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placename:- Ulverston parish
county:- Cumbria
county:- Lancashire
coordinates:- SD2977
10Km square:- SD27, SD37
parish code:- ULVR
References OS 1974 Admin Areas

1Km square SD2977

source:- Census 1971

population:- 11907 -- 1971

Ainslie Pier, Ulverston
Bay Horse, Canal Foot
Bird in Hand, Ulverston
Braddylls Arms, Ulverston
brewery, Ulverston
Bridge House, Ulverston
Canal Foot, Ulverston
Canal Head Foundry, Ulverston
Canal Head, Ulverston
canal lock, Ulverston
Canal Siding, Ulverston
Carter House, Canal Foot
chapel, Ulverston
Church Walk House, Ulverston
Cockshot Quarries, Ulverston
Conishead Priory branch railway
Conishead Priory Station, Ulverston
Conishead Priory, Ulverston
Coronation Hall, Ulverston
Devonshire Arms, Ulverston
Dragley Beck
Dragley Beck Bridge, Ulverston
Dragley Beck, Ulverston
drain, Ulverston
drinking fountain, Ulverston
drinking fountain, Ulverston (2)
Dykelands, Ulverston
Ellers House, Ulverston
Fair View, Ulverston
Farmers Arms, Ulverston
Flan How, Ulverston
Ford House, Ulverston
Furness and Windermere Railway
Furness Railway
Gallow Barrow, Ulverston
Gill Brewery, Ulverston
Globe Inn, Ulverston
Grapes, Ulverston
Great Head House, Ulverston
Hammerside Cottage, Ulverston
Hermitage Hill, Ulverston
High Bridge, Ulverston
High Lund Beck Bridge, Ulverston
Hill Top, Ulverston
Hoad Hill, Ulverston
Holy Trinity, Ulverston
Hope and Anchor, Ulverston
Hoppers, Ulverston
hospital, Ulverston
hydrant plate, Ulverston
hydrant plate, Ulverston (2)
hydrant plate, Ulverston (3)
icehouse, Conishead Priory
Ivy Cottage, Ulverston
Kadampa World Peace Temple, Ulverston
Kings Arms Inn, Ulverston
Kings Head, Ulverston
Lancashire Extension Railway
Laurel and Hardy Museum, Ulverston
Laurel and Hardy Statue, Ulverston
Leven, River
Levy Beck
Levy Beck Bridge, Ulverston
Lock Cottage, Ulverston
Lonsdale House Hotel, Ulverston
Low Mill Bridge, Ulverston
Lund Hall, Ulverston
Market Hall, Ulverston
Mayfield, Ulverston
Middle Mount Barrow, Ulverston
milestone, Ulverston
milestone, Ulverston (2)
milestone, Ulverston (3)
milestone, Ulverston (4)
miniature railway, Ulverston
Nevill Hall, Ulverston
New Basin, Ulverston Canal
Nook, Ulverston
North Lonsdale Crossing, Ulverston
North Lonsdale Iron and Steel Works, Ulverston
Oddfellows Hall, Ulverston
Old Brewery, Ulverston
Old Daltongate House, Ulverston
Old Friends Inn, Ulverston
Oubas Hill, Ulverston
Outcast Bridge, Ulverston
pinfold, Ulverston
post box, Ulverston
Post Office, Ulverston
railway bridge, Ulverston (2)
railway bridge, Ulverston (3)
railway bridge, Ulverston (4)
railway bridge, Ulverston (5)
railway bridge, Ulverston (6)
railway bridge, Ulverston (7)
railway viaduct, Ulverston
ring of bells, Ulverston
road, Canal Foot to Ulverston
road, Kendal to Ulverston
road, Lancaster to Ulverston
road, Newby Bridge to Ulverston
road, Ulverston to Broughton
road, Ulverston to Coniston
road, Ulverston to Dalton-in-Furness
roman road, Furness
Rose and Crown, Ulverston
Sandhall, Ulverston
sands road, Cartmel Sands
Sandside, Ulverston
Sandwell Limekiln, Ulverston
seat, Ulverston
Sefton House Hotel, Ulverston
signal box, Arnside
Sir John Barrow Monument, Ulverston
Sir John Barrow's Cottage, Ulverston
South Ulverston, Ulverston
Springfield Mansions, Ulverston
St John, Ulverston
St Jude, South Ulverston
St Mary, Ulverston
Stan Laurel Inn, Ulverston
station, Conishead
station, Great Head
Stockbridge House, Ulverston
Stone Cross, Ulverston
summer house, Ulverston
summer house, Ulverston (2)
Sun Inn, Ulverston
Swarthmoor Hall, Ulverston
toll gate, Ulverston
tower, Bardsea
tower, Hermitage Hill
Town Bank Grammar School, Ulverston
trig point, SD2946279071
trig point, SD3059677799
Trinity House, Ulverston
Trinkeld Farm, Ulverston
Ulverston Auction Mart, Ulverston
Ulverston Canal
Ulverston Cemetery, Ulverston
Ulverston Goods Junction, Ulverston
Ulverston Goods Station, Ulverston
Ulverston Heritage Centre, Ulverston
Ulverston Methodist Church, Ulverston
Ulverston Police Station, Ulverston
Ulverston Station, Ulverston
Ulverston to Windermere Railway
Ulverston Wire Works, Ulverston
Ulverston: Albright
