulverston: Daltongate, 39 to 43
Ulverstone (Ulverston, Ulverston)
Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway, Ulverston
Ulverstone and Milnthorpe Union Railway, Ulverston
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 7
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 9 and 11
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 13
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 15 to 19
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 21
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 25 and 27
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 29 and 31
Ulverston: Gill, 36 and 37
Ulverston: Gill, 38
Ulverston: Gill, 39
Ulverston: Gill Banks, 1 to 3
Ulverston Goods Junction, Furness Railway
Ulverston Goods Station, Furness Railway
Ulverston Heritage Centre, Ulverston
Ulverston: King Street, 2 and 4
Ulverston: Market Place, 1
Ulverston: Market Place, 3
Ulverston: Market Place, 9
Ulverston: Market Place, 10
Ulverston: Market Street, 1
Ulverston: Market Street, 26 and 30
Ulverston: Market Street, 46 to 84
Ulverston: Market Street, 53
Ulverston Meeting House (meeting house, Ulverston, Ulverston)
Ulverston Methodist Church, Ulverston
Ulverston Police Station, Ulverston
Ulverston: Prince's Street, 12 and 14
Ulverston: Princes Street, 18
Ulverston: Prince's Street, 20
Ulverston: Queen Street, 9
Ulverston: Queen Street, 18
Ulverston: Queen Street, 20 and 22
Ulverston: Queen Street, 26
Ulverston: Queen Street, 28
Ulverston: Queen Street, 30
Ulverston: Queen Street, 36
Ulverston Railway Station (Ulverston Station, Furness Railway)
Ulverston Rural Deanery, Diocese of Carlisle
Ulverston Sands, Leven Estuary
Ulverston Savings Bank (Trustee Savings Bank, Ulverston)
Ulverston: Soutergate, 22 and 24
Ulverston: Soutergate, 26
Ulverston: Soutergate, 28
Ulverston: Soutergate, 30
Ulverston: Soutergate, 32
Ulverston: Soutergate, 34
Ulverston: Soutergate, 62
Ulverston: Soutergate, 78
Ulverston: Soutergate, 82
Ulverston Station, Furness Railway
Ulverston: Sunderland Terrace
Ulverston: Sun Street, 2
Ulverston to Windermere Railway, Ulverston
Ulverston: Union Street, 2
Ulverston Union Workhouse (workhouse, Ulverston, Ulverston)
Ulverston Wire Works, Ulverston
Ulverston Workhouse (workhouse, Ulverston, Ulverston)
Ulverton (Ulverston, Ulverston)
Unblock Cumbria, Kerry Park Trading Estate
Underbank, Sedbergh
Underbarow (Underbarrow, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Underbarro (Underbarrow, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Underbarrow parish (Underbarrow and Bradleyfield parish)
Underbarrow, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Underbarrow and Bradleyfield parish (once Westmorland)
Underbarrow and Bradleyfield Township (Underbarrow Chapelry, Kendal)
Underbarrow Beck (Underbarrow Pool, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Underbarrow Beck, Underbarrow
Underbarrow Chapelry, Kendal
Underbarrow Church (All Saints Church, Underbarrow)
Underbarrow Meeting House (meeting house, Crook, Crook)
Underbarrow Pool (Pool, River, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Underbarrow Pool, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Underbarrow Road, Kendal
Underbarrow Scar (Scout Scar, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Underbarrow Scar, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield
Underbarrow School (Old School, The, Underbarrow)
Underbarrow TP (Toll Bar Cottage, Underbarrow and Bradleyfield)
Underbarrow Village Hall (village hall, Underbarrow, Underbarrow)
