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  Lancashire, extent
LANCASHIRE is in length from north to south 80 miles, in breadth from east to west 32, and in circumference above 200, contains 1,150,000 acres, 40,000 houses, 240,000 inhabitants, 6 hundreds, 7 market towns, and but 36 parishes, as Mr. Camden, which is as few or fewer than Rutland, or the little Welsh counties, but these parishes are large and populous, and contain each several chapels. Mr. Pennant says [a], in an excellent survey made in the beginning of James I. there were 60 parishes. At the Domesday survey this county was included in Cheshire and Yorkshire. Leland says Lancastreshire conteineth five litle shires [b]. It was made a county palatine by Edward III. in favour of his fourth son John of Gaunt, duke of Lancaster, and has a court sitting in the dutchy chamber of Lancaster at Westminster, where a chancellor takes cognizance of all causes concerning its revenue, and a court of chancery [c]. The lower part of the county is wet and unfavourable to sheep, but the hills breed very fine ones.
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Transcription picks up again when places closer to and in Cumbria are mentioned.
[a] Voyage to the Hebrides, p.13.
[b] VII. 56.
[c] Mag. Brit. II. 1272.
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