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placename:- Patterdale parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Westmorland
coordinates:- NY3814
10Km square:- NY31, NY41
10Km square:- NY30, NY40
parish code:- PTTR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square NY3814

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1675

Records, hearth tax survey returns, Westmorland, 1674/75.

placename:- Patterdale
date:- 1675
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

hearth tax returns:- Hearth Tax 1670

in Westmoreland / The Hundred of Bottome of Westmoreland
Records, hearth tax returns, exchequer duplicates, Westmorland, 1670.

placename:- Patterdaill
date:- 1670
period:- 17th century, late; 1670s

Aiken Crag, Patterdale
Amphitheatre Rib, Hutaple Crag
Amphitheatre, Hutaple Crag
Anabasis, Scrubby Crag
Angletarn Pikes, Martindale
Arnison Crag, Patterdale
Atkinson Monument, Patterdale
Aurora, Dove Crag
Bank End, Hartsop
barn, Patterdale
barn, Patterdale (2)
beacon, Sheffield Pike
Beck Side, Hartsop
Beckstones, Patterdale
bee boles, Hartsop
Beech House, Glenridding
Beetham Cottage, Hartsop
Beowolf, Scrubby Crag
Bilberry Rib, Black Crag
Birk Fell, Patterdale
Birkhouse Moor, Patterdale
Birks, Patterdale
Black Brow, Patterdale
Black Buttress, Patterdale
Black Crag, Patterdale
Black Crag, Patterdale (2)
Black Crag, Patterdale (3)
Bleaberry Crag, Patterdale
Bleacove Beck
Bleawick Trial, Patterdale
Blowick Bay, Ullswater
Blowick, Patterdale
boat house, Patterdale
boat house, Patterdale (2)
boat house, Patterdale (3)
boat house, Patterdale (4)
boat house, Patterdale (5)
Booth, Patterdale
Boredale Hause, Martindale
Borrowdale in Hartsop, Patterdale
boundary stone, Patterdale
boundary stone, Patterdale (2)
Braesteads, Patterdale
Bridge House, Patterdale
bridge, Hartsop
bridge, Patterdale
Bridgend, Patterdale
Broad How, Patterdale
Brock Crags, Patterdale
Brocke, Patterdale
Brothers Water
Brothers Water Hotel, Patterdale
Brothersfield Cottage, Patterdale
Brothers' Parting Stone, Patterdale
Brown Cove Mine, Patterdale
Brown Cove, Patterdale
Brown Study, Hutaple Crag
Burdock, Eagle Crag
Caiston Beck
Caiston Glen Trial, Patterdale
Calfgate Gill
Cape, Patterdale
Catstye Cam, Patterdale
Caudale Beck
Caudale Bridge, Patterdale
Caudale Head, Patterdale
Caudale Moor, Patterdale
Caudale Quarry, Patterdale
Caudalebeck Farm, Patterdale
Causeway House, Patterdale
Central Route, Black Crag
Chamberlain Cottage, Hartsop
Chapel in the Hause, Patterdale
Cherry Holme, Ullswater
Cock Cove, Patterdale
Cofa Pike, Patterdale
Coldcove Gill
Cow Bridge, Hartsop
Crepuscule, Black Crag
Crookabeck, Patterdale
Crookbeck Farm, Patterdale
Cross How Crag, Patterdale
Curtain Call, Eagle Crag
Curving Gully, Hutaple Crag
Cyrano, Hutaple Crag
Dale Head, Hartsop
dam, Brown Cove
dam, Keppel Cove
Dandelion Groove, Eagle Crag
Dandelion Wall, Eagle Crag
Darth Vader, Scrubby Crag
Deepdale Beck
Deepdale Bridge, Patterdale
