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  ancient times
IN the Time of the Romans Cumberland was Part of the large Country inhabited by the Brigantes, containing besides this County, Yorkshire, Durham, Lancashire, and Westmoreland. During the Time of the Saxon Heptarchy, it made Part of the Kingdom of Northumberland.
  Picts and Scots
  The Wall

When it was in the Power of the Romans, it was much frequented by their Legions and Soldiers, not only to keep the Inhabitants in Order, but bordering upon their troublesome Neighbours, the Picts and Scots, they were forced continually to guard it against their Invasions; but when the Distractions of the Roman Empire caused the Legions of Britain to be call'd Home, the Scots and Picts, sensible that all Opposition was near remov'd, soon brake thro' the strong Wall, built by the Emperors Adrian and Severus, extending from Sea to Sea about 82 Miles in Length, tho' it had been not long before rebuilt, and made stronger, and now miserably harrass'd the Britons, destitute of their wonted Guard; in which almost continual Conflicts they lived, 'till the Saxons brought them, with the rest of the Kingdom, into a Subjection to them, dividing it into seven Parts, or Principalities. In this Settlement, Cumberland became a Part of the Kingdom of Northumberland, and was then called Cumberland.
  county size
This County, which is 168 Miles in Circumference, is bounded by Scotland on the N. by the Irish Sea on the W. and S. and on the E. by Part of Lancashire, Westmoreland, Yorkshire, Durham, and Northumberland.
  Members of Parliament

It lies partly in the Dioceses of Chester and Carlisle,
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