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placename:- Boltons parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY2441
10Km square:- NY14, NY24
10Km square:- NY23
parish code:- BLTS
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY2441

source:- Census 1971

population:- 512 -- 1971

All Saints, Boltons
Angerton Bank, Boltons
Barren Fell, Boltons
Bogg Hall, Boltons
Boiling Springs, Boltons
Bolton Hall, Boltongate
Bolton Low Houses, Boltons
Bolton Moor, Boltons
Bolton New Houses, Boltons
Bolton Park, Boltons
Bolton Wood Farm, Boltons
Bolton Wood House, Boltons
Boltongate Bridge, Boltons
Boltongate Farm, Boltons
Boltongate Head, Boltons
Boltongate, Boltons
Boltonwood Lane, Boltons
Brough Hill Farm, Boltons
Brough Hill, Boltons
Catlands Foot, Boltons
Catlands Hill, Boltons
Catlands, Boltons
Close, Boltons
Crummock Bridge, Boltons
Daleside, Boltons
Ellen Bank, Boltons
Far Row, Boltons
fingerpost, Boltons
Grove Cott, Boltons
Guards, Boltons
Hall Bank, Boltons
High Blaithwaite Station, Boltons
High Pow, Boltons
Highend Quarry, Boltons
Hilltop, Boltons
Lane Head, Boltons
Little Waver
Low Pow, Boltons
Lynedraw, Boltons
Maryport and Carlisle Railway
Mealsgate Station, Boltons
Mealsgate, Boltons
meeting house, Bolton Low Houses
milestone, Boltons
milestone, Boltons (2)
milestone, Boltons (3)
milestone, Boltons (4)
moat, Cockbridge
Newlands Farm, Boltons
NY23: earthquake 19010709 1645
Oddfellows Arms, Bolton Low Houses
Percy Hill, Boltons
Pow Bank, Boltons
Pow Gill
Pow Heads, Boltons
Quarry Hill Farm, Boltons
Quarry Hill House, Boltons
Rash, Boltons
Rectory, Boltons
road, Bassenthwaite to Red Dial
road, Caldbeck to Aspatria
road, Cockermouth to Carlisle
Sandale, Boltons
school, Boltons
Shaking Bridge, Boltons
Snow Hill Farm, Boltons
Thackthwaite Hall, Boltons
Thistlebottom, Boltons
Thorney Stone, Boltons
Thornthwaite Beck
Thornthwaite, Boltons
trig point, NY2186741203
trig point, NY2667339835
war memorial, Boltons
Waver Bank, Boltons
Waver, River
Weary Hall, Boltons
Well Rash, Boltons
Wellrash Farm, Boltons

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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