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placename:- Heversham parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Westmorland
coordinates:- SD4983
10Km square:- SD48, SD58
parish code:- HVRS
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD4983

source:- Census 1971

population:- 703 -- 1971

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675

Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

placename:- Heversham
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

Arnside to Hincaster branch railway
Blue Bell Hotel, Heversham
boundary stone, Heversham/Hincaster
boundary stone, Heversham/Kendal
boundary stone, Heversham/Levens
boundary stone, Heversham/Milnthorpe
boundary stone, Heversham/Milnthorpe (2)
boundary stone, Heversham/Milnthorpe (3)
Chestnut House, Heversham
Church View Cottage, Heversham
cock pit, Heversham
College Green, Heversham
fingerpost, Heversham
gate, Heversham
Halforth, Heversham
Hall, Heversham
Haverflatts, Heversham
Hawthorne Cottage, Heversham
Heversham CofE Primary School, Heversham
Heversham Hall, Heversham
Heversham House, Heversham
Heversham Millennium Pillar, Heversham
Heversham Station, Heversham
High House, Woodhouse
Icehouse Wood, Levens
Kendal and Ulverstone Junction Railway
Kent, River
Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Leasgill, Heversham
Lower Rowell Farm, Heversham
milestone, Heversham
milestone, Heversham (2)
Moss Side Farm, Heversham
Ninezergh, Heversham
Old Grammar School, Heversham
Old Post Office, Heversham
Old School House, Heversham
Olde Blue Bell, Heversham
Park Hill, Heversham
Park House, Heversham
Plumtree Bank, Heversham
Plumtree Hall, Heversham
railway bridge, Heversham
railway bridge, Hincaster
ring of bells, Heversham
road, Milnthorpe to Kendal
road, through Natland
roadsign, Heversham
Rowell Railway Bridge, Heversham
Rowell, Heversham
school, Heversham
St Mary's Well, Heversham
St Peter, Heversham
stone, Woodhouse
sundial, Heversham
Sunny Vale, Heversham
toll gate, Heversham
trig point, SD5019683802
village hall, Heversham
war memorial, Heversham
Woodhouse Bridge, Woodhouse
Woodhouse Farm, Woodhouse
Woodhouse, Heversham

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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