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placename:- Eskdale parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY1802
10Km square:- NY10, NY20
10Km square:- SD19, SD29
parish code:- ESKD
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY1802

source:- Census 1971

population:- 450 -- 1971

A Gully, Pike's Crag
Absinthe, East Buttress
Adam-a-Cove, Eskdale
Adam-a-Crag, Eskdale
Afterthought, Dow Crag
All Sorts, Stand Crag
Armageddon, East Buttress
Armont House, Eskdale
B Gully, Pike's Crag
Bakerstead, Eskdale
Ban Garth Mine, Eskdale
Banister, Scafell Crag
barn, Long Rigg Farm
Beckfoot Bridge, Beckfoot
Beckfoot Crossing, Beckfoot
Beckfoot Quarry, Eskdale
Beckfoot Station, Beckfoot
Beckfoot, Eskdale
bield, Eskdale
bield, Eskdale (2)
bield, Eskdale (3)
Birdhow, Eskdale
Birker and Austhwaite, Eskdale
Birker Beck
Birker Fell, Eskdale
Birker Fell, Eskdale (2)
Birker Force, Eskdale
Birkerthwaite, Eskdale
Black Crag, Eskdale
Black Gill
Black Sunday, Dow Crag
Blea Beck (4)
Blea Tarn Hill, Eskdale
Blea Tarn Mine, Eskdale
Blea Tarn, Eskdale
Bleabeck Bridge, Eskdale
Blind Tarn, Eskdale
boat house, Eskdale
Boat How, Eskdale
Boot Inn, Boot
Boot Station, Boot
Boot, Eskdale
Border End, Eskdale
Bos'n's Buttress, Scafell Crag
Botterill's Slab, Scafell Crag
boundary stone, Eskdale/Ulpha
Bow Fell, Eskdale
Bower's Route, Dow Crag
Bowfell Buttress, Eskdale
Bowfell Links, Eskdale
Brant Rake Mine, Eskdale
Brantrake, Eskdale
Brat's Moss, Eskdale
Bridge End Farm, Boot
bridge, Eskdale
Bridge's Route, Dow Crag
Broad Crag, Eskdale
Broad Crags, Eskdale
Broad Stand, Eskdale
Broad Stand, Sca Fell
Broad Tongue, Eskdale
Broadcrag Col, Eskdale
Broadcrag Tarn, Eskdale
Brock Crag, Eskdale
Brook House Inn, Boot
Brotherilkeld, Eskdale
Burnmoor Lodge, Eskdale
Burnmoor stone circles, Eskdale
Burnmoor Tarn
Burnmoor, Eskdale
C Gully, Pike's Crag
Cam Spout Buttress, Cam Spout Crag
Cam Spout Crag, Eskdale
Cam Spout Grooves, Cam Spout Crag
Cam Spout, Eskdale
Castor, Scafell Crag
Catcove Beck
Catcove Gill, Eskdale
Centaur, East Buttress
Central Buttress, Scafell Crag
Central Pillar, Dow Crag
Central Route, Scafell Crag
Chambers Crag, Eskdale
chapel, Eskdale
Chartreuse, East Buttress
Chimney Buttress, Dow Crag
Christcliff Mines, Eskdale
Christcliff, Eskdale
Citadel, Pike's Crag
Collier's Climb, Scafell Crag
Corridor Route, Eskdale
Cowcove Beck
Cremation Ridge, Pike's Crag
Crinkle Crags, Eskdale
Crook Crag, Eskdale
Crowhow End, Eskdale
D Gully, Pike's Crag
Dalegarth Hall, Eskdale
Dalegarth Station, Eskdale
Dalegarth Station, Eskdale (2)
Dawson Ground, Eskdale
Deep Ghyll Pillar, Eskdale
Deep Ghyll, Eskdale
Deerstalker, Stand Crag
Demming Crag, Eskdale
Devoke Water
Dexter Slab, Black Crag
Diagonal Route, Black Crag
Direct from Lord's Rake to Hopkinson's Cairn, Scafell Crag
