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Page 121:-

Barony of Kendal The first who held this great barony was Ivo de Tailebois, brother to Fulk earl of Anjou. He came in with the Conqueror, and received from him that part of Lancashire which joins to this county, and all the great tract afterwards styled the Barony of Kendal. He became the first baron. It remained in his family several generations; then was transferred, by the marriage of Helwise daughter of William de Lancastre, to Gilbert, son of Roger Fitz-Reinfred, a potent man in the reign of Richard I. On the death of William de Lancastre the third, who died in the reign of Henry III. the barony was divided among his three sisters, Helwisia, Alicia, and Serota: the last dying without issue, it became the property of the survivors. - One share was distinguished by the name of the Richmond-fee, the other by that of the Marquis and the Lumley-fee*. BARONY OF KENDAL.
I left Kendal, and not far from thence passed by the Spittle, once an hospital for lepers, valued at the dissolution at 11l. 4s. 3d. a year. A little beyond I began to ascend the mountains: on the left is the narrow deep valley of Long Sladale, celebrated for the quantity of fine blue slates quarried out of its neighbourhood. At a distance soars Kentmere-fell: for a long space the road lies in the midst of black and dreary mountains. I rode very near to Shap,
* Burn's Hist. 1, 30, &c.

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