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placename:- Gosforth parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY0704
10Km square:- NY00, NY10
parish code:- GSFR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY0704

source:- Census 1971

population:- 1076 -- 1971

Addy House, Gosforth
Bank House Farm, Gosforth
barn, Gosforth
Between Guards, Gosforth
Black Beck (14)
Blackbeck Bridge, Gosforth
Bleawath, Gosforth
Blen, River
Bleng Bridge, Gosforth
Bleng Fell, Gosforth
Blengdale Forest, Gosforth
Blengdale, Gosforth
Blennerhazel, Gosforth
Bolt How, Gosforth
Bolton Hall, Gosforth
Bolton Wood, Gosforth
brewery, Gosforth
Bridge Petton, Gosforth
Broom Farm, Gosforth
Broom, Gosforth
Buckbarrow House, Gosforth
Cathow Bridge, Gosforth
Cross Lanes, Gosforth
Field End, Gosforth
Fleming Hall, Gosforth
Gaterigghow Bridge, Gosforth
Gillgrass Quarry, Gosforth
Globe, Gosforth
Gosforth CofE Primary School, Gosforth
Gosforth Cross, Gosforth
Gosforth Gate, Gosforth
Gosforth Hall, Gosforth
Greengarth Hall, Gosforth
Gretigate stone circles, Gosforth
guide stone, Gosforth
Hall Bolton, Gosforth
Hall Croft, Gosforth
Hall Senna, Gosforth
Hallbolton Bridge, Gosforth
Hallsenna, Gosforth
Harebeck Bridge, Gosforth
Harecroft Hall, Gosforth
Hawkbarrow Farm, Gosforth
High Boonwood, Gosforth
High House Farm, Gosforth
High Thistleton, Gosforth
Hollow Moor, Gosforth
Holy Well, Gosforth
Hurlbarrow, Gosforth
Julian Holme, Gosforth
Kemplerigg, Gosforth
Kidbeck Bridge, Gosforth
Laconby, Gosforth
Lingbank, Gosforth
Lion and Lamb, Gosforth
Longlands, Gosforth
Low Boonwood, Gosforth
Low Moorside, Gosforth
Low Thistleton, Gosforth
Meolbank, Gosforth
Middle Boonwood, Gosforth
Moorside Farm, Gosforth
Moss Side, Gosforth
New Mill, Gosforth
Newmill Beck
Newton Manor, Gosforth
Parknook, Gosforth
Peagill, Gosforth
Peel Place, Gosforth
Rainors, Gosforth
Rainorshill Quarry, Gosforth
Red Admiral, Gosforth
road, Gosforth to Wasdale Head
road, Ravenglass to Egremont
road, through Seascale
Rose Cottage, Gosforth
Row Farm, Gosforth
Rowend Bridge, Gosforth
Sally Hill, Gosforth
Scale Beck (3)
school, Gosforth
Scot Hall, Gosforth
Sergeant Ford, Ennerdale and Kinniside
Silver How, Gosforth
Skelgill Trial, Gosforth
Snowder, Gosforth
Sowermyrr, Gosforth
Spring Keld, Gosforth
St Mary, Gosforth
Steelfield Hall, Gosforth
sundial, Gosforth
Tarn How, Gosforth
Thornbank, Gosforth
trig point, NY0760202279
Wellington Bridge, Gosforth
Wellington, Gosforth
Whin Garth, Gosforth
Whinnerah, Gosforth
Wind Hall, Gosforth

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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