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Gentleman's Magazine 1858 part 1 p.418

  roman inscriptions
  Lanercost Priory

  Greystoke Castle

Roman Inscriptions, Lanercost Priory, and a Portrait, Greystoke Castle

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The Rev. John Maughan, Rector of Bewcastle, sent rubbings of six Roman inscriptions preserved in Lanercost Priory. 1. An altar dedicated to Jupiter, by the first cohort of Dacians. This altar, which appears to have been first noticed in 1744, when it was published in the GENTLEMAN'S MAGAZINE, had been lost sight of till it was re-discovered by Mr. Maughan. The stone is placed as the key-stone of an arch in the clerestory of the priory, in the S.E. corner of the choir, having been either found on the spot, or brought from one of the neighbouring stations by the founders of Lanercost. 2. An altar found at Burdsoswald, preserved in the crypt. It records a dedication to Silvanus, by the huntsmen of Banna. 3. An altar also in the crypt, dedicated to the god Cocidius, by the soldiers of the twentieth legion, named Valeria Victrix. Mr. Maughan noticed that the initials of these titles (V.V.) had been generally misread Valens Victrix, and that the true reading appears from a passage in Dion Cassius. 4. An altar dedicated to the same god, Cocidius, by the soldiers of the second legion. 5. A centurial stone recently found in the east wall of the crypt, about two feet from the ground, near the S.E. corner. It reads, "C. CON. X. P. F." 6. Another centurial stone, on the outside of the eastern wall of the refectory, reading "C CASSII PRISCI."
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Mr. C. E. Long exhibited a small portrait painted on a panel of high finish and considerable artistic merit. It appears to be the original of an engraving by Hollar, purporting to be a portrait of Thomas à Becket, by Van Eyck. It was then in the possession of the Earl of Arundel, and now belongs to Mr. Henry Howard, of Greystoke Castle. There is great reason to believe that this painting is a fragment of a large devotional picture, and that it represents the head of the donor of the picture, probably a canon. In Hollar's engraving a knife is represented as sticking in the skull. It has apparently been added to supply a defect in the original. Mr. Scharf thinks that the painting might be attributed to Justus von Ghent.
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