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Gentleman's Magazine 1814 part 1 p.13

  monastic churches
Monastic Churches

List of Conventual Churches still in Use.

... I am induced to offer you the subjoined List of Conventual Churches, which are still made use of, either wholly or in part, for divine service; hoping that it may afford some assistance to the Lover of Sacred Architecture in his researches amid the venerable remains of our Monastic structures, many of which, though highly deserving attention, have, as the writer of the article justly laments, long lain in obscurity.
As I believe this is the only List that has been given of the Monastic Churches which have in some degree been preserved to us as useful religious structures, I am aware that it may be imperfect, and shall be much obliged to any of your Correspondents who will honour it by correction or addition.
NB: only entries for Cumbria - Cumberland, Westmorland, Lancashire north of the sands - are transcribed:-
Cathedral Priory Church of Augustine Canons.
Carlisle ... Greater part of Nave, Transept, and Towers, destroyed.
Benedictine Priory Churches, now Parochial.
St. Bee's, Cumberland ... Nearly perfect.
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