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Page 123:-

Dr George Fothergil rise at no great distance in Greenbelt-fell; crossed the north end of Ravenston-dale, a parish which had the honour of giving birth to the late pious, benevolent, learned and humane Divine the Reverend Dr. George Fothergil, under whom I had the happiness of four years tuition at Queen's College, Oxford. He was of a respectable family in this dale, and reckoned among his ancestors Sir William Fothergil, standard-bearer to Sir Thomas Wharton at the battle of Solway Moss. REV. DOCTOR FOTHERGIL.
Kirkby Stephen
 St John or St Stephen, Kirkby Stephen
I reached Kirkby Stephen, a small town in a most fertile bottom, prettily wooded, and bounded by verdant hills. It consists of only one street most irregularly built, and enjoys a small manufactory of knit-worsted stockings. The place takes its title from the church, which is dedicated to St. Stephen. It belonged to the same Ivo de Tailebois, who bestowed it on the Abbey of York. Notwithstanding the patron saint was St. Stephen, the great old bell was dedicated to St. Hugh - S. Hugo, ora pro nobis! On the great new bell is this memorial: KIRKBY STEPHEN.

"Cum sono busta mori, cum pulpita vivrere disce."
On the little bell the founder wishes to immortalize himself by these lines:-

"Be it known to all men that me se,
Thomas Stafford of Penrith made me."

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