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Page 175:-
to the Northward, turns to the West, and passing by Carlisle, falls into the Solway Frith. The Derwent runs thro' the Middle of the County, passes by Cockermouth, and discharges itself into the Irish Sea near Workington.
  The Wall
The famous Picts-Wall, of which some Remains still appear in this County, and which was the Boundary of the Romans Jurisdiction in this Isle, called in Latin, Vallum Barbaricum, was erected on this Occasion: The Romans having conquer'd the most fruitful and pleasant Parts of Britain, and finding that the more remote they went towards the N. the more barbarous were the People, who had nothing desirable in them, contrived, according to their Custom in other Conquests, to raise Fences, such as might secure and bound the province. It was made in the Fashion of a mural Hedge, of large Stakes driven deep into the Ground, and wreathed together with Wattles, strengthened with huge Heaps of Turf and Earth, and a deep Ditch, extending from the German to the Irish Ocean.

This County has given the Title of Earl, or Duke, to the following Persons, since the Conquest:
Ranulph, or Ralph de Meschines, was the first Lord of Cumberland, by the Conqueror's Donation, and his Son
Ranulph succeeded him in that Dignity and Power; but being Heir by his Mother to the Earldom of Chester, he removed thither, and resigned the Lordship of Cumberland into the King's Hands, which King Stephen gave to Malcolm, King of Scots, to hold of him, on Condition that he should protect the N. Parts of England by Sea and Land, against the Incursions of all Enemies. From which Time
The eldest Sons of the Kings of Scotland were stiled Lord of Cumberland: But King Henry II. considering how great a Prejudice this Grant was to the Kingdom, resum'd it, and gave him the Earldom of Huntingdon: And so this Honour remain'd in the Crown 'till King Henry VIII. created
Henry Clifford, descended from the Lord Vipont, or de Vetere Ponte, Earl of Cumberland, in which Family
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