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Page 58:-
[circum]ference, spreads itself to the north, frequently intersected with promontories, or spotted with islands. Amongst them, the Holme, or Great Island, an oblong tract of thirty acres, traverses the lake in an oblique line, surrounded by a number of inferior isles, finely formed and dressed in wood. The pointed dark rocks of Curlew-craggs appear above the water, and others just concealed, give a sable hue to that part of the lake. Rough-holme, is a circular isle, covered with trees. Lady-holme, where in ancient times stood an oratory, is an isle of an oval form, vested with coppice-wood. Hen-holme is a rock covered with shrubs. Grass-holme is shaded with a grove of oaks. And two smaller islets borrow their names form the lilies of the valley, which decorate them. These with Crow-holme and Berkshire island, form this Archipelago.
To the north of this magnificent scene, a glorious sheet of water expands itself to the right and left, in curves bearing from the eye; bounded on the west by the continuation of the mountain where you stand, whose bold lofty side is embellished with growing trees, shrubs, and coarse vegetation, intermixed with grey rocks, that group finely with the deep green of yews and hollies. The eastern view is a noble contrast to this, adorned with
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