Doctor's Bridge, Eskdale
Dodknott Gill
Dow Crag, Eskdale
East Buttress Girdle, East Buttress
East Buttress, Eskdale
Eel Tarn, Eskdale
Eelbeck Bridge, Eskdale
Ellerbeck Bridge, Eskdale
Ent, Cam Spout Crag
Eros, Stand Crag
Esk Chimneys, Dow Crag
Esk Falls, Eskdale
Esk Hause, Eskdale
Esk Pike, Eskdale
Esk View, Eskdale
Esk, River (2)
Eskdale Fell, Eskdale
Eskdale Green, Eskdale
Eskdale Mill, Boot
Eskdale Moor, Eskdale
Eskdale Needle, Eskdale
Eskdale Stores, Eskdale Green
Eskdale Vicarage, Beckfoot
Fell End, Eskdale
Field Head, Eskdale
fingerpost, Eskdale
Fisherground Station, Eskdale
Flesk, Eskdale
footbridge, Eskdale
ford, Eskdale
Forge Bridge, Eskdale
Forge House, Eskdale
Foxes Rake, Eskdale
Foxes Tarn, Eskdale
Frustration, Dow Crag
Gargoyle Direct, Dow Crag
Gargoyle Groove, Dow Crag
Gargoyle's Stairs, Dow Crag
Garner Bank, Eskdale
Gate Crag, Eskdale
Gate House, Eskdale
gate, Eskdale
Gill Bank, Eskdale
Gill Force and Gate Crag Mines, Eskdale
Gill Force, Eskdale
Girdle Traverse, Dow Crag
Girdle Traverse, Scafell Crag
Great Arming How, Eskdale
Great Bank, Eskdale
Great Barrow, Eskdale
Great Central Climb, Dow Crag
Great Chimney, Scafell Crag
Great Eastern Route, East Buttress
Great End, Eskdale
Great How, Eskdale
Great Moss, Eskdale
Great Slab, Eskdale
Greathall Gill
Green Crag, Eskdale
Green Hole, Eskdale
Green How, Eskdale
Green How, Eskdale (2)
Gremlin's Groove, East Buttress
Greta Gill
Grey Bastion, Scafell Crag
Grooved Arete, Pike's Crag
guide stone, Eskdale
Hanging Chimney, Scafell Crag
Hard Knott, Eskdale
Hard Rigg, Eskdale
Hardknott Brewery, Eskdale
Hardknott Pass, Eskdale
Hardrigg Gill
Hare Gill
Hell's Groove, East Buttress
Heron Crag, Eskdale
High Gait Crags, Eskdale
High Ground, Eskdale
High Man from Jordan Gap, Scafell Crag
High Man via Steep Ghyll and Slingsby's Chimney, Scafell Crag
High Scarth Crag, Eskdale
Highford Beck
Hole and Corner Gully, Black Crag
Hollinghead Bank, Eskdale
Hollins, Eskdale
Hollow Stones, Eskdale
Hollowmire, Eskdale
Holy Ghost, East Buttress
Hopkinsin's Gully, Scafell Crag
Horn Crag, Eskdale
Horse and Man Rock, Pike's Crag
How Beck (2)
Hows, Eskdale
Ichabod, East Buttress
Ill Crag, Eskdale
Illgill Head, Eskdale
Intermittent Chimneys, Scafell Crag
Jacob's Ladder, Scafell Crag
Japanese Garden, Eskdale Green
Jones and Collier's Climb, Scafell Crag
Jones's Arete from Hopkinson's Cairn, Scafell Crag
Jones's Route from Deep Ghyll, Scafell Crag
Jone's Route Direct from Lord's Rake, Scafell Crag
Jubilee Bridge, Eskdale
Juniper Buttress, Pike's Crag
kennels, Eskdale Green
Kepple Crag, Eskdale
Keswick Brothers' Climb, Scafell Crag
King George IV, Eskdale Green
Lambfoot Dub, Eskdale
Lambford Bridge, Eskdale
Left Edge, Scafell Crag
letter box, Boot
level crossing, Eskdale
level crossing, Eskdale (2)
Leverage, East Buttress
Limbeck Bridge, Muncaster
