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Gentleman's Magazine 1853 part 2 p.391

  Carlisle Cathedral
Carlisle Cathedral, Restoration

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Tenders for the restoration of Carlisle Cathedral have been received from four competitors. Messrs. Dove and Vasey, for 11,631l. 7s. 7d. were the successful parties, their offer being 5,000l. below the highest. The alterations contemplated are extensive. The groined ceiling of the choir is to be removed, and the ancient circular ceiling restored. This alteration alone will cost about 1,000l. The window in the north transept is to be replaced by one in harmony with the style of the building. The present entrance from Castle-street will be closed, and a main doorway made in the south transept, facing the abbey. The removal of houses in front of the large east window will afford space for an ornamental entrance; but this is not included in the specifications. The eastern window is to be taken down and restored, and the flat roof of the transept will be removed. The ground surrounding the cathedral is to be lowered. these alterations are to be completed in three years, the service going on without interruption. Builder.

  Hadrian's Wall
Excavations on The Wall

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New discoveries are continually being made along the line of the Roman Wall. Housesteads (Borcovicus) is being gradually laid open by the workmen of its proprietor, Mr. John Clayton, to whose good taste and liberality the remains of this and other stations owe their preservation. The gate-ways and guard-chambers are remarkably well preserved, and the whole of the interior is a mass of ruins which only require very slight excavation, for the foundations are solid, and reach almost to the present surface of the soil. A castellum (or mile-castle as they are called) to the west of Borcovicus is also under process of excavation. It presents some very interesting features. On the north it is bounded by the great Wall itself, and through it was a wide entrace opening upon a narrow platform of the precipitous crag over which the wall runs. In after-times this opening was narrowed by inserted walls, and the level of the floor was raised. A similar continuance is noticed at Housesteads and at Birdoswald. Birdoswald (Amboglanna), under the auspices of Mr. Glasford-Potter, is also disclosing its long-concealed treasures, among the last of which was a valuable inscription recording the cohort of Dacians, surnamed, from Hadrian, the AElian. The excavations at High Rochester (Bremenium) are at present suspended.
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