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placename:- Dale Head
locality:- Hartsop
parish Patterdale parish, once in Westmorland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY41021308
10Km square:- NY41
References Listed Buildings 2010

1Km square NY4113


Dale Head -- Hartsop -- Patterdale -- Cumbria / -- 18.9.2012

database:- Listed Buildings 2010

courtesy of English Heritage
DALE HEAD / / / PATTERDALE / EDEN / CUMBRIA / II / 452394 / NY4102413081

placename:- Dale Head
district:- Eden
listed building
coordinates:- NY41021308
date:- 2010
period:- 2010s

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button   Great Gable, Above Derwent

Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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