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Gentleman's Magazine 1858 part 1 p.188

  Carlisle Cathedral

  roman finds
  Kirkby Thore

Cross, Carlisle Cathedral, and Roman Finds, Kirkby Thore

Archaeological Institute?
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Mr Maclauchlan, Dr. Bruce observed, is actually engaged on further surveys of ancient Northumbrian vestiges, by direction of his Grace [the Duke of Northumberland], who has, moreover, most liberally encouraged the publication, by the Society of Antiquaries of Newcastle, of a complete Corpus Inscriptionum of the Roman age in Northumberland, more especially in connexion with the Roman Wall and its stations ... These inscriptions, Dr. Bruce remarked, are scattered throughout the district, many of them being in private houses difficult of access. ...
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Mr Purday exhibited a drawing of an inscribed fragment of a cross found lately at Carlisle Cathedral, and pronounced by Mr. Westwood to be of the seventh century, and a relique of unusual interest.
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... Mr. Franks exhibited an extensive assemblage of Roman reliques from Kirkby Thore, Westmoreland, which have subsequently been presented to the British Museum by the liberality of Sir G. Musgrave, Bart.
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