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Gentleman's Magazine 1811 part 2 p.507

By the byrde and best under the firmament,
Say what excuse mayest thou lay or finde,
Thus you art made by God so excellente,
But that you oughtest again to hym be kinde.
Among the eminent men who have possessed the dignity of Dean of Carlisle, may be reckoned Dr. Francis Atterbury; Dr. Percy, the late venerable Bishop of Dromore; and the present Dr. Isaac Milner, who is beneath none of his predecessors in profound or elegant knowledge, in piety, virtue, and the most amiable demeanour in private life.
As the present Dean of Carlisle is known, in the Southern part of this kingdom, as an eminent natural philosopher, and the continuator of his brother's History of the Christian Church, only, it may not be out of place to give your Readers some idea of his great powers as a pulpit orator. He makes a point of preaching every Sunday, at some of the Churches in this city, during his residence, which continues from the latter end of June to the latter end of September. But his principle attendance is at the Cathedral; above an hour before the service begins, the numerous congregation have taken their seats; and by the time he ascends the pulpit, there is scarcely standing-room. His congregation, we may aver, consists of several thousands; such a numerous and steady attendance bespeaks the best disposition of the people of Carlisle; and we may hope that he has been the means of 'turning many from the power of Satan unto God.' The style of his eloquence is suited to the different classes which he addresses. It is at once elegant, nervous, clear, and simple; and the subjects of his discourses are generally of a nature to interest both the understanding and the feelings of his audience. It is not in my power to do justice to his transcendant merits; but I have some pleasure in paying this well-mertited tribute to the abilities of one of the first Divines of the age.
The Deanery-house enjoys a most beautiful prospect up the Vale of Caldew; the background is formed by that grand amphitheatre of mountains, of which Skiddaw forms the chief feature. The more immediate vicinity is composed of the more cheerful, but less picturesque, scenes of bleach-fields, print-works, cotton-mills, and the busy employment of manufactures.
In the immediate neighbourhood of the Deanery are the Refectory, part of the Dormitory, and the Cloisters, which open towards the South side of the venerable Cathedral. The present worthy Dean and Chapter have done much to adorn the precincts of the Abbey, by constructing broad gravel walks winding under the shade of venerable lime trees.
The Cathedral is partly Saxon and partly Pointed Gothic architecture. The East window is a beautiful piece of tracery; indeed the appearance of the choir is elegant and grand; the style of its architecture is extremely light. It has been repaired at many different periods; the principal contributors to its improvement were Bishop Smith and Bishop Lyttelton. The present Dean and Chapter have added an organ, which is said to be inferior to none in the kingdom. The Earl of Lonsdale has presented to this Cathedral two fine paintings, of the Resurrection and St. John preaching in the wilderness, which are placed on either side of the altar.
There are in this Cathedral monuments of the following Bishops. A marble figure, in pontificals, of Bp. Stirkland, temp. Henry IV.; of Bp. Barrow, temp. Henry V.; of Bp. Bell, temp. Edward IV.; of Bp. Robinson, temp. Elizabeth and James I.; of Bp. Smith, temp. Queen Anne; of Bp. Fleming, temp. George II.; of Bp. Law, temp. George III. Those of Bishops Bell, Robinson, Smith, Fleming, and Law, are furnished with inscriptions, which shall be presented to your Readers in some future number. Drawings of this ancient structure (the Cathedral) have been made at different periods by Mr. Hearne, Mr. Gayfere, Mr. Carlyle, Mr. Clennel, Mr. Fielding, &c. &c.
Yours, &c. CLERICUS
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