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Page 180:-

religious houses, and other ancient buildings near the site of the wall, seem to have been built with the materials.
Askerton Castle I crossed a very barren unfrequented country northward, hilly, and covered with coarse grass; passed by Askerton-hall, an old house with two towers built by one of the Lord Dacres, who placed here a garrison, under the command of the Governor of Gillesland, who had the title of Land Serjeant*. ASKERTON-HALL.
Bew Castle About three mile farther is Beucastle, or Bueth Castle, so called from one Bueth, Lord of the country at the time of the Conquest, who is said to have repaired a Roman castle, and called it after his own name: his son, Gils Bueth, was slain treacherously by Robert de Vallibus, at a meeting appointed for friendly purposes. Some assert that Robert founded Llanercost, to expiate the crime; if he did, he, in his charter, drops all mention of the deed, which he certainly would not have done had the foundation been of an expiatory nature; and even coolly names Gils Bueth as former proprietor of certain of the lands bestowed on the house. Bueth's lands afterwards fell to the Crown. Henry II. bestowed it on the last Hubert de Vallibus; and by his BEUCASTLE.
* Camden, ii, 1033.
Dugdale Monast. 11, 130.

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