Deepdale Common, Patterdale
Deepdale Cottage, Patterdale
Deepdale Hall, Patterdale
Deepdale Hause, Patterdale
Deepdale Iron Mine, Patterdale
Deepdale Park, Patterdale
Deepdale, Patterdale
Devil's Chimney, Patterdale
Dixon Memorial, Patterdale
Doctor's Grooves, Eagle Crag
Dollywagon Pike, St John's Castlerigg etc
Dove Crag, Patterdale
Dovedale Beck
Dovedale Groove, Dove Crag
Dovedale, Patterdale
drain, Patterdale
Dubhow Brow, Patterdale
Dubhow Copper Mine, Patterdale
Eagle Crag Mine, Patterdale
Eagle Crag, Patterdale
Eagle Farm, Glenridding
Earlybirds, Eagle Crag
East Wall, Hutaple Crag
Elmhow, Patterdale
Entity, Dove Crag
Erne Nest Crag, Patterdale
Explosion, Dove Crag
Extol, Dove Crag
Fairfield, Lakes
Fairfield, Lakes: ascent 1855
Falcon Crag, Patterdale
Far West Rib, Hutaple Crag
Fell Yeat, Hartsop
fence, Patterdale
fence, Patterdale (2)
fence, Patterdale (3)
Firedragon, Scrubby Crag
Flake Buttress, Gill Crag
Flinty Grave, Patterdale
footbridge, Glenridding
footbridge, Glenridding (2)
footbridge, Glenridding (3)
footbridge, Patterdale
footbridge, Patterdale (2)
Forces, Patterdale
ford, Hartsop
ford, Patterdale
Friday the Thirteenth, Eagle Crag
Gambol Rib, Thornhow Crag
Gate Foot, Patterdale
gate, Grisedale
gate, Martindale
gate, Patterdale
Gatelands, Hartsop
Gavel Pike, Patterdale
George Starkey Hut, Patterdale
Ghoul, Eagle Crag
Gill Crag, Patterdale
Gillside, Glenridding
Girdle Traverse, Scrubby Crag
Glenamara Park, Patterdale
Glencoyne Beck
Glencoyne farm, Patterdale
Glencoyne Head, Matterdale
Glencoyne Wood, Patterdale
Glencoyne, Patterdale
Glencoynedale Quarries, Patterdale
Glenridding Beck
Glenridding Bridge, Glenridding
Glenridding Common, Patterdale
Glenridding Dodd, Patterdale
Glenridding House, Glenridding
Glenridding House, Patterdale
Glenridding Hydroelectric Scheme, Glenridding
Glenridding Pier, Patterdale
Glenridding Public Hall, Glenridding
Glenridding Sailing Centre, Glenridding
Glenridding Screes, Patterdale
Glenridding valley, Patterdale
Glenridding, Patterdale
Glenridding, Patterdale: Mini Market
Glenridding, Patterdale: Sharmans
Goldrill Beck
Goldrill Bridge, Patterdale
Good Friday, Eagle Crag
Gossamer, Thornhow Crag
Gough Memorial, Patterdale
Grassthwaite Howe, Patterdale
Gray Crag, Patterdale
Green Side, Patterdale
Greenbank Farm, Patterdale
Greenhow End, Patterdale
Greenside Lead Mine, Patterdale
Grendel, Scrubby Crag
Grisedale Beck
Grisedale Bridge bridge, Patterdale
Grisedale Bridge, Patterdale
Grisedale Brow, Patterdale
Grisedale Corner, Eagle Crag
Grisedale Falls, Patterdale
Grisedale Farm, Patterdale
Grisedale Forest, Patterdale
Grisedale Hause, Patterdale
Grisedale Slabs, Thornhow Crag
Grisedale Tarn, Patterdale
Grisedale, Patterdale
guide stone, Patterdale
Hagg Mine, Patterdale
Hall Bank, Patterdale
Hangover, Dove Crag
Hard Tarn, Patterdale
Harryman's, Patterdale
Hart Crag, Rydal
Hartsop above How, Patterdale
Hartsop Dodd, Patterdale
Hartsop Hall Mine, Patterdale