Under Beck (Underbank, Sedbergh)
Under Brow (High Underbrow, Strickland Roger)
Under Brow (Low Underbrow, Strickland Roger)
Underbrow, High (High Underbrow, Strickland Roger)
Underbrow, Low (Low Underbrow, Strickland Roger)
Under Crag, Seathwaite
Under Crag, Torver
Undercrag (Under Crag, Torver)
Undercrag, Mungrisdale
Undercragg, Ulcat Row
Undercragg, Watermillock
Under Craig (Undercrag, Mungrisdale)
Underfell, Barbon
Underfield, Colton
Underground House, Heights
Under Helm (Underhelm Farm, Grasmere)
Under Helm (Underhelm, Helm, The)
Underhelm (Underhelm Farm, Grasmere)
Underhelm, Helm, The
Underhelm Cottage, Grasmere
Underhelm Farm (Underhelm, Helm, The)
Underhelm Farm, Grasmere
Underheugh, Waterhead
Under Hill (Underhill House, Longsleddale)
Under Hill, Hill, The
Underhill (Underhill House, Levens)
Underhill, Underbarrow
Underhill House, Levens
Underhill House, Longsleddale
Under Hill Station (Underhill Station, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway)
Underhill Station, Whitehaven and Furness Junction Railway
Underhill Wood, Longsleddale
Under Howe (Underhowe Farm, Mungrisdale)
Underhowe Farm, Mungrisdale
Under Knot (Underknotts, Firbank)
Under Knotts (Underknotts, Firbank)
Underknotts, Firbank
Underlaid Wood, Beetham
Underlay (Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Underlay Hall (Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Underley (Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Underley Bridge, River Lune
Underley Grange, Barbon
Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale
Underley Hall School (Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Underley Home Farm (Home Farm, Underley Park)
Underley Lodge (Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Underley Park (Underley Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale)
Undermilbecke (Undermillbeck, Crook)
Undermillbeck, Crook
Undermillbeck Common, Crook
Undermillbeck Township, Windermere
Under Moorthwaite (Murthwaite, Longsleddale)
Undermount, Rydal
Underscar, Ormathwaite
Underscar Manor (Underscar, Ormathwaite)
Underscar Manor Hotel (Underscar, Ormathwaite)
Underskiddaw parish (once Cumberland)
Underskiddaw, Underskiddaw
Underskiddaw Church Room, Applethwaite
Underskiddaw Township, Crosthwaite
Underskiddaw Village Hall, Millbeck
Under Skiddow (Underskiddaw, Underskiddaw)
Undertaker, The, Greatend Crag
Underwater Diving Services, Barrow-in-Furness
Underwinder, Sedbergh
Underwood, Bewcastle
Underwood, Blindbothel
Underwood, Dent
Underwood, Matterdale
Underwood, Milburn
Unerig (Ewanrigg Hall, Ellenborough)
Unerigg (Ewanrigg Hall, Ellenborough)
Unerigg Hall (Ewanrigg Hall, Ellenborough)
Unerigg Township, ... and (Ellenborough and Ewanrigg Township, Dearham)
Unicorn Inn, Ambleside
Unicorn, The (Penrith: Little Dockray, 9 and 10, Penrith)
Union Bridge (Dalston Bridge, River Caldew)
Union Court Brewery, Penrith
Union Hall, Whitehaven
Union Mills, Penrith
Union Workhouse (City General Hospital, Carlisle)
Union Workhouse (Station View House, Penrith)
Union Workhouse (workhouse, Bootle, Hyton)
Union Workhouse (workhouse, Carlisle, Carlisle)
Union Workhouse (workhouse, Wigton, Wigton)
Union Workhouse, Kendal
Union Workhouse, Kirkby Stephen
United Church, Workington
United Club, Workington
United Methodist Church (Redstone Chapel, Murton)
United Reform Church (Kings Church, Cockermouth)
United Reformed Church (Stainton Chapel, Stainton)
United Reformed Church, Dalton-in-Furness
United Reformed Church, Penrith
United Reformed Church, Penruddock
United Reformed Church, Sedbergh
