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vol.1 p.135
some parts cultivated, in others woody. Opposite to Bowness, the lake is divided into two parts by a cluster of islands; one of which is larger than the rest.
Bowness is the capital port-town on the lake; if we adopt a dignified style, which the grandeur of the country naturally suggests. It is the great mart for fish, and charcoal; both which commodities are largely imported here; and carried by land into the country. It's harbour is crouded with vessels of various kinds; some of which are used merely as pleasure-boats in navigating the lake.- In one of these we embarked, and standing out to sea; made for the great island; which we were informed was a very interesting scene.
We soon arrived at it; and landing at the south end, we ordered our boat to meet us at the north point; meaning to traverse it's little boundaries.
A more sequestered spot cannot easily be conceived. Nothing can be more excluded from the noise, and interruption of life; or abound with a greater variety of those circumstances, which make retirement pleasing.
The whole island contains about thirty acres. It's form is oblong; it's shores irregular; retiring into bays, and broken into creeks.
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