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Page 39:-

First Place where I first was known-a,
Was Brave John à Gant's old * Town-a:
A Seat anciently renowned,
But with store of Beggars crowned;
For a Gaoler ripe and mellow,
The World has not such a Fellow.

Thence to Ashton, good as may be
Was the Wine, brave Knight, bright Lady;
All I saw was comely, specious;
Seemly gracious, neatly precious;
My Muse with Bacchus so long traded,
When I walk'd, my Legs deny'd it.

Thence to Garstang, pray you hark it,
Ent'ring there a great Beast-market;
As I jogged on the Street,
'Twas my Fortune for to meet
A young Heifer, who before her
Took me up, and threw me o'er her.

Thence to Preston, I was led-a,
To Brave Banister's to Bed-a;
An ancient Arch doth threaten a decline,
And so must strongest Piles give way to Time.
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