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     WINANDERMERE, or WINDERMERE, a parish in Kendal ward, Westmoreland, taking its name from a noted lake of the same name, lying on the western borders of the county, at the foot of the Furness fells, and comprehends the 3 townships of Applethwaite, Troutbeck, Undermilbeck, and a part of Ambleside; the whole containing 1500 inhabitants, with the hamlet of Bowness, included in Undermilbeck, which see. This lake is about 15 miles long, and 1 broad, having very winding shores, being from 90 to 222 feet deep. It abounds with excellent fish, but is particularly noted for its delicate char. The tithe of fish belongs to the rector of the parish, who has a pleasure boat on the lake, and takes a fine from each boat instead of a tithe in kind. There are several little islands in the lake, in the largest of which stood an old fabric, called Holmes house, now pulled down, and a curious edifice has been rebuilt in its place. It is a rectory, value 24 l. 6 s. 8 d. - Housman's Tour to the Lakes.
     UNDERMILBECK, a township in the parish of Windermere, Kendal ward, Westmoreland, 7½ miles from Kendal and 267 from London; containing 119 houses and 500 inhabitants. In this town stands the church of Windermere, a large and handsome building, the windows of which contain some beautiful paintings on glass, brought from Furness Abbey.
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