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Page 179:-
Smith, who are buried there. The W. End, which is the lower, and was anciently the Parish Church, was also a spacious Building before the Rebellion in 1641, but was for the greatest Part demolish'd by those violent Reformers, and the Materials made Use of for the Building of Guard-Houses at every Gate, erecting Batteries in the Castle, and setting themselves up private Dwellings in the Town; tho' it has been observ'd their Posterity never enjoy'd them.
This City has given Title to many noble Persons, and, if we may believe some Historians, to some of the Royal Family.
Ranulph de Meschines, known in our Histories best by the Title of the Earl of Chester, was made Earl of Cumberland, and because he had the Government of that County, and resided chiefly in this City, he was sometime stiled Earl of Carlisle. He began to build this City in 1072. David, the Son of Malcolm III. King of Scotland, made his eldest Son
Henry, Earl of Huntingdon and Carlisle. King Henry II. regaining Cumberland from the Scots, left it to his Successors, of whom his Grandson made
William de Vipont, Lord of Carlisle; after whom we read of none 'till
Andrew de Harcla, near 100 Years after, was by Edward II. created Earl of Carlisle; but he was beheaded, and many Years after
John Plantagenet, third Son of Henry VI. afterwards Duke of Bedford, and regent of France, is said to have borne the Title of Earl of Carlisle, as also
Richard the 4th Son of Richard, Duke of York, and Brother to King Edward IV. had the same Title among other Honours. After these, of whom there is no Certainty as to this Title, it lay dormant for several Reigns, 'till it was revived by King James I. who created
James Hay, Viscount Doncaster, Earl of Carlisle, January 20, 1622, in Consideration of his eminent Services in several Embassies to France and Germany: He dying in 1636, was succeeded by his only Son
James Hay, next Earl of Carlisle; but he died without Issue; whereupon King Charles II. in 1661, created
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