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Gentleman's Magazine 1855 part 2 p.632

  Carlisle Cathedral

Runes, Carlisle Cathedral

Dr. Charlton then read a paper on the Runic Inscriptions from Carlisle and Falstone. Introducing his subject he noticed the paucity of Runic inscriptions in Britain, although many parts of the island were long under Scandinavian rule. ...
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... Dr. Charlton next took up the Runic inscription recently found in Carlisle cathedral, surrounded by marks of the working masons. ... The Carlisle inscription is pure Scandinavian - one of the few Norse records that have been discovered in the island. ... In the present year, upon an ordinary wall-stone inside of the west wall of the south transept of Carlisle cathedral, near to the S.W. angle, and about three feet above the floor, was discovered, by Mr. C. H. Purday, the intelligent clerk of the works now in progress, the inscription already mentioned. It had been covered over with plaster and white-wash; and to this, in all probability, it owes its present state of preservation - for the letters are but faintly scratched with a tool. The words appear to be - "TOLF(O)HN(AR) RAITA THEKSI RUNR A THISI STAIN" (the letters between parentheses being doubtful). No proper name, known to Dr. Charlton, answers to
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