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     EGREMONT, a market-town, and formerly a borough in the ward of Allerdale above Derwent, Cumberland, on a small river which falls into the Irish Sea near the promontory of St. Bees, 5 miles from Whitehaven, and 289½ from London; containing 319 houses and 1515 inhabitants, of whom 523 were returned as being employed in various trades, &c. The buildings in general are ancient, and many of the houses have piazzas in front. On a remarkable eminence are the ruins of a castle, mostly gone to decay, so much only being preserved as is sufficient for the earl of Egremont to hold a court in, it giving that title to the Wyndham family. The market, on Saturdays, is well supplied with barley and oats. The fair is on the 19th September. Horseman's Tour.
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