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placename:- Ousby parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Cumberland
coordinates:- NY6437
10Km square:- NY64
10Km square:- NY53, NY63, NY73
parish code:- OSBY
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY6437

source:- Census 1971

population:- 355 -- 1971

Aglionby Beck
Ardale Beck
Ardale Side, Ousby
Black Burn (2)
Black Door, Culgaith
Blackburn Shop, Ousby
Bolton Farmhouse, Melmerby
boundary stone, Melmerby/Ousby
boundary stone, Ousby
Bradley Foot, Ousby
Bradley, Ousby
Brandy Bottle Springs, Ousby
Brass Currick, Ousby
Broadmeadows, Ousby
Brown Hill, Ousby
Bullman Hills, Ousby
butts, Ousby
Carlayne Leap, Ousby
Cash Burn
cattle trough, Ousby
cock pit, Melmerby
college, Melmerby
Coulston, Ousby
Crewgarth, Ousby
Cuns Fell, Ousby
Dale Beck (2)
Dickies Kiln, Ousby
earthwork, Ousby
Fairy Pool, Ousby
Fellside, Ousby
forest, Ousby
Fox Inn, Ousby
Foxfold, Ousby
Gale Hall, Ousby
Garrygill Bank, Ousby
gate, Ousby
Gillbank, Ousby
Green Fell, Ousby
Green, Melmerby
Hard Rigg Edge, Ousby
Hause in the Scar, Glassonby
Hole Farm, Ousby
Hole Sike
Holly House, Ousby
house, Ousby
Jardens, Ousby
Kib Kob Well, Ousby
Knapside Hill, Ousby
Lad Slack, Ousby
Ladslack Hill, Ousby
Lang Ha' Well, Ousby
limekiln, Ousby
limekiln, Ousby (2)
Maiden Way
Man at Edge, Ousby
Meg's Cairn, Ousby
Meikle Awfell, Ousby
Melmerby Fell, Ousby
Melmerby Hall, Melmerby
Melmerby High Scar, Ousby
Melmerby Low Scar, Ousby
Melmerby Mire, Ousby
Melmerby Stores, Melmerby
Melmerby Village Hall, Melmerby
Melmerby Washfold, Melmerby
Melmerby, Ousby
milestone, Ousby
milestone, Ousby (2)
milestone, Ousby (3)
Muska Hill, Ousby
Ousby Community Centre, Ousby
Ousby Fell, Ousby
Ousby Moor, Ousby
Raehow End, Ousby
Ravenstone, Melmerby
Rayson Hall, Ousby
Rigg End, Ousby
road, Penrith to Alston
Row, Ousby
Rowting Burn
school, Melmerby
sheepfold, Ousby
shelter, Ousby
Shepherds Inn, Melmerby
Shire, Ousby
Smittergill Burn
Smittergill Head, Ousby
Sootyhill, Ousby
St John, Melmerby
St Luke, Ousby
Stank Bridge, Ousby
stone wall, Ousby
stone wall, Ousby (2)
Stony Rigg, Ousby
Sunnygill Beck
Sunnygill Bridge, Ousby
Thack Moor, Ousby
Todhills, Ousby
toll gate, Melmerby
Townhead, Ousby
trig point, NY6060535168
war memorial, Melmerby
White Mires, Melmerby

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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