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placename:- Ainstable parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY5647
10Km square:- NY55, NY65
10Km square:- NY54, NY64
parish code:- ANST
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY5647

source:- Census 1971

population:- 425 -- 1971

Aimbank, Ainstable
Ainstable Hall, Ainstable
Ainstable Methodist Church, Ainstable
Armathwaite Bridge, Armathwaite
Armathwaite Methodist Church, Armathwaite
Armathwaite Nunnery, Ainstable
Armathwaite Place, Armathwaite
Barugh Cottages, Ainstable
Bascodyke Foot, Ainstable
Bascodyke Head, Ainstable
Bascodyke, Ainstable
Beck Brow, Ainstable
Beck, Ainstable
Bell House, Ainstable
Blue Bell Inn, Newbiggin
boundary stone, Ainstable/Armathwaite
boundary stone, Ainstable/Hesket
Bramery, Ainstable
Broadbeck Mill, Ainstable
Broomrigg Plantation, Ainstable
Broomrigg stone circles, Ainstable
Broomrigg, Ainstable
Butt Hill, Ainstable
Cairnhead Farm, Ainstable
Carrholme, Ainstable
Chapel Well, Ainstable
chapel, Nunnery
Common House, Ainstable
Coombs Wood, Ainstable
Coombs, Ainstable
Coombshead, Ainstable
Croglin Bridge, Croglin
Croglin Fell, Ainstable
Croglin Limekiln, Ainstable
Croglin Low Bridge, Nunnery
Croglin Water
Croglin, Ainstable
Cross House, Ainstable
cross, Nunnery
Dale Bridge, Ainstable
Dale Mill, Ainstable
Dale, Ainstable
Eden, River
Fair Hill House, Ainstable
Farlam Currick, Ainstable
Faugh Head, Ainstable
Fieldhead, Ainstable
fingerpost, Ainstable
fingerpost, Ainstable (2)
Gillingbrig Currick, Ainstable
Gillingbrig Gate, Ainstable
Giltingbrigg Gate, Ainstable
Glen Artney, Armathwaite
Harras, Ainstable
Highfield, Ainstable
Lawyer's Cross, Ainstable
Lion House, Croglin
Longdales, Ainstable
Low Fold, Ainstable
New Water
Newbiggin Fell, Ainstable
Newbiggin, Ainstable
Nunnery Fall, Ainstable
Nunnery Walks, Ainstable
Nunnery, Ainstable
NY54: earthquake 19891216 0123
pinfold, Rowfoot
Rectory Farm, Ainstable
road, Carlisle to Kirkoswald
road, Kirkoswald to Brampton
Rowfoot, Ainstable
Ruckcroft, Ainstable
school, Ainstable
Slack, Ainstable
St John, Croglin
St Michael and All Angels, Ainstable
Street House, Ainstable
sundial, Ainstable
Three Pikes, Northumberland
Tom Smith's Stone, Ainstable
Town Head Farm, Croglin
Towngate, Ainstable
Townhead, Ainstable
Townhead, Newbiggin
trig point, NY5966649529
Vista, Ainstable
Wallmoor Plantation, Ainstable
waterfall, New Water
Woldgill Tarn, Alston Moor

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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