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Page 60:-
the south, and from the western coast, at three miles distance, Rawlinson's nab, a high-crowned promontory, shoots far into the lake; and from the opposite shore, you see the Storrs, another wooded promontory, stretching far into the water, pointing at the rocky isle of Ling-holme. Over Rawlinson's nab, the lake spreads out in a magnificent sheet of water; and following the winding shore far to the south, it seems lost hehind (sic) a promontory on the eastern side. Over two woody mountains, Park and Landen-nab, the blue summits of other distant mountains in various forms, close the scene.
  station, Harrow Farm
Return to the road, and at the gate leading to the ferry-house, follow the path to the left, having a stone-wall on the right, until you approach the farm-house called Harrow. Here a charming picture will present itself in an elegant style. The island, from this stand, appears with much variety of shore; indented and embayed; almost surrounded with islets; adorned with ancient oaks and scattered trees [1]. Here the lake is caught a second time over the island; and the village and church of Bowness hang on its banks. A sweeter picture than this, the lake does not
[1] In the collection of Views of the Lakes, engraved by Messrs. Byrne &c. Mr. Farrington's view from the hill above the ferry-house, represents this scene.
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