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Gentleman's Magazine 1804 p.9

  Holy Trinity and St Constantine's Church

Wetheral Church

Jan. 2.
PERMIT me, Sir, to add to your collection of churches, by transmitting you a drawing of one in Cumberland.
Wetheral church is a handsome edifice, built with stone in the Gothic style, consisting of three ailes, supported on each side by three massive pillars. The nave is divided from the chancel by a fine Gothic arch. The South side of the chancel apparently bears greater antiquity than the rest of the building: two inscriptions in Gothic letter remains there; one over the door, the other over the window, viz.
Orate p' anima Richardi Wedderhall. / [D]rate[ ] Willi'mi Thornton abbatis.
In 1774, the roof was covered with blue slate; and in 1789 and 1790, the whole was flagged, stalled, plastered, and ceiled; the tower was built, finished with four spires, and a bell hung therein. In 1790. the chapel over the burying vault, belonging to Corby Castle, was rebuilt by Henry Howard, esq. to the memory of his lady and ancestors.
Between the north aile and the chancel of the church are the effigies of a man and woman in alabaster, which (it is supposed) are sacred to the memory of Sir Richard Salkeld, who resided at Corby Castle. There is an inscription to this, but it is almost obliterated.
Yours, &c.
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