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placename:- Fratry, The
site name:- Carlisle Cathedral
locality:- Carlisle
parish Carlisle city, once in Cumberland
county:- Cumbria
coordinates:- NY39875591
10Km square:- NY35
References Listed Buildings 2010

1Km square NY3955


Fratry, The -- Carlisle Cathedral -- Carlisle -- Carlisle -- Cumbria / -- 17.9.2012

Fratry, The -- Carlisle Cathedral -- Carlisle -- Carlisle -- Cumbria / -- 17.9.2012

old drawing:-
thumbnail PR0897, button to large image
Drawing, Carlisle Cathedral from the West, Carlisle, Cumberland, by Edward H Buckler, 1860s.
Carlisle cathedral stands to left of composition, its fratry to right; in centre foreground a woman advances, accompanied by a child. To their left a couple walk arm in arm towards the cathedral entrance, their backs to the viewer.
date:- 1860=1869
period:- 19th century, late

old painting:-
thumbnail PR1091, button to large image
Painting, watercolour, The Fratry and Deanery, Carlisle Cathedral, Carlisle, Cumberland, by William Henry Nutter, 1830s-40s.
View from within the cathedral close with fratry standing to left of composition and deanery to right.
signed at bottom left:-
W.H. Nutter.
inscribed at bottom centre:-
Deanery Carlisle
signed & inscribed at on mount:-
W H Nutter The Fratry and Deanery, Carlisle.
date:- 1830=1849
period:- 19th century, early

old drawing:-
thumbnail PR1190, button to large image
Drawing, The Deanery and Fratry, Carlisle Cathedral, Cumberland, by Samuel Bough, 1837.
To left of composition low iron railings enclose cathedral; to right stands a gated wall behind which lie the fratry and other buildings.
signed & dated at bottom left:-
Sam Bough 1837
date:- 1837
period:- 19th century, early

old drawing:-
thumbnail PR1191, button to large image
Drawing, Fratry and Deanery, Carlisle, Looking North, Carlisle Cathedral, Cumberland, by Samuel Bough, 1838.
From foreground a path leads between cathedral and a wall behind which stand the fratry and other buildings.
signed & dated at bottom left:-
Sam Bough 1838
date:- 1838
period:- 19th century, early

old drawing:-
thumbnail PR1294, button to large image
Drawing, Interior of the Fratry, Carlisle, Cumberland, by Samuel Bough, 1837.
Interior of the fratry, sparsely furnished, the left hand wall having three empty niches and the right having three large tracery windows. Two small figures in clerical robes stand in conversation beside the middle window.
signed & dated at bottom left:-
Sam Bough 1837
date:- 1837
period:- 19th century, early

old drawing:-
thumbnail PR1335, button to large image
Drawing, The Fratry, Carlisle Cathedral, Cumberland, by Thomas Bushby, 1917.
View of fratry and the walls enclosing it seen from beside the cathedral entrance; to right of composition stands the deanery, partially obscured by trees. The single figure of a woman walks towards it, her back to the viewer.
dated at bottom right:-
Oct 11 1917
date:- 1917
period:- 1910s

database:- Listed Buildings 2010

Listed Buildings 2010

courtesy of English Heritage
courtesy of English Heritage
Fratry for the Priory of St Mary, now cathedral library, bookshop and cafe. Between 1465 and 1490. For Prior Gondibour, with c1690 alterations; 1809-11 restorations by Sir Robert Smirke and 1880-81 restorations by GE Street; late 1980s repairs with new stone (in progress at time of survey December 1989). Squared blocks of red sandstone on chamfered plinth (now below ground level but partly exposed at rear) with stepped buttresses, eaves cornice, solid parapet and angle pinnacles on south wall. 1880 graduated greenslate roof within parapets with coped gables and cross finial (when built the original roof was either flat or of very low pitch); 1880 ashlar end chimney stack. 7 bays comprising a 6-bay hall and service/stair bay, with undercroft; on an east-west alignment forming the south range of the priory cloister and joined to the Cathedral by the (now ruined) dormitory range. The north wall formerly had the lower part hidden by the roofed cloister walk, the corbeling and roof crease for which survive. Left paired pointed-arched doorways give access to the undercroft and upper levels; right pointed-arched doorway gives access to hall, within an 1880 porch in replica of 2 bays of the covered cloister walk (the windows in the porch are copies of the clerestory windows of the Fratry). Between these doorways the fresh stonework represents the 1880 blocking of a central doorway and flanking windows inserted in c1690. Above are 2-light clerestory Perpendicular windows. The west wall has a shouldered-arched doorway down steps to undercroft (probably a late C17 addition) and a large 6-light Perpendicular window. The east wall was formerly internal to the dormitory, off-centre pointed-arched door between undercrofts and a higher brick blocked segmental-arched doorway into the dormitory. Remains of the corbels and springers for the rib vaulting of the dormitory undercroft; above are the corbels, roof crease and joist holes for the dormitory roof. Part of the dormitory wall projects beyond the angle of the Fratry and is repaired with brick. The south wall has low square-headed double-chamfered windows lighting the undercroft. In the 5 bays above are large 3-light Perpendicular windows divided by buttresses and a smaller window lighting the pulpitum. Low doorways in recessed arches at right are under slated penticed porch. The right bay has a projecting octagonal turret lit by lancets which is carried up above the parapet. Sloping roof crease for dormitory is carried around at right.
INTERIOR: The interior of the undercroft has rib vaulting carried on central octagonal columns; at the junction of some ribs are the initials of TG (Thomas Gondibour) in Gothic script. Hall was extensively restored in 1880, but the shell is basically C15 and retains the pulpitum dais. The bookcases were designed by Street. Internal stairs have been altered, but spiral stairs in turret still lead to upper floor chamber now a muniment room. For illustrations before restoration see RW Billings (1840) plates XXXVIII-XLIV. For further information on the 1880 restoration see Brown (1951) and Perriam TCWAAS, Trans.NS, LXXXVII.
Billings RW: Carlisle Cathedral: 1840-: 74-77
Brown JW: Round Carlisle Cross: 1951-: P.219-227
Cumb. & West. Antiquarian & Archaeological Soc., New Series: Perriam DR: LXXXVII: The demolition of the Priory of St. Mary: P.136-8

placename:- Fratry
district:- Carlisle
listed building
coordinates:- NY39875591
date:- 2010
period:- 2010s

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