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placename:- Deepdale
locality:- Matterdale Common
parish Matterdale parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY354201
10Km square:- NY32

1Km square NY3520

button   Amphitheatre Rib, Hutaple Crag
button   Amphitheatre, Hutaple Crag
button   Anabasis, Scrubby Crag
button   barn, Deepdale
button   barn, Patterdale
button   Beowolf, Scrubby Crag
button   Black Buttress, Patterdale
button   Blake Rigg, Dent
button   Brown Study, Hutaple Crag
button   Causeway House, Patterdale
button   Curving Gully, Hutaple Crag
button   Cyrano, Hutaple Crag
button   Darth Vader, Scrubby Crag
button   Deepdale Hall, Patterdale
button   Deepdale Hause, Patterdale
button   Deepdale Head, Dent
button   Deepdale Iron Mine, Patterdale
button   Deepdale Park, Patterdale
button   East Wall, Hutaple Crag
button   Erne Nest Crag, Patterdale
button   Far West Rib, Hutaple Crag
button   Firedragon, Scrubby Crag
button   Forces, Patterdale
button   Gastack Beck Bottom, Dent
button   Girdle Traverse, Scrubby Crag
button   Greenhow End, Patterdale
button   Grendel, Scrubby Crag
button   Heat Wave, Hutaple Crag
button   Heorot, Scrubby Crag
button   High Nun House, Dent
button   Hill Top, Dent
button   Holly Bush, Dent
button   Hrothgar, Scrubby Crag
button   Interrupted Grooves, Hutaple Crag
button   Juniper Crack, Scrubby Crag
button   Lane Head, Patterdale
button   Latterhaw Crag, Patterdale
button   Migraine, Hutaple Crag
button   Mire Garth, Dent
button   Mossydale, Patterdale
button   Northwest Grooves, Hutaple Crag
button   Outrake Foot, Dent
button   pinfold, Deepdale
button   Platt, Dent
button   Portcullis Ridge, Black Buttress
button   Scow, Dent (2)
button   Scrubby Crag, Patterdale
button   sheepfold, Deepdale
button   Slack Well, Dent
button   Slack, Dent
button   Sleet Wall, Hutaple Crag
button   stone wall, Deepdale
button   Wall Climb, Scrubby Crag
button   Wall End, Patterdale
button   waterfall, Gastack Beck
button   Western Avenue, Hutaple Crag

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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