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page 16:-
Station commands an extensive and enchanting view of Windermere, and Curwen Island is the grand leading feature to which the eye is involuntarily led. The house which has been built upon it, notwithstanding what some have said, will, in many unaffected people, appear well calculated as an ornament to the scene, and a suitable place of residence for the enjoyment of the local beauties of the island, the lake, and the surrounding scenery.
Comprehended under that angle of vision prescribed by the laws of perspective, all the principal islands with the well wooded Ferry House, are discovered in this view, and give an extraordinary richness to it; the lands on the opposite shores gracefully intersecting each other, and abundantly decorated with woods, are in unison with the islands. Cultivation is extended beyond the margin of the lake, high into Troutbeck and Applethwaite; and
page 17:-
the scene is closed at many miles distant from the eye by grand mountains, the principal of which is Hillbell.
Near the banks of the lake, on the western shore, and to the left of the Great Island, comfortably situated, stands Calgarth, the seat of the Lord Bishop of Llandaff; and over the other end of the island, Brayrigg, that of the Rev. Fletcher Fleming; Old Calgarth lies between these houses. Bowness with its church and the pleasantly dispersed houses belonging to Mr. Taylor and Mr. Crump, appear beyond Crow Holm and the Ferry House. - South of Bowness, on a beautiful promontory, see Story, the property of Colonel Bolton, who has recently added a magnificent house to that built by the late Sir John Ledger, Bart. - should the grounds be appropriately decorated, the mansion, with its appendages, will be the most splendid on the banks of Windermere.
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