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county:- Cumbria
1Km square
10Km square:- NY35


places in the square:-

Beaumont , building/s  (NY3459)

Beaumont House, Beaumont , building/s, listed  (NY34735923)

Eden Bank Farm, Beaumont , building/s, listed  (NY34865925)

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gate, Beaumont , gate  (NY34825927)

Hilltop, Beaumont , building/s, listed  (NY34795923)

motte, Beaumont / Beaumont Motte / Castle Green / Milecastle 70A, motte and bailey  (NY34805929)

Myrtle Cottage, Beaumont , building/s, listed  (NY34805938)

Orchard House, Beaumont , building/s, listed  (NY34875935)

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St Mary, Beaumont / Beaumont Church, church, listed  (NY34795930)

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