Limbeck Gill
Linbeck Bridge, Eskdale
Linbeck Gill
Lincove Beck
Lingcove Beck
Lingmell Gill
Little Buttress, Stand Crag
Little Narrowcove, Eskdale
Long Crag, Eskdale
Long Crag, Ulpha
Long Pike, Eskdale
Long Rigg Farm, Eskdale
Long Top, Eskdale
Lord's Rake, Eskdale
Low Birker Pool
Low Birker Tarn, Eskdale
Low Birker, Eskdale
Low Gait Crags, Eskdale
Low Ground, Eskdale
Low Holme, Eskdale
Low Longrigg, Eskdale
Low Man by the Right Wall of Steep Ghyll, Scafell Crag
Low Man from Hopkinson's Cairn, Scafell Crag
Low Place, Eskdale
Maiden Castle, Eskdale
Mare's Nest Buttress, Pike's Crag
Mare's Rib, Pike's Crag
May Day Climb, East Buttress
Mecklin Park Mine, Eskdale
Medusa Wall, Dow Crag
Mickledore Buttress No.1, Pike's Crag
Mickledore Buttress Western Corner, Pike's Crag
Mickledore Chimney, Sca Fell
Mickledore Grooves, East Buttress
Mickledore, Eskdale
Milkingstead, Eskdale
mill pond, Long Rigg Farm
Mite Villa, Eskdale
Mite, River
Miterdale Head, Eskdale
Miterdale, Eskdale
Moonday, East Buttress
Morning Wall, East Buttress
Moses Trod, Scafell Crag
Moss Ghyll Grooves, Scafell Crag
Moss Ghyll, Scafell Crag
Moss Ledge Direct, Scafell Crag
Nab Gill Mine, Eskdale
Narrow Stand, Scafell Crag
Nazgul, Scafell Crag
North Climb, Scafell Crag
NY10: earthquake 19940315 2239
Orc, Cam Spout Crag
Ore Gap, Borrowdale
Outward Bound School, Eskdale Green
Overhanging Grooves, East Buttress
Overhanging Wall, East Buttress
packhorse bridge, Boot
packhorse bridge, Throstle Garth
Paddock Wray, Eskdale
Pegasus, East Buttress
Pen, Eskdale
Penny Hill Farm, Eskdale
Peregrine Gully, Cam Spout Crag
Pernod, East Buttress
Phoenix, East Buttress
Pianet Knott, Eskdale
Piers Gill
Pike de Bield Moss, Eskdale
Pike de Bield, Eskdale
Pike's Crag Ridge, Pike's Crag
Pike's Crag, Eskdale
Pinnacle Face Direct Finish, Scafell Crag
Pinnacle Face from Steep Ghyll, Scafell Crag
Pisgah Buttress Direct, Scafell Crag
Pisgah from Jordan Gap, Scafell Crag
Plumb Line, Black Crag
Pollux, Scafell Crag
post office, Eskdale Green
Professor's Chimney, Scafell Crag
Quagrigg Moss, Eskdale
railway bridge, The Green
railway milepost, Beckfoot
Rakehead Crag, Eskdale
Rampart, Scafell Crag
Randlehow, Eskdale Green
Raven Crag, Eskdale
Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway (New)
Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway (Old)
Red Edge, Dow Crag
Red Ghyll Buttress, Scafell Crag
Red Ghyll Wall, Scafell Crag
Red Ghyll, Eskdale
Right Hand Edge, Scafell Crag
Right Hand Route, Dow Crag
road, Hawkshead to Whitehaven
road, Skelwith Bridge to Ravenglass
roman fort, Hardknott Pass
Rough Crag, Eskdale
Rough Crag, Eskdale (2)
Round How, Eskdale
Rowan Tree Buttress, Stand Crag
Sampson's Stones, Eskdale
Satisfaction, Dow Crag
Sca Fell: ascent 1855
Sca Fell, Eskdale
Scafell Crag, Eskdale
