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(Concluded from page 405.)
1311. Gilsland ravaged by Robert Bruce King of Scotland.
1314. Kirk-oswald burnt and Lanercost pillaged by the Scots under Edward Bruce, brother of the King.
1315. During the siege of Carlisle, St. Bee's Monastery, with the manor houses of Cleator and Stainburn, destroyed by the Scots.
1319. Gilsland laid waste by the Scots under James Douglas and Thomas Randolph.
1322. Rose castle and Wigton town burnt, and Holme Cultram abbey, where his father was buried, destroyed by Robert Bruce King of Scotland, who devastated the Western side of this county to Duddon sands.
1323. At Carlisle, Andrew Hercla, Earl of Carlisle and Lord Warden of the Marches, accused of treasonable correspondence with the Scots, arrested by Lord Lucy, and beheaded.
1332. At Carlisle, Edward Baliol the fugitive King of Scotland, entertained by Lord Dacre the governor.
1337. At Arthuret the Scots entered England, destroyed 20 villages, and carried off a great booty. In another incursion they burnt Rose castle, the hospital of St. Nicholas, and the suburbs of Carlisle.
1342. Penrith and several neighbouring villages burnt by the Scots.
1345. Penrith town burnt by the Scots under Sir William Douglas, who besieged Carlisle, and set fire to the suburbs; but on his retreat to Scotland was overtaken and defeated by Kirby Bp. of Carlisle and Sir Robert Ogle.
1346. Liddel castle taken by assault, its governor Sir Walter Selby beheaded, and Lanercost priory plundered, by David Bruce King of Scotland.
1380. Penrith, during a truce, treacherously surprised by Scots, who slew many of the inhabitants, and carried off numerous prisoners and a great booty as it was a fair day in that town. These marauders also set fire to a street in Carlisle.
1383. Holm Cultram abbey saved from burning by the Abbot paying the sum of 200l. to the Earl of Douglas, commander of the Scots.
1385. Carlisle unsuccessfully besieged by the French and Scots.
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