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Gentleman's Magazine 1855 part 1 p.282
frivolous multitude. The antiquary, having taken courage, and ventured forth from his cell in Somerset House, finds himself courteously received in all the provinces, where well-educated men of every class co-operate with him to the best of their power, expressing their sense of the merits and utility of his pursuits, and only lamenting their own comparative inexperience of his peculiar lines of study. This honour has he received a hundred times during the last few years, from men of talent and judgment, as well as rank and education; and the result has been to the mutual advantage and pleasure of those who have thus overcome unreasonable distastes and antipathies. In some cases men of accomplished scholarship, though not hitherto versed in archaeological enquiries, have been tempted themselves to embark on the illustration of our national antiquities, and have at once discovered in their pursuit a greater interest than they have previously suspected. In the present instance, we have the late learned Master of Rugby coming forward to instruct the townsmen of Carlisle upon the historical antiquities of their ancient church and town, disclaiming at the outset any pretensions to adequate architectural knowledge of his subject, or sufficient antiquarian research, and yet producing a composition which will diffuse instructive information, and cherish a just appreciation of the treasures of antiquity, more efficiently than many a strictly professional dissertation, because offered in an attractive form, and from an authority to which all would be predisposed to listen and pay respect. Important repairs are now in progress in the cathedral church of Carlisle, under the superintendence of Mr. Christian; and any proceeds that may arise from the sale of the present Lecture will be appropriated to stained glass for the windows. It presents an interesting review of the early history of the North, particularly in the time of our Norman kings, connecting the progress and influence of public events with the rise and increase of the city and church of Carlisle.
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