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Page 32:-
[hand]some Gothic edifice. The large east window [1] is finely ribbed with pointed arches, light and elegant; but the painted glass is almost destroyed. The preservation of this edifice reflects honour on the memory of George Preston, Esq. of Holker, who, at his own expense, new-roofed the whole, and decorated the inside with a stucco cieling (sic). The choir and chancel he also repaired, suiting the new parts to the old remains of the canons' seats, and thereby giving them their ancient uniform appearance. Persons uninformed of this, always take it to be the same as it was before the dissolution. The style of the building, like most of its contemporaries, is irregular. The form is a cross, in length 157 feet; the transept 110 feet; the height of the walls 57 feet. The tower on the centre is of a singular construction, being a square within a square, the higher set at cross angles with the lower. This gives it an odd appearance on all sides, but may have some reference to the octagonal pillars in the church, and both to the memory of something now forgotten. According to some accounts, it was built and endowed with the manor of Cartmel, by William Marischal the elder, Earl of Pembroke, in 1188, but as in the foundation deed mention is made of Henry II,- Richard,- and
[1] The dimensions are 24 feet wide and 48 high. The great east window of York-minster measures 32 by 75 feet.
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