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placename:- Farlam parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY5859
10Km square:- NY56, NY66
10Km square:- NY55, NY65
parish code:- FRLM
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY5859

source:- Census 1971

population:- 450 -- 1971

Back Dike
Beck, Farlam
Belted Will Inn, Hallbankgate
Blind Tarn, Farlam
Boon Hill, Farlam
Bowbank, Farlam
Carnetley, Farlam
Cherrytree Well, Farlam
Clement Leazes, Farlam
Clesket Holme, Farlam
Cleskett Beck
Clesketts, Farlam
Closeghyll, Farlam
Clowsgill Holme, Farlam
Clowsgill Limeworks, Farlam
Clowsgill Wood, Farlam
Clowsgill, Farlam
Coalfell Beck
Coalfell, Farlam
Cocklit Hill, Farlam
Curdiff, Farlam
Doleshole, Farlam
drain, Hallbankgate
engine shed, Kirkhouse
Farlam Hall Cottage, Farlam
Farlam Hall, Farlam
Farlam House Farm, Farlam
fingerpost, Farlam
Folly Rigg, Farlam
Follysike, Farlam
Forest Head, Farlam
gas works, Farlam
Greenside Rigg, Farlam
Greenside, Farlam
Greystone Well, Farlam
Hallbank Turnpike, Farlam
Hallbankgate Village School, Hallbankgate
Hallbankgate Waggonway
Hallbankgate, Farlam
Highfell, Farlam
Kirkhouse Farm, Farlam
Kirkhouse, Farlam
Lingholme Burn
Lonning, Farlam
Low Town House, Farlam
Moss Hill, Farlam
New Garth, Farlam
Office Cottage, Farlam
Park, Farlam
Plane Head, Farlam
Reading Room House, Hallbankgate
reading room, Tindale
Roachburn Pit Disaster Memorial, Farlam
Roachburn Pit, Farlam
road, Brampton to Alston
Rookburn, Farlam
school, Tindale
Silver Side, Farlam
Silvertop, Farlam
St Thomas, Farlam
stone, Farlam
Stoop Rigg, Farlam
sundial, Farlam
Tarnhouse Rigg, Farlam
Temple Garth, Farlam
Tindale, Farlam
Tindalefell Spelter Works, Farlam
Wesleyan Chapel, Hallbankgate
Whinnyfell, Farlam
Williamgill, Farlam
Woodend, Farlam
Woodside, Farlam

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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