Scafell Pike, Eskdale
Scale Bridge, Eskdale
Scale Gill
Scar Lathing, Eskdale
school, Eskdale
school, Eskdale Green
Screes, Wasdale
Seat How, Eskdale
Seat, Eskdale
Sector, Pike's Crag
Sentinel, Pike's Crag
Serpent Route, Dow Crag
Shamrock Buttress, Scafell Crag
sheepfold, Eskdale
sheepfold, Eskdale (2)
sheepfold, Eskdale (3)
sheepfold, Eskdale (4)
Shelob, Black Crag
Silver How, Eskdale
Silver Lining, Scafell Crag
Silverybield Crag, Eskdale
Siney Tarn, Eskdale
Sinister Ridge, Black Crag
Slab and Groove Route, Scafell Crag
Slab Climb, Scafell Crag
Slight Side, Eskdale
Slime Chimney, East Buttress
Smallstone Beck
South Chimney, East Buttress
South Face Route, Stand Crag
Southern Corner, Pike's Crag
Spot How Gill Copper Mine, Eskdale
Spout House Farm, Eskdale
Square Chimney Route, Dow Crag
St Bega, Eskdale Green
St Bega's CofE Primary School, Eskdale Green
St Catherine, Eskdale
St Catherine's Well, Eskdale
Stand Crag, Eskdale
Stanley Force, Eskdale
Stanley Ghyll, Beckfoot
Stanley Gill
station, Scafell Pike
Steep Ghyll Grooves, Scafell Crag
Steep Ghyll, Scafell Crag
Steeplechase, Pike's Crag
stepping stones, Eskdale
stone wall, Boot
stone wall, Eskdale
stone wall, Great Moss
stone, Eskdale
Stony Tarn, Eskdale
summer house, Eskdale
sundial, Eskdale
Symonds Knott, Eskdale
Tarn Crag, Eskdale
Taw House Copper Trials, Eskdale
Taw House, Eskdale
telephone box, Eskdale
The Green Station, Eskdale
Thompson's Route, Scafell Crag
Thor's Cave, Dow Crag
Three Tarns, Eskdale
Throstle Garth, Eskdale
Thunder Rib, Dow Crag
Tia Maria, East Buttress
Tio Pepe, East Buttress
Tom Fox's Crag, Eskdale
Tongue Moor, Eskdale
Tongue, Eskdale
Tower Buttress, Scafell Crag
track, Seathwaite to Wasdale Head
Trespasser Groove, Dow Crag
Tricouni Slab, Scafell Crag
trig point, NY1650904809
trig point, NY1685601362
trig point, NY1974503989
trig point, NY2154007216
trig point, SD1610997755
Trinity, East Buttress
Trough House Bridge, Eskdale
Upper Deep Ghyll Buttress, Scafell Crag
Upper West Wall Climb, Scafell Crag
Urchin's Groove, Pike's Crag
Waiting Roomfrom the First Pitch in Steep Ghyll, Scafell Crag
Wall and Crack Climb, Pike's Crag
Wall Finish, Dow Crag
war memorial, Eskdale
Wasdale Head Hall Farm, Eskdale
Water Crag, Eskdale
waterfall, Boot
waterfall, Greta Gill
West Wall Climb, Scafell Crag
Western Buttress, Pike's Crag
Wha House Farm, Eskdale
Whahouse Bridge, Eskdale
Whillan Beck
Whillanside, Boot
Whin Rigg, Eskdale
Whincop Bridge, Eskdale
Whincop, Eskdale
Whinscales, Eskdale
Woodhead's Climb, Scafell Crag
Woolpack Inn, Eskdale
Wriggling Route, Pike's Crag
Wyvern Groove, Round How
Xerxes, Scafell Crag
Yattus, Eskdale Green
Yeastyrigg Crags, Eskdale
Yew Bank, Eskdale
Yew Crags, Eskdale

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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