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placename:- Arnside Knott
locality:- Arnside Fell
parish Arnside parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
Altitude 522 feet
coordinates:- SD456775
10Km square:- SD47

1Km square SD4577


Arnside Knott -- Arnside Fell -- Arnside -- Cumbria / -- 16.12.2005

descriptive text:- West 1778 (11th edn 1821)

Guide book, A Guide to the Lakes, by Thomas West, published by William Pennington, Kendal, Cumbria once Westmorland, and in London, 1778 to 1821.
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Page 101, footnote:-
The greatest quantity of limestone hills contained in this tour lie within the district bounded by Kendal, Witherslack, Kellet, and Hutton roof. And the most beautiful of them, as seen at a distance, are Farlton and Arnside knots, Witherslack-scar, and Warton-crag. The two first have their highest parts, which are neatly rounded, covered in a great measure with small fragments of limestone (called shillow) which gives them at all times an uncommon and beautiful appearance. But at the latter end of the year, when the foliage of the copses on their sides, and the grass which is interspersed along their glades near their tops, have gained an olive hue, no objects of the kind can appear more elegantly coloured. ...

placename:- Arnside Knot
date:- 1778
period:- 18th century, late; 1770s

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