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placename:- Asby ecclesiastical parish
site name:- East Ward
county:- Westmorland
ecclesiastical parish
References Bulmer 1880s

Andrew Scar, Asby
Armaside Wood, Asby
Asby Beck
Asby Endowed School, Great Asby
Asby Grange, Asby
Asby Hall, Great Asby
Asby Mask, Asby
Asby Moor, Asby
Asby Village Hall, Great Asby
Asby Winderwath Common, Asby
Asket Dub, Asby
Beacham Spring, Asby
bield, Asby (2)
bield, Asby (3)
Bow Bridge, Asby
Bowbridge House, Asby
bridge, Great Asby
bridge, Waterhouses
Burtree, Asby
Castle Folds, Asby
Coatsforth, Asby
Crooks Well, Asby
Dale Beck (3)
Dial House, Great Asby
Dona Close, Asby
Elm Tree, Great Asby
Fell Head, Asby
Fell View Farm, Asby
fingerpost, Great Asby
footbridge, Great Asby
ford, Asby
ford, Great Asby
Gaythorne Ashes, Asby
Gaythorne Hall, Asby
Goodlie Hill, Asby
Grange Hall, Asby
Grange Scar, Asby
Great Asby Baptist Church, Great Asby
Great Asby Methodist Chapel, Great Asby
Great Asby Scar, Asby
Great Asby, Asby
Griseburn, Asby
Halligill, Asby
High Barn, Asby
High Pike, Asby
High Whygill, Asby
Hollin Stump, Asby
holy well, Grange Hall
Howe Slacks, Asby
Howes Bield, Asby
Howes Well, Asby
Iron Well, Asby
Keld Well, Great Asby
limekiln, Asby
limekiln, Water Houses
Ling Bank, Asby
Lingbank Well, Asby
Linglow, Asby
Little Asby Scar, Asby
Little Asby, Asby
Low Whygill, Asby
Maisongill, Asby
Marksclose Wood, Asby
Mazon Wath, Asby
Middle Busk, Asby
Mitchells Stone, Orton S
Muddygill Plain, Asby
NY61: earthquake 19700809 2009
Old Rectory, Great Asby
Penhurrock, Asby
pinfold, Great Asby
Potts Beck, Crosby Garrett
road, Orton to Warcop
road, through Soulby
Scale Beck house, Asby
Scale Beck (2)
Seavy Dub, Asby
Settle and Carlisle Railway
sheep dip, Asby
sheepfold, Asby
Spear Pots, Asby
St Helen's Alms House, Great Asby
St Helen's Well, Great Asby
St Leonard, Little Asby
St Peter, Great Asby
St Thomas's Well, Great Asby
Sunbiggin Tarn, Orton S
sundial, Great Asby
Swathburn, Asby
Three Greyhounds, Great Asby
Town Head, Great Asby
Water Houses, Asby
Waterhouses Beck
Well Green, Great Asby
White House, Great Asby
Whitestones, Asby
Whitewall, Asby
Whygill Head, Asby
Whygill, Asby
Winder Hall, Great Asby
Winderwath Mine, Asby
Winderwath, Asby

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Old Cumbria Gazetteer - JandMN: 2013

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