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Gentleman's Magazine 1820 part 1 p.407
these how much are we indebted! to such as these, who have been heads of families, how much good may be traced, to Individuals, to Families, and to our Country! Whether I was noticed as a stranger seated in an antient stall, I cannot say; but I felt the Anthem from the 121st Psalm, and verses 7 and 8, as exceedingly approriate to my present case; and the consequent aspirations of gratitude were made. Farewell to the momentary acrimony arising from the insult in the street; and welcome gratitude; from a sense of duty, and thanks to these good Choristers, for occasioing the proper selection of it.
Returning homeward, after an extended ramble of 1100 miles in 35 days, not having had for so many years an absence from business, I will beg leave to conclude with the following neat little Epitaph, taken from the Cathedral-yard.
On R. and M. BARLY, aged 3 years.

'Ere Sin could blight, or Sorrow fade,
Death came with friendly care,
The opening buds of Heav'n convey'd,
And bade them blossom there.'
Yours, &c.
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