Hartsop Hall, Patterdale
Hartsop High Field, Patterdale
Hartsop, Patterdale
Hayeswater Gill
Heat Wave, Hutaple Crag
Helvellyn: ascent 1780s
Helvellyn: ascent 1855
Helvellyn, St John's Castlerigg etc
Heorot, Scrubby Crag
Heron Pike, Patterdale
High Beckside, Hartsop
High Crag, Patterdale
High Girdle, Eagle Crag
High Hartsop Dodd, Patterdale
High Pasture, Patterdale
High Street roman road
High Street, Patterdale
Hiraeth, Dove Crag
Hogget Gill
Hole-in-the-Wall, Patterdale
Horse Gap, Patterdale
Horseman Bridge, Hartsop
Houndshope Cove, Patterdale
house, Patterdale
How Cottage, Patterdale
How Green Farm, Hartsop
Hrothgar, Scrubby Crag
Hutaple Crag, Patterdale
Impromptu, Black Crag
Inaccessible Gully, Dove Crag
Inn on the Lake, Glenridding
Interrupted Grooves, Hutaple Crag
John Bell's Banner, Lakes
Juniper Crack, Scrubby Crag
Keldas, Patterdale
Keppel Cove, Patterdale
Keppelcove Tarn, Patterdale
Kestrel Wall, Eagle Crag
Kirk Stone, Patterdale
Kirkstone Beck
Kirkstone Pass Mine, Patterdale
Kirkstone Pass, Patterdale
Kirkstonefoot, Patterdale
Kneewrecker Direct, Thornhow Crag
Kneewrecker Wall, Thornhow Crag
Knott, Patterdale
landing stage, Glenridding
Lane Head, Patterdale
Lanty's Tarn, Patterdale
Latterhaw Crag, Patterdale
Left Ridge, Gill Crag
Lingy Crag, Patterdale
Lingy Holm, Ullswater
Link Cove, Patterdale
Little Hart Crag, Patterdale
Lord's Seat, Patterdale
Low Hartsop Mine, Hartsop
Low House, Hartsop
Low Wood, Patterdale
Lower Man, St John's Castlerigg etc
Main Slab Route, Gill Crag
meeting house, Patterdale
Middle Dodd, Patterdale
Migraine, Hutaple Crag
mine, Hartsop
Mires Beck
Mireside, Hartsop
Mordor, Dove Crag
Morning Slab, Eagle Crag
Moss Crag, Patterdale
Moss Side, Patterdale
Mossdale Bay, Ullswater
Mossdale Beck
Mossydale, Patterdale
mountain rescue, Patterdale
Nell House, Patterdale
Net House, Patterdale
Nethermost Beck
Nethermost Cove, Patterdale
Nethermost Crag, Patterdale
Nethermost Pike, St John's Castlerigg etc
New Close, Glenridding
Noran Bank Farm, Patterdale
Norfolk Island, Ullswater
North Buttress, Dove Crag
Northwest Grooves, Hutaple Crag
Nose Direct, St Sunday Crag
Nurglar, Moss Crag
Old Castle, Patterdale
Old Police House, Patterdale
Old School House, Patterdale
Ommadawn, Dove Crag
Original Route, Eagle Crag
Parcey House, Hartsop
Parkside, Patterdale
Pasture Beck
Pasture Beck Bridge, Hartsop
Pasture Bottom, Patterdale
Patterdale CofE Primary School, Patterdale
Patterdale Common, Patterdale
Patterdale Fire Station, Patterdale
Patterdale Hall, Patterdale
Patterdale Hotel, Patterdale
Patterdale Village Store, Patterdale
Pericles, Eagle Crag
Phobos, Dove Crag
Pike How, Lakes
Place Fell, Patterdale
police station, Patterdale
Pollux, Black Crag
Portcullis Ridge, Black Buttress
post box, Grisedale
Prison Crag, Patterdale
Problem Child, Dove Crag
Purse Point, Patterdale
Pythorn, Patterdale
quarry, Patterdale
Racecourse Hill, Patterdale
rain gauge, Patterdale
Raise, St John's Castlerigg etc