United Reformed Church, Wigton
Unity, Brampton
University of Cumbria, Carlisle
Unnister Mountain (Fleetwith, Buttermere)
Unnisterre (Fleetwith Pike, Fleetwith)
Unsworth's Yard Brewery, Cartmel
Unthank, Dalston
Unthank, Glassonby
Unthank, Skelton
Unthanke (Unthank End, Unthank)
Unthanke (Unthank, Skelton)
Unthank End, Unthank
Unthank Farm, Unthank
Unthank Farm, Unthank
Unthank Hall, Skelton
Unthank House, Unthank
Unthank Township, Skelton
Upfront Gallery, Unthank
Up Hesket (High Hesket, Hesket)
Upmanhowe, Stainmore
Upper Allithwaite parish (once Lancashire)
Upper Brandy Gill Mine (Carrock Fell Mines, Carrock Fell)
Upper Brough (Church Brough, Brough)
Upper Brough (spa, Church Brough, Church Brough)
Upperby parish (once Cumberland)
Upperby, Carlisle
Upperby Bridge, River Petteril
Upperby Bridge Junction, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Upperby Church (St John's Church, Upperby)
Upperby Engine Shed (engine shed, Carlisle (6), Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Upperby Junction West, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Upperby North Engine Shed (engine shed, Carlisle (4), Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Upperby School (school, Upperby, Upperby)
Upperby South Engine Shed (engine shed, Carlisle (5), Lancaster and Carlisle Railway)
Upperby Township, Upperby
Upper Cartcot (Carleton, St Cuthbert Without)
Upper Cascade (High Fall, Rydal Beck)
Upper Dale Beck, Caldbeck
Upper Deep Ghyll Buttress, Scafell Crag
Upper Denton parish (once Cumberland)
Upper Denton parish (once Cumberland)
Upper Denton, Upper Denton
Upper Denton Church (church, Upper Denton, Upper Denton)
Upper Denton Level Crossing, Newcastle and Carlisle Railway
Upper Denton Vicarage (Old Vicarage, Upper Denton)
Upper Eskdale Falls (Esk Falls, River Esk)
Upper Fall (High Fall, Rydal Beck)
Upper Fall at Rydal (High Fall, Rydal Beck)
Upper Fitx Park (Fitz Parks, Keswick)
Upper Fitz Park pencil works, Keswick
Upper Green Quarries, Westward
Upper Hesket Township, Hesket-in-the-Forest
Upper Hoff (Hoff, Hoff)
Upper Hoffe (Hoff, Hoff)
Upper Holker (Beck Side, Lower Allithwaite)
Upper Kentmere Falls, River Kent
Upper Kirkander (Kirkandrews, Kirkandrews)
Upper Levens (Levens Hall, Levens)
Upper Market Street (High Street, Brough)
Upper Pear Tree Cottage, Holker
Upper Staveley parish (Over Staveley parish)
Upperstaveley parish (Over Staveley parish)
Upper Town (Coulderton, Lowside Quarter)
Uppertown, Hethersgill
Upper Welton (Welton, Sebergham)
Upper West Wall Climb, Scafell Crag
Uprightby (Upperby, Carlisle)
Uprightbye (Upperby, Carlisle)
Uprightly (Upperby, Carlisle)
Upton, Caldbeck
Up Welton (Welton, Sebergham)
Urban Legendz (Ulverston: Market Place, 6 and 7, Ulverston)
Urchinrigg Farm, Gatebeck
Urchin's Groove, Pike's Crag
Ure Head, Lunds Fell
Ure River (Ure, River, North Yorkshire)
Ure, River, North Yorkshire
Urn, The, Goat Crag
Urswick parish (once Lancashire)
Urswick (Great Urswick, Urswick)
Urswick Church (St Mary and St Michael's Church, Great Urswick)
Urswick, Great (Great Urswick, Urswick)
Urswick Hall, Great Urswick
Urswick, Little (Little Urswick, Urswick)
Urswick Recreation Hall, Urswick
Urswick Tarn, Great Urswick
Urswick Tarn, Little (Little Urswick Tarn, Little Urswick)
U'stan (Ulverston, Ulverston)
Uterside (Outerside, Above Derwent)
Uundercragg (Under Crag, Seathwaite)
Uuthank (Unthank, Glassonby)
Uxelludamo (Uxelodunum, Hadrian's Wall)
Uxelodiano (Uxelodunum, Hadrian's Wall)
Uxelodum (Uxelodunum, Hadrian's Wall)
Uxelodunum, Hadrian's Wall
Uzzicar, Above Derwent