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Page 6:-
This Guide may also be of use to the artist who may purpose to copy any of these views and landscapes, by directing his choice of stations, and pointing out the principal objects. Yet it is not presumed positively to decide on these particulars, but only to suggest hints, that may be adopted or rejected at his pleasure.
station, Hornby Road
The late Mr. Gray was a great judge of landscapes; yet whoever makes choice of his station at the three mile stone from Lancaster, on the Hornby road, will fail in taking one of the finest afternoon rural views in England. The station he points out is a quarter of a mile too low and somewhat too much to the left. The more advantageous station, as I apprehend, is on the south side of the great, or Queen's road, a little higher than where Mr. Gray stood; for there the vale is in full display, including a long reach of the river and the wheel of Lune, forming a high crowned isthmus, fringed with tall trees, that in time past was the solitary site of a hermit [1]. A few
[1] Hugh, to whom William de Lancastre, sixth baron of Kendal, gave a certain place called Askeleros and Croc, to look to his fishing in the river Loyn [or Lune.] - Burn's Westmorland, p.31.
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