Rattlebeck Bridge, Glenridding
Rattlebeck, Glenridding
Raven Crag, Patterdale
Raven Crag, Patterdale (2)
Rectory, Patterdale
Red Screes car park, Patterdale
Red Screes, Patterdale
Red Tarn Beck
Red Tarn, Patterdale
Redez, Raven Crag
Rest Dodd, Patterdale
road, Kirkstone Pass to Patterdale
road, Patterdale to Penrith
Rooking Gill
Rooking, Patterdale
Rough Edge, Patterdale
Round How, Patterdale
Row, Patterdale
Rowhead, Glenridding
Ruthwaite Beck
Ruthwaite Cove, Patterdale
Ruthwaite Lodge Mine, Patterdale
Ruthwaite Lodge, Patterdale
Scandale Pass, Patterdale
Scrubby Crag, Patterdale
Seat Sandal, Lakes
seat, Patterdale
Seldom Seen, Patterdale
sheep feeder, Glenridding
sheep pens, Hartsop
sheepfold, Boredale Hause
sheepfold, Deepdale
sheepfold, Dovedale
sheepfold, Glenridding
sheepfold, Grisedale
sheepfold, Grisedale (2)
sheepfold, Pasture Bottom
sheepfold, Patterdale
sheepfold, Patterdale (2)
Sheffield Pike, Patterdale
shelter, Helvellyn
Side Cottage, Patterdale
Side Farm, Patterdale
Silver Bay, Ullswater
Silver Crag, Patterdale
Silver Point, Patterdale
Simpson House, Hartsop
Sleet Wall, Hutaple Crag
Smithy, Patterdale
Sobrenada, Eagle Crag
Soliloquoy, Eagle Crag
St Patrick, Patterdale
St Patrick's Landing, Glenridding
St Patrick's Well, Patterdale
St Raven's Edge, Patterdale
St Sunday Crag, Patterdale
Stand Crags, Patterdale
Stang, Patterdale
Stangs, Patterdale
station, Cross How Crag
station, Helvellyn
station, Norfolk Island
station, Patterdale Hotel
station, Place Fell Quarry
station, Stybarrow Crag
station, Ullswater (2)
Step, Patterdale
Sticks Gill
Sticks Pass, Patterdale
stile, Patterdale
Sting, Eagle Crag
stone wall, Deepdale
stone wall, Glenridding
stone wall, Hartsop
stone wall, Patterdale
stone wall, Patterdale (2)
Stones, Patterdale
Stony Cove Pike, Patterdale
Straights of Riggindale, Patterdale
Striding Edge, Patterdale
Stybarrow Crag, Patterdale
Stybarrow Dodd, St John's Castlerigg etc
Stybarrow Oaks, Patterdale
Stybarrow Pier, Patterdale
Swart Beck
Swirral Edge, Patterdale
Sykeside, Patterdale
Tarn Crag, Patterdale
telephone box, Hartsop
Tenterhow, Glenridding
Thorn House, Hartsop
Thornhow Crag, Patterdale
Threshthwaite Cove, Patterdale
Threshthwaite Mouth, Patterdale
Thwaite, Glenridding
Tongue, Patterdale
Travellers Rest, Glenridding
trig point, NY3586211723
trig point, NY3817614484
trig point, NY3964808765
trig point, NY4056016952
trig point, NY4114311771
trig point, NY4407511048
Wall Climb, Scrubby Crag
Wall End, Patterdale
Wall Holm, Ullswater
Wallend Bridge, Patterdale
waterfall, Deepdale Beck
waterfall, Dovedale Beck
waterfall, Hayeswater Gill
waterfall, Red Tarn Beck
Western Avenue, Hutaple Crag
Westmorland's Route, Dove Crag
Westside, Patterdale
White Lion, Patterdale
Wood's Hotel, Patterdale
Wordsworth Cottage, Patterdale
Worm, Eagle Crag
Yew Tree Cottage, Patterdale

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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