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place:- ring of bells, Great Salkeld
site name:- St Cuthbert's Church
locality:- Great Salkeld
parish Great Salkeld parish, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
ring of bells
coordinates:- NY55173675
10Km square:- NY53

1Km square NY5536

source:- Dove 2009

diocese:- Carlisle Diocese
locality:- Great Salkeld
coordinates:- NY552368

photocopy Church Bells in Leath Ward:-
vol.13 p.194

image t1013194.jpg
vol.13 p.195

image t1013195.jpg
vol.13 p.196

image t1013196.jpg
Whitehead, H: 1894 (?): Church Bells in Leath Ward, part III: TransCWAAS: vol.13: pp.194-217

Dove data number of bells: 6
weight of tenor: 11 cwt 3 qtr 22 lb (1338lbs)
pitch of tenor: F sharp
F sharp, G sharp, A sharp, B, C sharp, D sharp
First 6 notes; intervals TTSTT; F sharp major.
Bells cast by John Taylor and Co, 1882.
Dove 2009
Data courtesy of the Central Council of Church Bell Ringers

notes Treble inscribed:-
[Laus Deo, Charles Richardson Saunders, of Nunwick Hall, Esq., gave me.]
Bell 2 inscribed:-
[Taylor, of Loughborough, cast these bells, 1882]
Bell 3 inscribed:-
[Gloria in excelsis.]
Bell 4 inscribed:-
[S. J. Butler, M.A. Oxon., Rector; R. Thompson, Inglewood, W. Laycock, Burrell Green, Churchwardens.]
Bell 5 inscribed:-
[Adimus tibi gratias omnipotens Deus.]
Tenor inscribed:-
[These bells were placed in this tower at a cost of ~400, collected by S. J. Butler, Rector, and his family, 1882.]
Ellacombe Chimes were also installed in 1882.
:: St Cuthbert's Church, Great Salkeld, Cumbria::: leaflet available in church

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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