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Lancashire, North of the Sands

Pages 127-145 are Lancashire. Remember that mostly just matter of interest to The Lakes is transcribed - Lancashire North of the Sands, plus a few places across the border - missing text is indicated by ellipses.
Page 127:-



I must now direct my progress to another quarter, to the remaining BRIGANTES who settled on the other side of the Mountains towards the western ocean, and first to those of Lancashire, whom I feel some secret reluctance to visit, if they will forgive me the expression. I fear I shall give little satisfaction to myself or my readers here, so little encouragement did I meet with when I surveyed much the greater part of this county, so completely has Time destroyed the original names everywhere. But, that I may not seem to neglect Lancashire, I must attempt the task, not doubting but Providence, which has hitherto favoured me will assist me here.
  County Palatine. See before in Cheshire.
  Lancashire, extent
  placename, Lancashire

The county of Lancaster, called by the Saxons [Loncasterscyre - Anglo Saxon], vulgarly Lonka-shire, Lankashire, and the County Palatine of Lancaster, it being dignified with the honour of a County Palatine, lies to the west under the hills, which, as I have frequently before observed, run through the middle of England, and divide the counties as arbiters between them respectively. It is so confined by Yorkshire on the east, and the Irish sea on the west, that on the south, towards Cheshire, it spreads to a greater breadth, and then gradually narrows again to the north, where it borders on Westmorland. It is there broken in upon by a bay of the sea, and no small part of it lies on the other side of that bay adjoining to Cumberland.
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