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Page 19:-
yet, but few Roman British remains have been discovered at it.
The Caledonians, the unconquered enemies and greatest plague of the Romans in Britain, were particularly galled and offended with the garrison at Lancaster, it being always the first to oppose them, as often as they invaded the empire, by crossing the Solway firth. For having taken advantage of the spring-tides and the darkness of the nights at the change of the moon, they escaped the garrison at Virosidium, Ellenborough, Arbeia, and Moresby; and skulking along the Cumberland coast, they crossed the Morecambe-bay, and were first discovered on the banks of the Lune. Here they were opposed by the townsmen, who kept the garrison; and if they did not return by the way they came, the alarm brought upon them the garrisons of Overborough, Watercrook, and Ambleside, which surrounded and cut them off. Hence arose a particular hatred to the Lancastrians, which time and repeated injuries fomented into rage. In the end, the barbarous clans, following close upon the heels of the flying Romans, in a particular manner satiated their desire of revenge upon the helpless Lancastrians, by sacking and destroying their town and fortifications, in order that they might at no future time oppose their invasions. The
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