Ulverston: Back Lane, 9 to 14
Ulverston: Barclays Bank
Ulverston: Brocklebank
Ulverston: Buxton Place, 1
Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 20
Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 22
Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 24
Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 26
Ulverston: Cavendish Street, 28 and 30
Ulverston: Church Walk
Ulverston: Cumbria Crystal
Ulverston: Daltongate
Ulverston: Daltongate, 2
Ulverston: Daltongate, 6
Ulverston: Daltongate, 8 and 10
Ulverston: Daltongate, 11 and 13
Ulverston: Daltongate, 15 to 21
Ulverston: Daltongate, 39 to 43
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 7
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 9 and 11
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 13
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 15 to 19
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 21
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 25 and 27
Ulverston: Fountain Street, 29 and 31
Ulverston, Furness, Lancaster and Carlisle Railway
Ulverston: Gill Banks, 1 to 3
Ulverston: Gill, 36 and 37
Ulverston: Gill, 38
Ulverston: Gill, 39
Ulverston: Irvings
Ulverston: King Street
Ulverston: King Street, 1
Ulverston: King Street, 2 and 4
Ulverston: King Street, 7
Ulverston: King Street, 9
Ulverston: King Street, 11
Ulverston: King Street, 13 and 15
Ulverston: King Street, 17
Ulverston: King Street, 19 and 21
Ulverston: King Street, 20
Ulverston: King Street, 23
Ulverston: King Street, 25
Ulverston: King Street, 27 and 29
Ulverston: King Street, 31
Ulverston: King Street, 33
Ulverston: King Street, 34 to 38
Ulverston: Market Place, 1
Ulverston: Market Place, 3
Ulverston: Market Place, 4 and 5
Ulverston: Market Place, 6 and 7
Ulverston: Market Place, 8
Ulverston: Market Place, 9
Ulverston: Market Place, 10
Ulverston: Market Street
Ulverston: Market Street, 1
Ulverston: Market Street, 2
Ulverston: Market Street, 3
Ulverston: Market Street, 5
Ulverston: Market Street, 9
Ulverston: Market Street, 11
Ulverston: Market Street, 16
Ulverston: Market Street, 18
Ulverston: Market Street, 26 and 30
Ulverston: Market Street, 34
Ulverston: Market Street, 46
Ulverston: Market Street, 46 to 84
Ulverston: Market Street, 48
Ulverston: Market Street, 50
Ulverston: Market Street, 51
Ulverston: Market Street, 52
Ulverston: Market Street, 53
Ulverston: Market Street, 54
Ulverston: Market Street, 58
Ulverston: Market Street, 60
Ulverston: Market Street, 62
Ulverston: Market Street, 64
Ulverston: Market Street, 66
Ulverston: Market Street, 68
Ulverston: Midland Bank
Ulverston: Murray's
Ulverston: National Westminster Bank
Ulverston: Olive
Ulverston: Pepperpot
Ulverston: Princes Street, 18
Ulverston: Prince's Street, 12 and 14
Ulverston: Prince's Street, 20
Ulverston: Queen Street, 1 and 3
Ulverston: Queen Street, 5
Ulverston: Queen Street, 7
Ulverston: Queen Street, 9
Ulverston: Queen Street, 11
Ulverston: Queen Street, 13
Ulverston: Queen Street, 15
Ulverston: Queen Street, 16
Ulverston: Queen Street, 17 and 19
Ulverston: Queen Street, 18
Ulverston: Queen Street, 20 and 22
Ulverston: Queen Street, 26
Ulverston: Queen Street, 28
Ulverston: Queen Street, 30
Ulverston: Queen Street, 32
Ulverston: Queen Street, 36
Ulverston: Soutergate
Ulverston: Soutergate, 22 and 24
Ulverston: Soutergate, 23
Ulverston: Soutergate, 26
Ulverston: Soutergate, 28
Ulverston: Soutergate, 30
Ulverston: Soutergate, 32
Ulverston: Soutergate, 33 and 35
Ulverston: Soutergate, 34
Ulverston: Soutergate, 62
Ulverston: Soutergate, 78
Ulverston: Soutergate, 82
Ulverston: Stephen Soulby
Ulverston: Sun Street
Ulverston: Sun Street, 2
Ulverston: Sunderland Terrace
Ulverston: Thomas's
Ulverston: Trustee Savings Bank
Ulverston: Union Street, 2
Ulverstone and Lancaster Railway
Ulverstone and Milnthorpe Union Railway
Victoria Concert Hall, Ulverston
Virginia House Hotel, Ulverston
war memorial, Ulverston
White House Cottage, Ulverston
White House, Ulverston
Wilson Monument, Ulverston
workhouse, Ulverston

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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