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placename:- Kingwater parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY6171
10Km square:- NY57, NY67
10Km square:- NY56, NY66
parish code:- KNGW
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY6171

source:- Census 1971

population:- 152 -- 1971

Allensteads, Kingwater
Ash Moss, Kingwater
Berry Hill, Kingwater
Berry Sike
Birky Shank, Kingwater
Blackrigg Foot, Kingwater
Blackshaws Hill, Kingwater
Blackshaws Sike
Blackshaws, Kingwater
boundary stone, Kingwater
boundary stone, Kingwater (2)
bridge, Kingwater
bridge, Kingwater (2)
bridge, Kingwater (4)
bridge, Kingwater (5)
bridge, Lampert
Butter Burn
Butterburn Bidge, Kingwater
Butterburn Flow, Kingwater
Butterburn Hill, Kingwater
Butterburn, Kingwater
Calf Sike
Caud Beck
chapel, Kingwater
Cheese Burn
Cheeseburn Hill, Kingwater
Clark's Hill, Kingwater
Clockey Mill, Kingwater
Craig Hill, Kingwater
Craigsyke Ford, Kingwater
Crammel Linn, Kingwater
Crowrigg Sike
Deer Hill, Kingwater
Desoglin, Kingwater
Dry Sike
Dumbler Rigg, Kingwater
East Sike
Farmal Sike
fish pass, Kingbridge Ford
ford, Kingwater
Friar Waingate Bridge, Kingwater
Gair, Kingwater
Gavelock Hill, Kingwater
Gill Race
Gillrace Bridge, Kingwater
Gowany Knowe, Kingwater
Green Rigg, Kingwater
Green Side, Kingwater
Green Sike
Green's Burn (2)
Greymare Hill, Kingwater
Hall Guards, Kingwater
Hardhurst, Kingwater
Hart Horn, Kingwater
Hazel Gill
Hen Hill, Askerton
Hen Hill, Kingwater
Heugh Brae, Kingwater
Highstead Ash, Kingwater
Holy Well, Waterhead
Hope, Kingwater
Horseholme, Kingwater
house, Kingbridge Ford
Hurst, Kingwater
Irthing, River
Jerrycalf Rigg, Kingwater
Jock's Hill, Kingwater
King Water
King Water (2)
Kingbridge Ford Bridge, Kingwater
Kingbridge Ford, Kingwater
Kingturn Rigg, Kingwater
Knorren Beck
Knorren Bridge, Askerton
Lawrence Burn
Little Hen Hill, Kingwater
Long Moss, Kingwater
Longlands, Kingwater
Lord's Well, Kingwater
Low King Hill, Kingwater
Middle Shield Beck
Middle Shield Park, Kingwater
Middle Shield Rigg, Kingwater
milestone, Kingwater
milestone, Kingwater (2)
milestone, Kingwater (3)
milestone, Kingwater (4)
milestone, Kingwater (5)
milestone, Kingwater (6)
Mill Beck
Moorguards, Kingwater
Morgan's Well, Kingwater
Moss Catherine Waterfall, Kingwater
Newfield, Kingwater
Newhouse, Kingwater
Nickie's Hill, Kingwater
Palmer Hill, Kingwater
Park Nook, Kingwater
Potsloan, Kingwater
Pratlic Bank, Kingwater
Pratlic Well, Kingwater
privy, Spadeadam
Rairing Sike
Rashbush Rigg, Kingwater
Rinnion Hills, Kingwater
Rough Sike
Round Rigg, Kingwater
school, Longlands
Shank End, Kingwater
Spadeadam Forest, Kingwater
Spadeadam, Kingwater
Standingstone Rigg, Kingwater
stone wall, Spadeadam Forest
Stour Sike
Stourcleugh Gair, Kingwater
Swaites, Kingwater
Tercrosset, Kingwater
Thornyrigg Well, Kingwater
Tip Hill, Kingwater
Torties, Kingwater
trig point, NY6256775251
trig point, NY6455273002
Trout Beck (6)
Tweedy Hill, Kingwater
Watch Rigg, Kingwater
West Hall, Kingwater
Whipper Slack, Kingwater
White Rigg, Kingwater
White Side, Kingwater
Wiley Sike, Kingwater
Wileysike House, Kingwater
Wreay Hill, Kingwater
Yellow Fawns, Kingwater

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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