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Gentleman's Magazine 1863 part 1 p.357
be wrong in declaring that no changes were made till 1292, and I believe you will infer with me that Hugh de Beaulieu is the prelate who is deprived of his just claim on the thanks of the church of Carlisle ... We conclude that the choir ... was really the work of Hugh de Beaulieu soon after 1218." (Table of Eng. Bish., p.16, North. Arch. Soc. Publ.)
No doubt the correct date is the latter half of the thirteenth century, to whatever manipulation the works may have been subsequently subjected. Still, as your correspodent is an advocate for conjecture, Bishop Hugh, as Mr. Poole suggests, fired with the remembrance of the rising beauty of Beaulieu, may have commenced building at Carlisle even during the short tenure of the see.
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